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  1. @sporadicsmiles @summatsupeer @Enzo_Francescoli those are really thoughtful points, I appreciate the feedback. It feels like there are a few things I could try then: 1. A simple change would be mirroring the tactic to help optimize the right foot/left foot dynamics of my wingers 2. Change some elements of the style: per Enzo's point I think I can move to a high press – I didn't used to have the work rate attributes to pull it off, but as Enzo mentioned I think I am now in a position to 3. Change formation/roles/duties, with several options to do so. @sporadicsmiles Totally hear your point about my players being poor in the air. One of my best reserves, a regen named Cardinali, could be a perfect antidote to this and he's candidly too good to be sitting on the bench. I wonder if I can link him up with Almada in a 2 striker formation? Also have attached Kurt Kongai, who while not as talented as Chiesa/Drakulic has a slightly more classic IF profile so could also fit.
  2. Thanks all! Apologies the screenshots broke, not sure what happened but I've attached them differently this time Regarding the tactic, sounds like there is still a lot of refining I can do. The good news is... @summatsupeer one element I did work on was my team depth, which is now much better than what I had previously! When I get home later I can plan to share more fully, but I hope you'll find I do have more options to play with. I agree though I may still be falling prey to my prior sin of over-tailoring my players to my tactic and not leaving room for differentiation. I am not sure how to philosophically plan transfers such that my players fit the system, but also have enough diversity to break from it if needed. If you are able, let me share my current save and I'd love to get your thoughts on way to improve the tactic. Hopefully now the team has more tactically interesting options.
  3. Thank you @summatsupeer, you are ever helpful! Totally hear your point about my older squad not fitting the tactic perfectly, but I actually am a little surprised if that’s the issue here. I’ve attached screenshots of my attacking players – all I think seem to fit the style of the tactic I’m looking for, no? (high technique, flair, mostly high passing), and my DM-D is now Torreira, who while not perfect is a much better fit than Cristante was. I’m definitely open to feedback but am curious as to how there could be a fit issue. Thank you for the feedback on the tactic. Perhaps I am misunderstanding – Tierney at RB is still in a regular wing-back role, and not as an IWB; do you think that would work better? He is there actually just temporarily – I usually have him as left-back but my current RB is injured. It sounds like a good thing to try might be RB becoming a IWB, Chiesa as a more supportive AMR creative role (Winger/Support with perhaps more risky passing). I agree though that it would lead to more of a crossing tactic which isn’t really the style I intended, but I am certainly open to change if it fits better with the players! and @Experienced Defender, no problem - yes just wanted to give you credit for pitching in the great discussion last time
  4. Hi all, A few months ago, I received some terrific help on an AS Roma tactic - thanks to @summatsupeer, @Tom8983 @Experienced Defender and @Dfs , I was coached to a much better tactic that propelled me to 2 consecutive Serie A titles and one Champions league victory as well. All was good! My team was playing well, the tactic matched my players' skillsets, and I was able to build a young and promising core. On my third season of using the tactic, my offensive capabilities stalled despite having built the unquestionably most talented team in the league on paper. Now in my fourth season, the issues have continued and I'm stuck in 5th place at the start of the new year. I would appreciate any advice or help as to what happened! Generally speaking: my team is highly technical, with great passing and flair attributes – those characteristics have always been at the core of my team DNA. As such, this tactic was designed to play a short and patient passing game with several offensive options and an aggressive defensive posture. Since our third season and after 2 spectacular seasons of using the tactic, I can't seem to create chances. Despite lots of possession and dribbles, we are 9th in the league in goals scored, 10th in chances created, and 12th in conversion rate. I'm not really sure what's happening to be honest. My best guess is that opposing teams have adapted to my tactic by playing a much more defensive game, and are crowding the box with players. I've attached a screenshot of just that happening, but this might just be a red herring and not the true issue. Things I've tried (separately, not together for fear of over-kill): Changing the mentality to Attacking, changing the wing-backs to attack duty, and changing the striker to Advanced Forward. Nothing has really helped. With the whole second half of the season left to play, I still think I can win the league with the right tactic! Let me know if you have any advice - would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Great! This is immensely useful guidance. @summatsupeer on your general tips: 1. Yes, excellent point on squad depth. I realized at many points this season my players were starting games with 80-85% condition, not ideal. 