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  1. Every time (no matter what stadium, league etc), when the ball enters the goal, half of the net jumps up. I also reinstalled the game on Steam but it didn't help. Using latest NVIDIA drivers (Win 10, i9900KF and EVGA 2080Ti).
  2. I don't know it is bug or not but from year to year there is less and less young players in youth teams. I remember that around 2028 top ENG teams have like 6-9 players in U-19 teams but now in 2032 all U-19 looks like below - no players or only like 1-2 players. Also I don't know how it looks in other leagues like FRA, ITA or SPA. Fulham U-18 --> only 2 players Chelsea U-18 --> no players, everyone in grey
  3. In my save some stadiums have unreal dimensions. Example below:
  4. @Sanno11 and @darren1983 nice to see someone fighting in Eng with this challange @Sanno11 this will boost your morale fr some time
  5. You will dominate local league after few seasons in this kind of leagues. IMO toughest is England. Never saw someone finish this challenge in this league.
  6. @darren1983 IMO you should simulate with this Brexit rules next 30-35 years and then all we can check what will happen with ENG Premier League and English Clubs in the near future . I know it will be only simulation but I think many people wait for the save of the game like this Ofc before you start - you should add Serie A, Bundesliga, Primera D., Ligue 1, Liga NOS and Eredivisie... Anyway GL with career
  7. @MCPlay can you show me your profile? I mean your personal attributes. Im wondering how they changed from beginning
  8. Any of you who already played minimum 4-5 seasons can paste the photo to show us how changed your personal attributes?
  9. Only german clubs generate so many 15 yo newgens?
  10. Did you change philosophies of your club? I mean did you choose option: "develop younger players etc"?
  11. @smp20 what is the current status of your team? Is it full pro, semi-pro or still amateur what I think is not possible. Anyway if you can type me when exactly your board change status of your team i'll be glad
  12. Hello all Really nice to read this topic. Same was in previous version (fm2016). Anyway I want start this challenge but still I not decided on what league. And I need Your advice ... prefer something really hard In my head I have 2 options: Option nr. 1 - some unknown club from unknown league (something like Wales, Sweden, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia etc). This I think can be more easy. Easier to dominate the domestic league, no need to fight against MC, MU, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea and other billionares Option nr. 2 - t
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