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  1. Tactical briefing before matches - EVIL! This killed my result for many months, until I guessed to miss it before the matches.
  2. Wonderful system, so far 3 win and 1 draw. I will show results later. Tell me please, if one of the coaches says to appoint a player to teach any movement, should I do it or not?
  3. If my opponent have 2 Cm - box to box and CM Att, I should man mark Box to box?
  4. Hannover, Instant Result, 4th season Before World Cup - Beowulf 4-4-2/Fire and Water 4-3-1-2 After World Cup - Pilgrimage 20.4.1 4-1-4-1 CD Nothing works as steadily this year as 4-1-4-1. This is the only tactic that gives me a normal result when watching the match and a great result with IR. FM 17 - 3-4-3-0, FM 18 - 3-4-3, FM 19 - 4-4-2/4-1-3-2, FM 20 - 4-1-4-1, FM21 - ?
  5. Hey Tff In your opinion, will my results be worse if I have a double squad and do a 100% rotation in every match?
  6. Knap You have a lot of different formations, but can you try making 5-4-1 in the line? It seems that in FM 20, where teams score little, it could be promising.
  7. Why don 't you try Wulf 4-1-4-1 from Knap - the best tactic on 19.3.6? You will concede little, and score 4-6 goals with a good squad.
  8. First half of the season with Kashemir. Instant Result. Look at my new superstriker.
  9. TFF Hey. Did you try 3-4-3 with MR and ML (no wing back left and wing back right)? In my save Jorge Sampaoli has good results with Bayern with this formation.
  10. for the tenth season for Dynamo Dresden I will set 4-3-3 Kashimir. I created super team in 9 years, I think it 'll work out.
  11. Radetzky Just by comparison, try playing through an instant result and entrust a tactical briefing to an assistant. My results when playing in this way are 60-70% better than when watching the match, I don 't know why.
  12. Knap Yeah, general training and Team Talks on my Ass, the rest is on me. But I like the latest results (at the original speed), so we 'll see what happens next.
  13. Guys, that sounds crazy, but still. I play for Dynamo Dresden, 2025. During this time created a very good squad, but the result is always the same - 3-4 place in the Bundesliga and knock off to 1/8 of the Champions League. At first of the season I watched matches, where in 3-5 matches the result gets worse, I start playing through Instant result, again I win several games, then I lose points again. I rotate tactics, because without it I started with one defeat, and at the end of the season I win 3-4 matches in a row, having got to the Champions League, and in a year everything is the same. And here in mid-autumn, when I lost to Totenham at home, I changed the speed of watching the match and the speed between the key moments to default (it was higher than default). In the end we won Totenham 7-5 (!), playing Beowulf. After that, we gave out such a series. Lost only 1 time to Tottenham away, playing Beowulf, missing a goal in the final minutes. After that set Wolf 4-1-3-2, so far the results are very good. Therefore, if someone has poor results and the speed of viewing the match is overestimated, try to set all speeds to default, maybe the change in speed affects the result, because I have changed both the results and the quality of the game.
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