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  1. It's also a lot more convenient than having to add a bunch of filler players to the database to achieve the same effect.
  2. Maybe something in the pre-game editor that takes into account the reputations of clubs and the player's stats at those clubs (as well as national team caps, age, stuff like that?) and recommends a CA level that is appropriate for those statistics. This would be useful to gauge what sort of values I should be giving a player I don't know much about.
  3. This is probably something that will only interest nerds like me, but I would like an easier way to add more names to the possible pool of newgen names than by adding a bunch of new people to the database. So maybe a text file or something somewhere in a folder where you can add additional names for newgens to receive. Kind of like the old EXNAMES file that came with CM 2. This was a minor thing for me before, but in FM 19 I played a save in Australia where many of the newgens coming in often had the same surnames, which kind of ruined the immersion aspect. Being able to add a big text file of names to add more diversity would make me enjoy the game more.
  4. Hey, fairly recent FM fan here. Played a tiny bit of 2010 and 2015 but only really started to get into it from 2017. Unlike everyone else I tended not to start a career and manage teams (though I have been enjoying a save in Japan this year), what I prefer to do is set up a huge save on my desktop and leave it running (at the expense of my electricity bill and probably causing huge problems for the ozone layer, lol) basically all the time, stopping to save it once I get up and before I go to bed. I start the game without a manager, and just let the game roll on indefinitely. This save has every default playable league enabled, and the full database loaded, for maximum 'realism' (or maybe I'm just a sucker for totally unnecessary excess). Even so, a fair few national teams still fill their squad with greyed-out players, and most clubs except the top clubs in non-playable leagues don't generate many players either. I simply like to look at what happens, which teams become dominant, what newgens become superstars, etc. - it's quite interesting to look back and build narratives for stuff that happened. (For example, the incredible rise of Boreham Wood and AFC Telford to the Championship in the current FM 2019 iteration). I guess I'm just into that kind of thing! I know there's been a lot of people who holiday into the year 3000 or something, but I've noticed they do this with only one country's league system enabled. This obviously is faster and is still very interesting to look at, but I like having the full scope of things enabled. With only one country enabled you don't get the stories developing off in other more obscure countries. On average (on my fairly old and low-end desktop PC), the save simulates about 1 year every 12 hours - I assume it gets more and more sluggish the bigger the save becomes. I once tried this with Claassen's league pack enabled, for the ultimate save (all countries' league systems enabled), which did actually work for a while. It simulated incredibly slowly though, and eventually the save refused to load after some time. I assume it was either due to the extreme amount of data or just conflicting stuff from the hundreds of thousands of editor data changes. In any case, has anyone else tried something like this? I simulated last year's save up till the 2080s before stopping, but I think this year I can push into new centuries.
  5. I see a lot of people do it by going on holiday... I find it goes a bit quicker if you don't set up a manager at the start of the game, that way you avoid having to see all the results on the screen & the game doesn't have to generate all the news items in your inbox, etc. I have actually been doing one with claassen's mega leagues pack (with all countries' leagues enabled). Unfortunately due to how slow my computer is it takes about 2 hours to simulate a whole month. I had been leaving my PC on unattended overnight, etc. and got to around 2029 or so. Eventually it seems my computer got shut off during the night, probably due to my cats rampaging around in my room. Now my PC won't load any save files on FM17, so I've just about given up on it.
  6. Title. Alternatively the one by Ortegaz. Could you post a link if you have it? Would be appreciated, cheers
  7. Hate to bump my old thread, but was wondering how to make an edt file like that. Cheers.
  8. Hm, so could I theoretically wipe an entire database, fill it up with custom names and then use that in conjunction with the default database to create a kind of supplementary name pack?
  9. As far as I know, the random names generated for regens, etc. are drawn from the players in the database. Is there any way to change how the game draws random names? I'm on FM15 by the way.
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