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  1. Hi, I'm using a 13" MacBook Pro with 1280x800 resolution and even with 85% zoom, i can't see all atributes without scrolling. What can I do? Maybe setting a smaller font in atributes?
  2. @KennedyBakircioglu Are you considering making a skin like your FMT 19 skin, for this years full FM? If you do maybe i'll buy the game. I really liked that skin, but i don't like FMT.
  3. Please make this skin for Full FM, i don't like FMT, and i'm fed up of the skins i'm using. For Fm18 i used your skin almost all the time i played.
  4. Too bad, any way to make it work on the full version, or if you make the skin I could test it.
  5. No, not in FM17 at least. i managed Barcelona B roleplaying Puyol with the maximum license and international experience, i won the league, and at the end of the season the Barcelona manager was fired and i applied, but the board rejected and even laughed at me. I wish that was possible as irl.
  6. Desculpa, só vi agora, não tenho jogado nem vindo ao forum. Mudei copiando a pasta fonts de uma base skin para a pasta desta skin, eliminando primeiro a pasta fonts desta skin.
  7. I play possession based football with lots of goals, my formation is a 2x3x2x3 as you can see in the images.
  8. I like the font, but i was bored, and i prefer the default one, so i replaced the font folder of base skin.
  9. Try this tactic: Player instructions: Sweeper Keeper: fewer risky passes, roll it out, distribute to deep lying playmaker Central Defenders: tackle harder, mark tighter, fewer risky passes Inverted wing backs: shoot less often, tackle harder, more risky passes Deep lying playmaker:drible less, tackle harder Mezzalas: shoot less often, dribble less, tackle harder Inside forwarders: shoot less often, tackle harder, stay wider False nine: shoot less often, dribble more, tackle harder Have won everything with Benfica (with three consecutive CL finals and two wins), with average 65% ball possession and plenty of goals. Now with Monaco, i'm almost winning the league and have failed in CL but i'm in quarters of Europa League.
  10. The option to start as a u-19 manager and a more realistic youth intake.
  11. yes, i'm using a international champions cup file, and max foreign players files. maybe it's the ICC file.
  12. yes, it's the only league champions file. ok, it worked the registration problem, but that's something really odd.
  13. there's something wrong with at least uefa cup. the draw of the first round is made one day before the game, and i have almost all of my player unregistered to play the uefa cup games. it wasn't available any option to register to the competition.
  14. ok, i've loaded that file, and noticed that the 2º knockout has groups. why?
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