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  1. Beowulf 4-1-4-1 on Korean Patch ME. Did the Koreans turn off the goal conceding?
  2. Does anyone use mixed shouts? I mean different shouts for different positions? I very well turned the course of the match against Koln when I played Beowulf 4-4-2 and in second time shouted "Concentration" for all defenders, "Creative" for all midfielders, and "Push up" for strikers. Try it, maybe this will have a better effect than shouting for the whole team at once.
  3. Beowulf 20.4.1 4-4-2 p 104 ECFA. Instant Result. I came to Udinese at the end of December, when the team was in 20th place in Serie A. Never had such results in FM 20 with 4-4-2
  4. Will Covid be added to FM 21 - a modified fixtures, empty stadiums, 5 subs, diseases of some players?
  5. Tactical briefing before matches - EVIL! This killed my result for many months, until I guessed to miss it before the matches.
  6. If my opponent have 2 Cm - box to box and CM Att, I should man mark Box to box?
  7. Hannover, Instant Result, 4th season Before World Cup - Beowulf 4-4-2/Fire and Water 4-3-1-2 After World Cup - Pilgrimage 20.4.1 4-1-4-1 CD Nothing works as steadily this year as 4-1-4-1. This is the only tactic that gives me a normal result when watching the match and a great result with IR. FM 17 - 3-4-3-0, FM 18 - 3-4-3, FM 19 - 4-4-2/4-1-3-2, FM 20 - 4-1-4-1, FM21 - ?
  8. Hey Tff In your opinion, will my results be worse if I have a double squad and do a 100% rotation in every match?
  9. Knap You have a lot of different formations, but can you try making 5-4-1 in the line? It seems that in FM 20, where teams score little, it could be promising.
  10. Why don 't you try Wulf 4-1-4-1 from Knap - the best tactic on 19.3.6? You will concede little, and score 4-6 goals with a good squad.
  11. First half of the season with Kashemir. Instant Result. Look at my new superstriker.
  12. TFF Hey. Did you try 3-4-3 with MR and ML (no wing back left and wing back right)? In my save Jorge Sampaoli has good results with Bayern with this formation.
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