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  1. Hello my friend could you please put a download link for this changes?
  2. My friend when is ready, will you post a link to download because it look awesome.
  3. My friend could you post a download link for this skin.Thank you very much!
  4. Did you manage to get that box transparent my friend?
  5. tried but the base skin doesnt have the settings folder and i really dont know how to do it. I posted here hoping someone will help me and made the .xml files necesary
  6. Hello my friends, i need some help, i'm using the base skin and i want to make the sidebar and titlebar not colouring anymore, i want them to be white or purple. Can someone send the files already modified? Sorry for my english.
  7. Hello my friends , can someone please help me, i just wanna remove badge of team from top left corner and move home, inbox boxes to top and the skin to main in the same colour.
  8. and sorry for asking so much question but can you tell me how get rid of delimitator betwen home - inbox, medical centre - schedule, and so on? @wkdsoul
  9. i can't find container line in which .xml is?
  10. And one more thing could you please tell me how to move to top boxes so no space remain.
  11. Can someone tell if is there any change that sidebar and title bar to have the same colour all the time?
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