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    Regen names

    I have been making the isle of scilly league , i think it can be region/nation specific too. Do not add custom players from that nation because the game will use these new names for the regens, this will cause issues with a small nation as everyone will have similar names. For example on last years game i created my database and the i was getting regens called: Loki Lips Loki Doki Doki Loki Daryl Loki Doki Darly Lips Daryl All the best.
  2. let me work on it when you are done as i even have a whole selection of custom players made by the FM community on a live stream. I also have all the dates for the games this year.
  3. Thinking of doing the scilly isles again but i though once you have made your DB i could try and insert it somewhere in it this time in england and not as its own nation.
  4. yes I agree but, still having issues though one step forward and two steps back.
  5. So guys I have made a beta Release for all you people to play check it out on the workshop now https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1385466274
  6. I am Afraid Not i found a few odd results from wikipedia and some other sites via google.
  7. you have to edit the game files so that you can change the continent of a nation, then you just edit a defunct nation.
  8. I am afraid it is not possible the draft is hard codded into the game. *A Quick Update* So it seems that i can not add my own custom players to the league this cases problems with how regens are made. To simply put it, the names of regens and created players are based off of the names of players/nonplayers from the nation. This means that if you have 30 custom players for the nation you find that the regens have the names in different combinations. I have gone back to a older version of this database and implemented some of the newer changes, players will now be generated via the game thus removing the above issue. How ever a few other problems have shown itself, i would like the teams to be allays armature but by doing so the clubs do not release their players , after testing for 10 years in the game , teams had over 60 players in their first teams. If i set the clubs to be Semi Pro this fixes the issue but causes financial instability with both teams over a 10 year period, taking on loans to keep them in the black. Good new is that i have made a graphics pack for the nation clubs and leagues i will be posting this ASAP.
  9. Hi there it has been a while though I would give an update on the progression of this database. Whats Happened I have fixed the youth teams, there is a U21 league now that mirrors the main league, players cant play senior matches until they are 21. Decided to add players to each of the teams, see below. Whats Next I need to add a reserve league, as i have noticed fringe players being put in with the U21 sides. Need to fix the staff, for some reason when looking for staff ti hire there is non available, this is a little annoying. *I Need Players* I have decided to allow the community to make players for this league after talks with the official league never went further on twitter. Below you will find a form please fill this in and help me populate the league. Please make sure you follow the steps and keep things realistic no silly names, also remember this is in the UK region, no foreign names. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfnsr_Ov-t7EVv5fhPnUitq-4G_Y9K5Zdeb4jUxqAAnmVqVGw/viewform?usp=sf_link I will also be releasing a build in the next day or two so far i have tested to 2026 with no major issues apart from the ones listed above.
  10. @lionel messi yI know it is great but my club are fan owned so hopefully we can manage to survive with the debt.
  11. Well after two promotions, we are now spending money on a ground we do not own this is now going be be hard. Wonderful Database BTW.
  12. Hi there i have downloaded the update of steam with the correct stadium requirements but they do not show under league rules.
  13. Update Still had no word from the the league on the players, may need to remind them. Some bugs with players, after holidaying to 2027 the more successful team signs everyone while the other team has 3 non grey players. Teams sign U22 players even though they cant use them, may have fixed this with nation transfer preferences. Tried to make another cup Oldies V youngsters, but it would not work for some reason. If this player thing works i will upload on here a version you can all test and play.
  14. Sadly guys no they are not real but the stats will be similar, I am still fixing the odd issue and testing, that result just made me laugh
  15. quick test and this happened my god is this league entertaining.