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  1. Thanks @summatsupeer, I appreciate the feedback. I think that is a perceptive call regarding the exploit the flanks instructions. I think the floated crosses were based on my striker has strong jumping stats and height, but I hear you that it's not required. I removed those two instructions and I'm afraid the tactic seems to have stalled further, with 13 games with 6 losses and 2 ties. My three rotating strikers were each on a 10+ goal-less streak at one point! Just to see if it was bad luck, I restarted the save and holidayed the same series twice more. I did slightly better but gen
  2. Brief update: In an effort to address the issue of seemingly not having enough players in the attacking phase, I tried taking out a defender and adding an AM (and subsequently changing offensive duties). I'm afraid that was a dud, and the tactic kept not being able to create chances. If anyone has any advice, I am all ears! Thank you.
  3. Hey @summatsupeer, I've played about 1.5 seasons with the revised tactic so thought it would be a good time to pull up and re-evaluate. The good news - we won the Champions League and Prem last season! The bad news - I think we may have gotten a little lucky :), and this season we're now struggling again in 4th place. The statistical issues are still the same: elite defense (fewest goals conceded), but average attack and weak # of chances created (#7 in league). For reference, the team is predicted to finished 1st. Attached as reference are the current tactic and screenshots fr
  4. Thanks @summatsupeer, those tips are very helpful. That makes sense regarding the counter-attacking approach...let's go in a different direction! It sounds like I could describe the style you're suggesting as a transitional, wing-focused attacking style with a press focused on the middle of the field. Is that the right way to think about articulating the overall tactical style? The changes you suggested had a positive impact and led to a couple of wins against Huddersfield (weak team) and Valencia (reasonably good team). A couple of things I'm noticing: 1. The "Clear cut
  5. Yes - @Experienced Defender sorry if that was confusing. In seeking to develop a more coherent set of TIs, in my most recent message I did switch to a counter-attacking approach. Candidly this was less from a dogmatic desire to play a counter-attacking style necessarily, but rather because I actually couldn’t think of the TIs to properly define fast, attacking football as much. I figured consistency and tactical purity were most important, and this was a style that I could at least more properly articulate.
  6. Thanks @summatsupeer and @Experienced Defender for the feedback. I've made the following decisions and adjustments: For TIs: Have tried to simplify to a more pure counter-attacking style with urgent pressing, high tempo counter-attack, all run through the wings. I've chosen this style because (1) team has high pace, acceleration, and agility, combined with high work rate and teamwork, (2) excellent players for wing play. For roles/duties: I've mainly kept as-is with the exception of changing the AP-A to an IF-S (after having removed the overlap instructions), and changing the IW to a
  7. @Experienced Defender, yes - that’s exactly it. Assuming that style of football is still viable as a top team against which many opponents might try to sit deep, but executed correctly I imagine it would still work. @summatsupeer point well taken - it seems like the player roles and instructions aren’t facilitating any runners to come in. I wonder if changing the striker to attack duty instead of support, and maybe changing one of the midfielders to a Box-to-Box would help? Maybe make the DLP a defend duty and change the BWM to a B2B midfielder?
  8. Or, perhaps an easier question -which elements of the TIs are contradictory? Those might be the easiest to solve
  9. I’m afraid I haven’t proven too talented at doing that. Honestly when I try, I just can’t tell what works/what doesn’t, aside from just seeing the results of the game. I understand the advice is to actually watch the game and see if my players are doing what I want them to do, but aside from really obvious things I just can’t tell. For example, I’ll remove the overlaps instruction, and....I don’t know? I can’t tell if it has made the team better or worse. Sorry- this is more of a frustrated rant against the game and my own abilities! Given the style of play I mentioned above, do you h
  10. Thanks @Experienced Defender, I appreciate the help. Seems like there is a lot of work for me to do! With respect to the style of football I’d like to play, this article summarizes the intent: https://www.fmtrendgames.com/tactics/lucien-favre-3-4-3-tactic-at-borussia-dortmund-in-fm20/ Sorry, I’m not trying to be cheeky or dismissive - honestly I’m not so thoughtful here other than to say that I’m trying to create an aggressive, counter press style on defense with a fast, flank-heavy transition and offense. I think I have the right players, having built my team with a focus on sp
  11. Hi all, I write in a state of pretty big frustration at why a highly effective tactic just stopped working! I realize that's a bit of a common theme around here when tactics that are successful for a handful of games get figured out by the AI and rendered ineffective. But I've been using this tactic successfully for 6-7 years, with many different players rotating, and now it has just stopped working for the last 2 seasons. I've used the linked tactic: https://www.fmtrendgames.com/tactics/lucien-favre-3-4-3-tactic-at-borussia-dortmund-in-fm20/ with only a small adjustment, floated cro
  12. Thank you @Experienced Defender, @sporadicsmiles, @wixxi, @Robson 07, @TheGoodRebel and @HUNT3R for the help - I appreciate your thoughts! Regarding why I would replace the guy I currently have, to me it was fairly straightforward based on their attributes. Both generally across all attributes and for most of those the game indicates are desired for pressing forward/support duty, the transfer target seems like a better option, no? (With a big exception being the bravery attribute). I totally hear everyone's points regarding some of his attributes (bravery, jumping reach in particula
  13. Hi all, I am nearing a deal for a talented Spanish regen named Ancor Martinez, but there is one problem...my scouts don't seem to rate him highly at all. I've attached a screenshot of his attributes, which I reckon are pretty world-class. On an attribute comparison, he would be better than other players on my team. I intend to play him in a striker position, in the Pressing Forward role (slots him into my tactic). I've had multiple scouts with 20/20 review him and all came back with a low 70s rating. I realize that scout ratings aren't super important, but it leads me to believe I am
  14. @Experienced Defender @summatsupeer @the_clerk_82 @Britrock thank you again for the comments here. I agree it sounds like I was incorporating too much feedback at once! I'll try tinkering with a more measured approach to the feedback and see what sticks. Cheers!
  15. Thank you @summatsupeer and @Experienced Defender, I appreciate the suggestions! Here are the changes I made: 1. Changed AF to DLF-S, which fits relatively well with my striker's traits 2. Changed AMR to IW-A and AML to IF-S 3. Changed left back to WB-S instead of FB 4. Dropped counter-press and prevent short GK. Hopefully this addresses some of Experienced Defender's concerns about the contradictory team instructions too I've played two matches of the new season and I'm afraid it's not yet effective. I really wish I could be more descriptive about what exactly is goi
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