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  1. WOW! 19.3.4 4-4-2 WULF P109 ALL CUPS. I loaded save from a patch 19.2 into which played in the winter. Then I finished at the end of January, 2020, a match with Chelsea 1-1. Today began with a game with Evertoo on February 1, 2020. I won EVERYTHING during the second season for West Ham. After the first season signed only Dolberg and Betinelli. Very strange, but tactics 4-4-2 badly work in FM Touch, it is much worse than in the full version. All matches in Instant Result.
  2. 19.3.4 - disgusting patch! Such instability of results probably at all never was long ago.
  3. Pilgrimage 19.3.4 4-1-4-1 Media Prediction 7 1 loss in cup- after 2 sent off my players, 1 loss in Ukranian First League - when i set Pilgrimage 3-4-3 )
  4. I changed several tactics for Lazio on 19.3 and I think that Avenger - the best tactics at the moment. With 4-4-2 you may to beat Juventus 4-0 and lose to somebody 2-3 or 3-4, and it is hard to win away. With Avenger I never lost, there were only 2 draw with Inter in last season and Bayer04 away in CL. This tactics not spectacular, the forward seldom score, but by results at the moment it is the best for me.
  5. How to fight against a script in 1/2 Champions League which is observed every year? Look at results, my team broke all, but against the MU could make nothing. P.S. I set 442 19.2.3 Beowulf WMAF after loss PSG in group 0-4
  6. 19.2.3 Beowulf 4-4-2 WMAF third season of save and my second season in Bologna, 1/8 Champions Cup first leg
  7. Knap, How do you think whether there is this year some advantage in defense at tactics with 3 central defenders in comparison with tactics with 2 CD? At this tactics results good, but I miss much more goals, than in tactics the Beowulf 4-4-2
  8. Set team training Team Cohesion(or teamwork I dont know how in English) HIGH for 4-5 weeks before season and balanced average during season. If you didnt use Team cohesion before season, set it in during season for 3 weeks and then turn to Balansed average. Set individual training on the same roles that in tactic with High intensity (may be more injuries, but result will be better. If you play in Instant result, sign assistant with high Man Managment 15+.
  9. 19.2.2 Argus Press I came to Bologna at the end of last season and saved them from a relegate. Before a new season I signed only 2 Free tranfers- GK Macagno and St Inglese and won Series A! The last 2 matches I switched tactics to 4222 Volante.
  10. With Beowulf 19.2.1 P09 i won EPL with West Ham In spite of the fact that at the beginning of a season i lost many points with other tactics. After draw with Wolves 26.11 i set Beowulf, after loss Liverpool 4-8(only this match i played in IR), i began to use only against big teams away Argus 3-4-2-1 IF and it works great.
  11. In FM all good tactic work very well in IR, if your Ass manager have skill "man managment" 15 or high.
  12. For me Argus 3-4-3 as well as many other tactics, does not do stable results long time. The only thing with what can be played in FM 19 - Volante Anchor 4222 and Argus 3-4-2-1 IF When viewing matches there can be defeats from strong teams on away matches, and at instant results they works like cheat tactics. UPD In my save for Lazio in viewing matches mode such system the best: - With weak teams home - Volante 4-2-2-2 Anchor, and set Beowulf 4-2-3-1 press in 50-60 min if you can t to score; - With weak teams away and averages home 4-2-2-2 Volante Anchor; - With big teams home 4-2-2-2 Volante Anchor or Argus 3-4-2-1 IF: -With big teams away Argus 3-4-2-1 IF.
  13. It s the best tactic for FM18, only 2 losses for Lazio in the beginning of season, but now I m unbeaten. One bad thing-Immobile plays not really well, but Caicedo scores 15 goals in 15 matches.
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