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  1. I got the same problem with my side, more shots, more possession but im not racking goals and wins, like i feel i should, or like my misconception tells me. On the other hand, what is the key to a successful strategy as a big club, playing 90% of the time against weaker ones, and 10% against even or slightly better sides ? There tend to be two suggestions: 1.) Speed the game up to a level, where the opposition cant follow. This is very risky, but the most spectacular way of winning, although you need a good defensive setup, to cope for the numbers at front. But most of the time you still do not get a nice shot, since the opposition will just park the bus and you wont get through regularly, except you have a nice move working out once or twice in a game. 2.) Put down your mentality, go for Standard or even Counter and lure the "weaker" opposition out of their comfort zone. Although this seems to be the most common advice (Like Cleon suggests: https://sisportscentre.com/building-a-tactic-from-the-beginning-the-walls-of-jericho/), i feel you lack the penetration or maybe its on me and i still do not get it right with my roles. Regarding the second advice, this poses further questions: Since you are playing Counter or Standard to give the weaker oppositions some room as a solution, why not playing Standard or Counter with an "intermediate" big Team (Juventus, Atletico, Dortmund, Inter, Liverpool) all the time, since you will leave room to an opposition who cant do anything with it (as we suppose) and still got an answer to aggressive Tier One Teams (Real, Barca, Chelsea, Bayern München) with a tight Counter Mentality. To summarize: Are the lower mentalities the way to be ? Should you just take some TIs, which tinker with the Risks your players take (Higher Tempo, Direct Passing or Pass into Space for example) to adapt to a small or a big team? And this puts up another question: Which teams should play Control or even Attacking than ? Teams who are in desperate need of a goal ? Lower League Teams ? Only the best 4 or 5 Teams in Europe ? Hopefully you guys get my train of thought, since i am not a native speaker.
  2. Or the player you fell in love with, who does not fit into your system, the formation, which does not fit to your squad. Love that post, 'cause everybody knows the feeling, sacrificing the favorite player to achieve the greater good. FM is pure philosophy.
  3. Hey James, maybe you could elaborate further with llama via PM or open up an own topic, since i still got some questions regarding my tactics and problems. Dont want to sound salty or anal but this thread kinda goes away hijacking @ llama Ty for your Input, it really improved my tactic a lot. I switched up the sides by working with an IF-A and an AP-S and adapting the WBs to this new arrangement and it worked like a charm so far. Even with teams, which are really deep in their positioning, i can break up their defense by fast and decisive moves, or lose the ball in a situation where im comfortable, so far on-spot advice. I switched the Midfield roles to RPM and BBM to get really dedicated runners, what do you think about this switch, regarding the Flexible Mentality and the use of more specialized roles in this kind of system ? Another question is, how i might could work with a Winger in System, since i got my young, aspiring Demble, who wants to have his time on the pitch. Maybe a W-A instead of the IF-A with a CWB-S or IWB-S behind him to either freely use the space or push into the middle, behind the runners ? Or a IF-A / W-A Combo with a FB-S ? I consider the last one as a little bit too offensive though... And what do you think generally of a IF-A / IF-S combination in the AMR / AML Spots ? Is their too much space we give up, or could roles like the WB-A and aggressive Central Midfielders make use of it ?
  4. Regarding Play out of Defence: I had far too much long balls, who were just hammered upfront with no real target in sight. I reduced this amount by using this shout, without completely mutilating the style, i guess. The CF-A is Aubameyang, who roams and got move into channels as PPM, so he picks up the ball quite nicely, although he is not your typical Complete Forward, his pace, speed and composure makes sure he gets almost every ball and lays it off quickly. If i wouldn't get a quick chance, my aim would be to break up the attack, move the ball in a fast, decisive way around the box and than try to penetrate it with a fast move, maybe something like a one-two. I don't want this patient, probing style. If i lose the ball, i'm fine with it. Still, the question is, can a Counter - Mentality be properly modified to be more attacking, more adventurous ? And if so, how to exactly do it, without overkilling the system with TIs and PIs ? Thank you for your input, miles, really made me thought about my system, still looking for more opinions !
  5. Hello guys, first post here so i hope i dont get anything wrong. I am playing the FM17 since the Beta got out and trying to change my usual short-passing possession play to a more attacking and direct style. This is my system: CF-AT IF-SU IF-SU CM-A CM-S DM-D WB-S CD-D CD-D WB-S Mentality: Attacking Shape: Flexible/Fluid TIs: Play out of defence PIs: Sit narrower, Cut inside and get further Forward for the IF-S I'm playing with Borussia Dortmund, so im in the 1st or at least 2nd Tier of European Top Clubs, and besides Bayern im a favorite in all of the matches in the Bundesliga, which means im playing against deep sitting, tight defensive formations for 60 to 70%, besides the stronger Teams like Leverkusen or Schalke. My Problem is that i can't seal the deal quite like i want to. My Vision is to play fast, direct and attacking Football, with a good amount of movement. I know the threads by Cleon, explaining that going high mentalities against deeper sitting sides can be a real mountain to climb, so i experimented with Counter mentality and adapted it by using TIs like Direct Passing and Higher-Tempo, but it felt like i didnt had the Penetration like i had with Attacking. The Questions: 1. Is the above System solid or got it flaws in itself, for example the Supportive WB-S and IF-S, maybe i should do some Switcheroo and Play one side with a WB-A and IF-SU and a WB-S and IF-A ? 2. Are there possibilites to play a more attacking Counter - Mentality, besides my TIs above, for example implementing more attacking roles ? 3. Should i adapt my tactic to the Opponent ? All the time i read that i should build one solid tactic and not look at the Opposition, but does that mean i shouldnt change my Mentality, like i described above, to react to a more defensive Opponent ? Or to ask it another way around: Is a good tactic capable of beating each and every Opponent without adapting ? Cheers!
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