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  1. The ability to be more specific about how your DoF should handle player sales. Far too many offers are accepted with massive selling club wage contributions that wipe out a lot of the sale fee. You can specify a minimum sale price but not a maximum wage contribution.
  2. Getting increasingly frustrated with the inability of my DoF to sell anyone. It takes far too long and the way that minimum sale prices are set leads to good offers that have a slightly lower cash element but lots of add-ons get rejected. On the other hand, offers at the asking price but with massive wage contributions get accepted. The calculation of offers needs to take these into account.
  3. Another source of irritation with transfers is that, despite purchase prices rising rapidly, selling prices do not. Players who are not for sale, and who are rated as "World Class", "elite" or "wonderkid", still only attract offers below their current market values. When they are put up for sale, DoF never sell such players at anything like their true value. In fact, DoF don't seem to do anything for months.
  4. Would like to see list-based scouting i.e. when I select a list of players to scout, the results are returned as a list with the scout ratings, not as individual emails. Also, the ability to cancel all outstanding assignments at once - so when a suitable target is identified the scouts stop ploughing through all the rest of the assignments. Ability to set criteria when asking DoF for transfer suggestions e.g. maximum age When selling players, the ability to set a "cash limit" and "add-ons limit" separately. At the moment offers come in that exceed the asking price but only wh
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