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  1. The ability to be more specific about how your DoF should handle player sales. Far too many offers are accepted with massive selling club wage contributions that wipe out a lot of the sale fee. You can specify a minimum sale price but not a maximum wage contribution.
  2. Getting increasingly frustrated with the inability of my DoF to sell anyone. It takes far too long and the way that minimum sale prices are set leads to good offers that have a slightly lower cash element but lots of add-ons get rejected. On the other hand, offers at the asking price but with massive wage contributions get accepted. The calculation of offers needs to take these into account.
  3. Glad the issue is resolved. When will a fix be available via Steam?
  4. Thread says need more info. What else do I need to provide?
  5. An additional question regarding this game: after playing 10 seasons, my head of Youth Development has failed to add a single player to the reserves. Is there an incorrect setting somewhere? Why are no youth players ever taken on?
  6. Have uploaded Mark Kett - Saffron Walden TFC.fmt
  7. I created a custom view for the tactics screen with several columns. Every time I go back to that screen the column sizes have reset so that the last column disappears. I then do an auto reset of all column sizes and it reappears. There is no option to save the view on the manage views menu.
  8. OK have finally managed to upload a file - "Mark Kett - Saffron Walden TFC.fmt". The Library folder is hidden by default so you have to navigate to it using the Finder Go command. No idea why the files are being stored there.
  9. But I can't find a folder called Library within my user account using the Finder app. The folder hierarchy shown in the Save As box doesn't seem to exist.
  10. Looking at the save as destination it seems to be saving in the Library folder for unknown reasons.
  11. i'd be happy to upload a file if I could find out where they are being saved. The Sports Interactive folder in Documents appears to be empty.
  12. Variables are not being populated with values in messages. See attached example. FMT2020 variables.pdf
  13. When I load a logo in Create A Club it is only used on the top line next to the manager name but not next to the club name in other contexts. See attached screen shot. fmt logo.pdf
  14. Another source of irritation with transfers is that, despite purchase prices rising rapidly, selling prices do not. Players who are not for sale, and who are rated as "World Class", "elite" or "wonderkid", still only attract offers below their current market values. When they are put up for sale, DoF never sell such players at anything like their true value. In fact, DoF don't seem to do anything for months.
  15. Would like to see list-based scouting i.e. when I select a list of players to scout, the results are returned as a list with the scout ratings, not as individual emails. Also, the ability to cancel all outstanding assignments at once - so when a suitable target is identified the scouts stop ploughing through all the rest of the assignments. Ability to set criteria when asking DoF for transfer suggestions e.g. maximum age When selling players, the ability to set a "cash limit" and "add-ons limit" separately. At the moment offers come in that exceed the asking price but only when the add-ons are included. They are rejected if the cash element is below the limit set. Conversely, stop loan offers being accepted by the DoF when the wage element is below the limit set. The option to comment on transfer offers publicly e.g. "That offer is an insult considering x is a world class player/hot prospect/wonderkid etc". "If you can't offer the asking price then you can't afford x."
  16. OK have now managed to upload game called Budget Crash. Hope it is useful
  17. This bug is ruining the game. Every time the budgets are reset money apparently evaporates from the club's overall pot. My board has just given me "extra" transfer funds and reduced my wage budget from £7m+ to £5.5m. They are now criticising me for exceeding the budget, I can't adjust the wage budget despite having £84m in transfer budget, and can't renew any contracts. Makes the game unplayable.
  18. That wasn't a threat - just a fact. A threat would be taking you to the Advertising Standards Authority or reporting you to Trading Standards for a breach of the Sale of Goods Act. I will wait to hear what you have to say before deciding what to do next. By the way, your customer service attitude stinks.
  19. My refund request has been submitted but can be cancelled if I get a satisfactory answer before it is completed.
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