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  1. That’s a solid line-up. Good job getting Arp - how much did you pay? I was too late and he’s $illy now. Is Lamela a loan or a transfer?
  2. So I ended up finishing top of the Championship, smashing the maximum points record. I never got any CF firing, but Trotta on loan from Sassuolo was the closest to a decent forward. Nasri, whose ban ended on new years' eve, was good but the superstars were the full backs (Douglas and Ayling) and Jack Harrison on loan from Man City. At the end of the Jan window, I bought in some players I was surprised wanted to join me in the Championship - maybe the all-but certain promotion and team form played a part. I managed to bring in on loan: Kyriakos Papadopoulos on loan fro HSV, who was d
  3. Thanks, great post @macca72 . Starting from this post, I picked Leeds for the demo and figured I needed: - CB cover - A no-nonsense BWM - An attacking RB After doing my usual trick of offering a trial to every free agent I can find and scouring the forums for recommendations, I ended up bringing in: - Huth on a free for 6k/w - Robbie Keane as Player/Coach for ST cover on a free for 950/w for some up-front guile - Marcello Trotta on loan from Sassuolo for 6k/w for depth up-front - Dennis Diekmeier as an attacking RB / RW for free at $6.5k/w - Mikel Rico from Athletic on lo
  4. If there’s any players without a termination clause, you can submit a loan extension until End of Next Season and put the clause in there. Once it’s gone through, you can cancel after 28 days. You can also use this to lower the wages - they’ll sometimes ask for less than current and often take less than they ask for. I’ve done that with all my loans and took about 30k off my wage bill.
  5. I have various custom views, and the one I use during the season contains information on Match Load, Injury Susceptibility and Overall Risk which, as default, show as text as attached here. Does anyone know how I can customise this to colour the different text backgrounds - i.e. green for 'Low injury risk' / 'Very Low' / 'Light' and red for 'High injury risk' / 'Very High' / 'Heavy' etc.?
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