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  1. The current information is sufficient for Drejer, but let me know if any other staff is missing
  2. Fixed for FM 20 winter update.
  3. Hi, I will be happy to add him for FM 21 We can only attach him to one club, so this should be the club where he works the most hours, probably Holstebro.
  4. Yes, they have both been set to "not for extraction", and then I will place them in their new roles to FM 21. For national teams unfortunately we cant create future transfer. Regarding Philip Hansen I see it has been fixed during the past weeks. The rest of the qouted issues have also been fixed.
  5. I will take a look at this one, it could be related to the recent corrections made in the demo regarding the Danish reserve league. One could say that it in fact is correct that Vejle does not have a reserve team, because they have decided not to apply for a place in the reserve league. On the Serie 2 team they have used a couple of reserves from the U19 squad from time to time, but not the reserves from the senior squad. However, if all the other teams which are not part of the reserve league do have a B team with no fixtures, then Vejle should also have such. A solution in the current game is to achieve promotion, then they will automatically become a part of the reserve leauge 20/21
  6. Hi, I have asked SI to adjust the positions of Tverskov, Kløve, Svendsen and Kadrii. (Fixed) Ramon Leeuwin is already set to defender central as his natural position. In the winter update I will take a look at Frøkjær , Bernat, AK, Eskesen and Greve.
  7. Thank you for your remarks regarding Brøndby. I will see if we can adjust the club vision before deadline The possible adjustment of Kvistgaarden and Slimane I wil note for the winter update, along with adding the 2 players mentioned.
  8. Thank you for your information :) I will report it to SI, and set Thorsen to the estimated height of 189 cm. (Fixed)
  9. This is strange, because it was correct with Capelli Sport Stadion in the database I uploaded in September. I have reported it to SI. (Fixed)
  10. I have just reported this one to SI (Now fixed )
  11. I have asked SI to take a look at these 2 issues. (Scholz hair colour Fixed)
  12. Daramy has the value 12 set for AMR, which I find correct if playing a game starting in the beginning of the 19/20 season. Regarding Biel I can accept raising at AMR position, because he has no value set there now. I have reported the wish for the Biel change to SI. (Fixed)
  13. I have reported this one to SI earlier today (Fixed)
  14. I have taken a look at this, and asked SI if we can make an adjustment, so the FCK board will be a little less harsh regarding the purchase of new players. Regarding adjusting positions I will take all remarks into consideration to the winter update.
  15. I have reported this one to SI (Defect 185753), hope there is time enough to fix it (Now fixed )
  16. I have taken a look at this one and I agree, the registration and tournament should also be open for amateurs. I have reported it to SI.
  17. I have reported the issues regarding Allan Dvinge, Simon Jensby and Christian G. Grøndal to SI. I will take the remarks regarding the positional rating of Thomas Gundelund into consideration, when doing the winter update. He is currently set to 12 as central midfielder, perhaps 15 would be correct after the performances this fall in the NordicBet liga, and then lower from 15 to 12-13 on the defensive midfield.
  18. Thank you for the inputs regarding the Danish data I will go through each post during the weekend, and report the relevant errors to SI. Status so far of issues reported to SI: Kasper Hjulmand & Morten Wieghorst unavailable for new jobs (Issue/Defect ID:20206) Height of Jesper Lindstrøm (Fixed) Height of Tobias Anker (Fixed) Nils Priisholm joined Frederiksberg Alliancen (Issue/Defect ID: 185739) Hakon Arnor Haraldsson duplikate player (Fixed) The salary of 3 younger AC Horsens players needs adjustment (Fixed) HB Køge average attendance (Issue/Defect ID: 22251) (Fixed) Salary of Benedikt Axelsson - AaB U19 (Issue/Defect ID: 185760) Frank Arnesen player history (Issue/Defect ID: 185956) Lucas Lund injury (Issue/Defect ID: 186220)
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