2. My wage budget is indeed a little out of whack. I also lose out a little because I have a handful of players (e.g., Hervias, Mauri) who I signed for the only purpose of loaning out. In prior FMs I've performed the "Juventus Gambit" (as Guido from Strikerless has called it) to a lot of success. For whatever reason I have proved less effective in loaning these players out in this save, leaving me with a lot of waste in the budget. I'm curious about your point on Luca Pellegrini and Nicolo Zaniolo though. They have indeed been asking for contract extensions, but my typical attitude has been that if they have >1.5 years left, I don't really want to renew and would rather them be a little unhappy (which they oftentimes get over) while keeping them on their lighter contracts. Do you disagree? 3. On training, makes sense, and definitely ties to (1) and keeping my players in match shape! The tactical guidance you provide is really valuable, I appreciate the detailed walk-through. I'll need to spend some time in the summer finding the best DMC I can afford under the budgetary circumstances, but can totally see the value. You indicated that "I also went through and removed all PIs. " Am I understanding that right, that once the team instructions were set you removed ALL of the player instructions? Is this because they are duplicative or counterproductive in addition to the TIs? Would love to understand more as I thought PIs were critical to making the roles/duties work as intended. Thanks!
  6. @summatsupeerthanks for the advice! That would be tremendously helpful, I've just sent you a message with the save. I appreciate you taking a look @Experienced Defender excellent thoughts as well. To your point, I think generally I need to be more careful in over-emphasis, I.e. short passing and PoD already make my build-up patient, so no need for lower tempo. This has definitely been a valuable learning that player roles and duties are loads more important than TI it seems!
  7. I wish I had better news to report, @summatsupeer, but I wasn't able to get the tactic to work! It's too bad, as your changes made a lot of sense to me. I can definitely see how a more patient build-up might suit the technical nature of my team. I moved to the tactic you suggested, albeit with the AMC playing AM-S instead of a striker given the team at my disposal. I went on a poor run of 5-6 games without a win, the attached screenshots profiling one of those games against Fiorentina. Defensively It seems I'm much weaker than before. I had one or two goals scored from my flanks (See Fioregoal) screenshot, which leads me to believe that the wingbacks may be playing too aggressively. Changing the mentality to Balanced (vs. positive) didn't seem to help. Offensively still feel like I wasn't able to create anything incisive, still playing the ball predictably and shooting with a sea of people in front of us. I wonder if the Striker is critical to making this work?
  8. Ah, thanks @summatsupeer, that is really useful and detailed guidance. I agree on my team having a lot of creators right now, and I actually originally had a slower style of play but received feedback on another thread that because my team's concentration was low, playing at low pace would be dangerous owing to my players making more mistakes with time on the ball. Is that less of a concern than I feared? I appreciate the thoughts and role ideas, I'll try them out over the next few days @Tom8983 and @burdinho - great question, and no I'm not married to being Strikerless! Just opted to go strikerless based on the players at my disposal (having sold Dzeko last year). I agree that playing with a striker might give me more vertical space, so I'll give it a shot and hopefully I can pick up the right player in the next window.
  9. Quick update - just played another match that (while resulting in a last-minute victory to secure my spot in the CL round of 16.....exciting!) further illustrated some of the issues I'm seeing. As you can see, plenty of shots (19), a material amount (32%) on target, compared to their measly 1 shot on target, and yet the game was a struggle through and through. Many of my shots still appear long, often in congested circumstances. I tried changing the role of my AMC from Trequartista to Shadow Striker at half-time, hoping this would position him further up the pitch and create some vertical space, but to no avail. Is perhaps more wing play (e.g. running the ball through my AML Felix or AMR Chiesa) a solution perhaps?
