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  1. Dont have a screenshot right now, but Benjamin Tetteh looks like an insane target man for the money. Same goes with Erling Haland
  2. Few seasons in he doesn't develop that well, think he must have a relatively low PA.
  3. Musa Barrow will develop into a beast.
  4. He's a regen so he won't be on anyone elses game, apart from yours.
  5. Wouldn't say he was particularly cheap
  6. My Brexit was that there is a limit of 17 foreign players, and players earning over 8000 pounds can play in the first team league games (prem)
  7. Eirik Hestad Anders Trondsen Robert Mudrazija Amer Gojak
  8. Hany Mukhtar has a low release clause and he's a top quality CM.
  9. Wilmar Barrios looks good for quite cheap on this version. Viktor Fischer looks like he has nice stats for the price. Kevin Mbabu also looks a steal
  10. I was the same...well not quite that bad, but it was over an hour! I just tether it to my phone, I have 45gb data allowance and on 4G it downloaded within 10 mins!
  11. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-4389760/USA-women-s-team-suffer-5-2-loss-FC-Dallas-U-15-boys.html https://www.standard.co.uk/sport/football/australian-womens-national-team-lose-70-to-team-of-15yearold-boys-a3257266.html I played at a decent level until I was 18 and I know a few other lads who did too, we play sunday league now and I'd bet anything that we would wipe the floor with the top womens team, probably even with a hangover. Probably cracking when playing against other Women yeah, throw them in the mens game they wouldn't have a chance.
  12. Womens football would be on par with Sunday league, at best. I could genuinely get a few lads together who haven't played at a decent level in 4-5 years and they would wipe the floor with the best womens team in the world. Wasn't it only last year that an U15 boys team beat the USA Womens national team?
  13. Valentino Lazaro, Xadas, Gio Simeone, Santiago Ascacibar.
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