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  1. Mezzala? i have the doubt that mezzala is going in the same position of the inside forward: i need to use the space that my fullback is not covering, more wide spaces than half-spaces
  2. @Cleon in a 4123 (433) formation wich role do you think is better suited to ensure width for the CM left or right if that midfielder has behind a fullback on defend duty, and in front an inside forward? maybe mezzala? or carrillero? --------------------CFsupport-------------------- IFsupport-------------------------------IFattack -------------Mezzala?-----B2B------------------- -------------------------DLP------------------------- FBdefend--CD------------CD--------FBattack ------------------------GK----------------------------
  3. Can i have a general approach (fro example ball control set high) and also the readjustment of a player into another position i want him to play with player instruction? do i slow down his developement in that way? one possible way is to train individually until the player is good in that position and then leave the individual focus to "none"?
  4. Hi @llama3, do you think that the partnership full back (support) with winger (support) is a good one? Considering that on the other flank i have a complete wingback (attack) with an inside forward (attack)...
  5. Does anybody think that if you play with higher tempo and use an advanced playmaker will make difficulties to find him in free space?
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