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  1. Hi. I know that the 5 substitution rule was extended for 1 season at the time, and if the IFAB states that it will not be applied after the 20/21 season, we will of course remove it At the current time I however dont think we can exclude a new extension of the rule, or perhaps that it is made permanent. Kind Regards MS
  2. Hi A promotion to the 3F Superliga will give a decent amount of TV money, and room for some transfers Life in the Danish 1. Division is expensive for the full time clubs, in the year 2019 Fremad Amager had a deficit of 25.600.000 DKK. https://www.bold.dk/fodbold/nyheder/fremad-a-tabte-25-mio-i-2019-vi-foelger-planen/ The annual report for 2020 havent been announced yet, but I would be surprized if they are in the plus now. Kind Regards MS
  3. Hi Yes, the 3 missing players trained at own club will be deducted from the total 25. On the positive side you are able to use any player under 21 without them being registered in the group of 25. Kind Regards MS
  4. HI. I have taken a look at this, and denied the most "unpopular" first names for newgens in the Danish Data, should work in the winter update.
  5. Hi All of the players in the senior squads of the 3F Superliga, are on full time contracts. For the Non-player persons it is a little more diverse, many of them are full-time employees, but not all. For instance some of the scouts & physios for youth teams are not on full time contracts. If there is specific persons, where you think there is an error regarding Full-Time/Part-Time, you are welcome to send me a message about it
  6. Hi I have reported this to SI, something seems to change after export from the data I edit in our online database
  7. Hi. I will take a look at this issue, he is set correctly in the database. Could perhaps be some extraction issue...
  8. Hi backpocket, Thank you for your information We will take a look at this before the next update. @FCN
  9. That is not correct. These articles mention 20/21 specifically: "Når sæsonen 2020/21 går i gang, bliver superligaen skåret ned til 12 hold, og i den forbindelse ryger også den nuværende fredagskamp helt væk. Det betyder, at Superligaen vil bestå af fem søndagskampe og en enkelt mandagskamp." (https://jyllands-posten.dk/sport/fodbold/ECE11450277/superligaen-bliver-til-soendagsligaen/) Sådan spilles der fra sæsonen 2020/2021 - 12 hold i Superligaen Søndag kl. 12.00 Søndag kl. 14.00 (to kampe) Søndag kl. 16.00 Søndag kl. 18.00 Mandag kl. 19.
  10. Hi, I have just created him, so he is part of the next update
  11. Regarding the TV schedule it is based upon the official announcements from the summer of 2019. In this it was stated that we would have 5 Sunday, and 1 Monday game, in the 20/21 season. (https://jyllands-posten.dk/sport/fodbold/ECE11450277/superligaen-bliver-til-soendagsligaen/) (https://ekstrabladet.dk/sport/fodbold/dansk_fodbold/superligaen/det-betyder-den-nye-superliga-aftale/7677384) After the beginning of this season it seems they have chosen a more flexible approcah, with a Friday game sometimes, sometimes a Suturday game, and then in round 13 they stick to the original pl
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