  10. That is helpful @Tom8983, and good feedback especially as I am now trying to break past the group stage of the CL. I've played a couple of months in the tactic now, with about 15 competitive matches played. It's generally effective enough – I am second in the Serie A (similar to last year), but my defense is mainly to credit with very few goals conceded. My offense is still rather anemic, though (yet MUCH better than it was when I started this thread!). I've attached a few match analyses screenshots, as well as the latest tactic. I'll be honest and say I'm a little confused still. In many matches, I'm actually getting a fair number of shots and shots on target (up to 40%). Perhaps it's that my front line has rather weak finishing attributes? (all <14 if I recall). Kai Havertz in particular is not performing as brilliantly as I would like in his trequartista role. It feels like I am creating shot opportunities, but they are not particularly high quality - either long shots, or busy shots in the box. I'm guessing the solution is further tweaking of the roles...any ideas? Thank you endlessly for the help!
  11. Sounds good! I'll keep trying it and see what happens. Your comment begs the question of what might be wrong in the defensive phase...but I guess I'll see if I run into any problems
  12. Thanks all! Yes, @Experienced Defender I'm afraid I fall victim to that often...I find it hard to strike the balance between building a specific tactical style with a precise offensive identity, while of course making sure that it's not 1 dimensional. @Dfs and @summatsupeer, that is helpful feedback. I have been replaying games today and have ended up with a better, but perhaps not yet perfect tactic. Editing the player roles (AMR to Winger / S, Mezzala to Attack) has certainly helped, and so has removing the underlap/overlap instructions. The middle of the pitch is much less crowded as a result, and I'm getting some lovely crosses across the field between Florenzi/Felix/Chiesa. The Chiesa to Felix cross has already scored a few in the new tactic! In addition, I changed the AMC-S to a Trequartista-AT...perhaps risky since I'm not too fluent in the role and how it works best, but it seems to be providing value by spreading the AMC higher up the pitch and proving some attacking flair. What do you think?
  13. Thanks @summatsupeer and @Tom8983, those are good insights! I especially appreciate the breakdown of the plays. It feels like you've both identified a few (related) issues: (1) natural congestion at the center of the pitch, driven by my heavy center midfield (BBM +AM + Mezz), (2) wide players coming in (underlap instruction + Inside Forward role), which only makes the congestion worse (3) Midfield vs. offense disconnect where midfield is hanging back and IF-AT are rushing in. What do you think of these adjustments? A) Replace underlap with overlap instruction - to create more width and bring the fullbacks into the offense B) Change one (or both?) of the IF-AT to Winger-A or Winger-S? C) Move my Mezzala to Attack instead of Support, to get further up Ideally (A) and (B) would provide more width and reduce congestion in the middle, while (C) reduces the gap between midfield and offense. Cheers - thanks again
  14. Hi all, I am building a revitalized Roma squad in 2020 and am seeking some help with a tactic I'm developing. First, many thanks to @Piperita for the thoughts in another thread that gave me the theoretical foundation for the tactic. However, I'm afraid my execution is poor! I have a highly technical and creative team - the core attributes I'm building around are technique, dribbling, first touch, flair, and passing. As such, I'd like to play a short passing / narrow / quick pace game on offense, building vertically and allowing my multiple technically gifted offensive players to create chances. Defensively, I'd like to maintain a high level of engagement while playing the offside trap (my defenders are all quite pacy), and with a medium level of pressing (don't have the work rate to go full press). I've attached a few screenshots, one of my tactic and the other from a recent game I played. The problem is quite obvious - my players are just launching long shots all game, with a terrible on-target %. The Match Analysis screenshot shows my instructions are (somewhat?) working, in that balls are channeled through the middle but also leverage my lateral players. The shot chart, however, speaks for itself. Two screenshots show precise instances when my players are shooting long, and I'm not really sure why that is? It's not as if there is just a lone striker with the ball vs. many defenders, in most cases there are plenty of other Roma players around that the player could pass to. I've specifically tried two solutions, neither of which helped: (1) Changing my AMC to a Striker with DLF role, and (2) Adding the work ball into the box instruction. Any advice would be really helpful and appreciated!
  15. Thank you @Piperita! I appreciate the thoughts, those are really helpful. Agree that playing quick and short might be my hypothesis going into the season. I'm curious what you mean about not going slowly because of poor decision-making (ties to concentration, I imagine). I would guess that if my concentration is bad, I should in fact try to play slowly so my players have more time to make decisions! Am I thinking about it the wrong way? Additionally, what did you mean by the traditional Bremen style (apologies if this is a basic question!). Thanks again - cheers.
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