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  1. After latest update i created a new save but notice that german national team squad is full of virtual players!!! no real player and no coach!!!!!....i have a save before the update where all real german players along with coach is in the german squad....has SI lost the german team license??
  2. Despite of winning the OFC nations cup still my "national hero" hasn't unlocked yet!!!
  3. this is the screenshot from my save game and the player "Finn adams" who suddenly gone missing from my national squad before next match!!! this is screenshot of the same game from national team fixture which i looked upon to find the player and surprisingly that player "finn adams" is replaced by a dutch goal keeper "jasper fer"!!!
  4. Please implement the followings 1.host nation for asian cup,copa america,concaf gold cup and ofc nations cup. 2.one man kick off. 3.fixed no. of domestic players and foraigners in starting XI and subs in different leagues. 4.managerial contract. 5.more no. of active leagues to play with rather than only 4!!!
  5. the newly included Var system in this game is buggy....at first when the referee is going to use var all player gets paused for some moments and the score changes (goal gets disallowed before the referee sees the footage!!!)..also the game restarts before the referee comes back to the pitch!!!!
  6. I've seen that many teams having 23 -30 players in their final wc squad....same also was for me....i have been told for submitting preliminary squad with 30 player before 1 month...but after that i was never told to submit 23 players for final squad and i also played 2026 wc with 30 player squad!!
  7. I was managing ivory coast in world cup 2026...and already have played 1sr game...2 days later one player from my squad got injured in his respective club matches!!!...my question is how a player on national duty can participate in his club matches in between national team matches??
  8. Please take a look at asian & american players who started their career in European & uk based club and in young newgens of Ukraine nationalities....many of those players having duel nationalities
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