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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for the advices. I changed my tactic style in order to reflect more the status of my team. So I chose a fluid counter-attack system, keeping the short passes style that I like but with a lower defensive line and a more defensive mentality, allowing my team to wait for the opponent to attack and then counter. I also chose to keep my 4-1-4-1because I build this team based on it. When I play against lower team, I put the mentality on "balanced" , my DLP on Support and my AP in Attack. The result ? 13/21 , 62% ! Quite good for a newcomer 😁.
  2. Hi everyone ! Well, it seems like I need to better tweak my tactif to fit my underdog team :-( The friendlies went well and we had a great debut in Tim Cup, then, Serie A started ... Our defence is quite OK actually. We only took 1 goal in the 3 first games, 2 of them against teams that were way superior (Napoli, Fiorentina) I updated the ME for the last version just after those 2 games. Then we had this game against a relegation spot challenger, and we didn't manage to score (only 3 shots on target) , followed by those 2 last games were we barely had 1 occasion in 2 games... It seems like our scoring problem only emphasized this year. The opponent being generally waaaaay stronger than us (I took a goal from Asensio against Milan, I looked at him and WTF he'll eat my entire team for breakfast) , the scoring problem is even worst, I can't barely have 2 or 3 chances per game ... I know that I will never play for the european spot this season with my team, but still I think that we should be able to stay in Serie A ! How could I modify my tactic to be more dangerous ? Defensively we are not that bad. Thank you !
  3. Hi everyone, I finally put my striker on (AF) , with one of the winger in IW(s) instead of IF(a) , and I also deselected "counter-press", in transition. My results for the last 11 games of the season : 6V 3X 2D , 64% of the points won. Way better than the 8 first games of the 2d part of the season (13/24, 54%) but under the first part of the season (38/57, 66%). I did notice however that my strikers were more involved in the game, scoring more goals and giving more assists. Also, I took less counter-attack thanks to the deletion of the "counter-press" consign. The good thing is that... I won the Serie B 😄 ! I am now in Serie A and need to create a whole team, as I had a looot of player on loan last season ... Also, I will need to adapt my tactic to a league where I will play as an outsider in every game. I will have more spaces, that's sure, but the opponents will also be quite stronger than my team. So I'm still working on my tactic. Should I emphasize the counter-attack and let the opponent play in my side ? And play long ball instead of short ? That's not my football 🤔
  4. Hi Jens, bedankt voor uw antwoord 😉. I used to have one IF and one IW but the result weren't very different (I could try it again for some games in order to test). This remark is very interesting actually. There is indeed a great number of midfielder that are around the box when attacking, and it's true that I sometimes notice that my striker is juste there in front of them, a bit useless. No, the assists mainly come from ... the wingers 😄 , the FBs, and the DLP. Is F9 really different from DLF ? Also when you say make your wings more conservative, you mean playing larger, near the touchline ? Because I want to keep the fact that my wingers are going inside , it's just that I would like them to have more interaction with my striker, and sometimes drop a few crosses. Good remark ! I have a possession based system, but I put those TI in order to put more pressure on the opponent and directly regain possession of the ball after having losing it (for the counter-press instruction) , the counter instruction has been helpful with my wingers but it's true that it's a bit contradictory ... What would you suggest ? I solution I had been suggested is to play with an AF , but I guess that in this case it would be more helpful to have at least one winger on support in order to feed him with more balls ? Thank for the feedback😄
  5. Some additional infos: I used to use "tighter marking" but I noticed it made my defenders go out of position so I stopped I still take too much long ball, even if my defensive line is set to "standard" I looked at where my striker get the ball in the field, and he appears to receive the ball from short passes on the sides of the pitch only, or in the center but very low (on our own side) Thanks :-)
  6. Hi everyone, I manage an underdog in italian Serie B , Salernitana. Things went well so far as we are currently topping the table after 27 games (we were predicted 9th) but I'd like to improve my tactic as I seen a recurring problem : My 3 strikers are quite good for my league but they never score ! They have scored (together) 4 goals in 29 games. All my goals rely on my wingers (respectively 12, 7 and 5 goals) and sometimes midfielders. The problem is that this situation causes me to score very few goals (apart from rare occasion) as you can see on the first screenshot. I generally dominate the games but it happens a lot that I can't score. It's a pity that in those situations I can't rely on my strikers, given that they are very good players. I would like to exploit more my striker and find a way to involve them more in the game, could you help me with that please :-) ? Here is my main tactic: I used to play with Complete Wing Back but it was too offensive and it let too much spaces. Also, I lowered my defensive line (that used to be higher) because of the counter attack. I have the best defence in my league by far so I guess it worked quite well. Thank you very much for your help !
  7. Wow, respect ! How did you manage to win the League the first season with Lecce 😱 ? Could you share with us what approach did you follow and was tactics did you use ? Good job 👍
  8. I finished my first season, #2 in Serie A. I don't know for you guys but in my save, Juve in untouchable ... The biggest problem with Roma is that you are veeery limited transferwise. For the start of my second year, I have ... 0€ in transfert budget, and only half of the sales coming back in the transfert budget. It is also explained by the fact that in second season you already have 60M€ spent with past engagements (Mancini,Mkhitaryan and Veretout). In my tactic, Zaniolo generally plays Mezzala or B2B.
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