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  1. I'm managing Lincoln in my 2nd season with them and 5th season of the save but we have no U23 team which makes it difficult to bring youngsters through. Is there a way to get the board to allow an U23's team? I'm currently upgrading my youth facilities and youth level because I thought that was my best hope. Thanks.
  2. When they started making their above asking price demands it was just me interested. Arsenal are interested now so maybe it is that.
  3. I have a good relationship with Mourinho and am one of his favoured personnel as a friend.
  4. My bids aren't being accepted for Luke Shaw despite being at the asking price value. Man Utd will always demand higher. I manage Chelsea so when I declared interest Shaw said he wanted to leave and is transfer listed by request. Is this a bug or are they demanding higher because I manage a rival and I was the one who upset him so he wanted to leave?
  5. SPrice

    Retained Lists

    How about at the end of season the player has to submit a formal retained list regarding those out of contract and those offered new contracts as is done by English Clubs? (Sorry if this has been added, I play 2017.)
  6. Ok, so I've got my match tactics sorted. I win a lot but I also win a lot of corners but I've never really been bothered to set up some proper corner tactics. I was wondering if there is any genius/wannabe Antonio Conte/real Antonio Conte who'd like to give me some ideas for how I could set up my attacking corners. Preferably tried and tested corner routines. Thank You!!!
  7. I agree, being able to talk to my players when I want is something that would make the game a lot more realistic and less of a pain in the arse when considering transfer offers as sometimes you don't know how the player will react (would a player react badly not going to Bordeaux from Newcastle? They had Europa League yet he only signed start of the season and we were challenging for the title in EPL)
  8. I don't think the attendance is a problem - we do include the welsh premier league and other leagues with low attendances. And you never know, there is the possibility that increased publicity will lead to increased attendance, which leads to more publicity and so on snowballing until women's football is at the size that Football Manager wants it to be at to add it in. Also adding in the possibility of women managers and increased backroom staff (I know female physios already are on the game) moving into the mens game would lead to some interesting simulations of whether they would be successful. That being said I also understand that there are a lot of issues with adding them in, immediate ones being transfers and keeping the 2 genders separate on the field (that may be easy to code, I don't know it's just an example where I can imagine bugs could appear.).
  9. Another bonus of this feature would be say normally you take charge at Lincoln City - where we have the Cowley brothers as manager and assistant at the moment. Normally you'd be left with Nicky as assistant, yet I somehow doubt that he would want to stay at a club who sacked his brother and replaced him with a nobody before he'd even been given a chance. Yet with this feature you could take control as the legend that is Danny Cowley and keep his brother and everything is slightly more realistic when considering personalities etc. A similar situation is at the top clubs where all the managers bring along their favoured coaching staff, e.g. Rui Faria and Mourinho.
  10. A feature I'd like to see is the ability to take control of a manager rather than having to replace them. For example, with Conte being brand new at Chelsea it would be great if I could take control as him so that I don't just push him out of a job that he hadn't even started at the time of starting the game.
  11. An idea for a new feature could be to use real transfer dates. For example, if a player moved clubs on deadline day of August in real life then in the game they wouldn't move clubs until deadline day of August. This could work as an optional feature at the start of the game (similar to attribute masking, use real fixtures, etc.). If used then the players would be placed with a transfer pending situation until their transfer goes through.
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