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  1. Milan invited me for the third season. I came there after a 0-1 defeat by Sampdoria and put it PreachinBlues 4-1-4-1. After draw against Atalanta (1-1 06.03.22) set Preachin Blues 4-5-1. I haven 't lost once for Milan since I came. Won the Italian Cup and the Euro Cup. In Serie A took 3 place due to a large handicap by the time of arrival. In each match my players STRANGLE players of the rival. All matches in Instant Result.
  2. Milan invited me for the third season. I came there after a 0-1 defeat by Sampdoria and put it PreachinBlues 4-1-4-1. In the match with Atalanta (2-2) I used Simpathy 20.2.3 - missed 2 goals, leading in the score 2-0. For me the perfect tactics PreachinBlues 4-1-4-1 and Argus 3322 because my players STRANGLE the rival players with these tactics.
  3. FM Touch Third season Argus 3322 At first there is an equal game, then my team starts strangling the rival, then we score and start creating many moments on counterattacks, scoring another 1-2 goals.
  4. Set Argus 3322 after loss 0-1. Only 1 conceded goal in 7 matches!
  5. Tff Hey, do you think Raptor is suitable for away matches against big teams?
  6. 1 - 4-1-4-1 2-Beowulf 4-4-2 In my opinion 4-4-2 it is rather autonomous and it can be used against strong teams. Game in defense no worse than 4-1-4-1, game in attack better.
  7. 100% results have become better! It 's autosave season two for an outsider. Only 1 defeat after early sent off. After defeat i set 4-1-4-1, work perfectly. All matches on Instant Result. Before patch 20.2.3, there were no such good results on this stretch. Use 4-4-2 t 4-1-4-1 against strong teams. FM20.2BEOWULF442WAFKnapP107ALLCUPS.fmf FM205WULF4141SPKnapP101ECFACC.fmf
  8. I don 't understand, 20.2.3 changed ME? In FM Touch Beowulf 4-4-2 works perfectly!
  9. If you play on holidat, try to set all Ass attribute to 20 through FMRTE, your Ass have hidden tactical atributes, which can be seen and edited only trough FMRTE. But I 'm not sure it 's going to affect.
  10. Which file is responsible for the match engine? Can I copy this file from FM 19 folder and paste into FM 20 folder thereby get the match engine from FM 19 to FM 20?
  11. Works great, but only when watching a match. On an instant result draw and crushing defeats with heavy rare wins 1-0, when watching has not lost once in 7 games. I don 't know why.
  12. Instant Result. White Europe tweak, very cool! After 3 draw in a row i began to use Sicilian Defence home (DL and LOE set from very high to high) and White Europe away. Think this is the most optimal option.
  13. Quick test in Instant Result piece autosave. Nordic Soul 20.2 Not bad but 100% loss against strong teams
  14. Knap On Instant Result Touchline instructions should be set on the assistant or on me?
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