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  1. Doing by far my most favourite save for years on football manager - West Brom 1st season we ran away with the league setting records for most points, wins and goals and also reaching the Carabao cup final only to be beaten by Liverpool. 2nd season in the prem I finished 6th and won the FA cup getting sweet revenge on Liverpool beating them 2-0 and qualifying for Europe. Now in the summer of 3rd season with no games played building my squad. In the first season I signed Ruben Blanco in goal for £3.5m and I have just accepted a bid from PSG for him for around £50m which is unbelievable, just think I will find replacing him hard! Made some more fantastic signings during the last 2 season but this summer I have signed Moise Kean for £16.5m who I know I won't keep for long and I have basically brought him to make some serious profit but hopefully whilst he is here he can make us a stronger side. Bring on the Europa League!!
  2. Kevin Cannavo from Palermo - playing very very well for my WBA side in the prem and he's young with good potential
  3. Arjen van der Heide cost £2.5m at the start of the first season and done well in the U19's until being called up to the first team due to injuries to my wingers and made the bench coming off it 4 times to score 3 goals playing as an IFs on either wing looks a real talent with a lot of potential
  4. That's the thing, I'm really not sure! I presume it would mean any kind of set piece wether it be a corner or a free-kick by your own corner flags? Be interesting to see what kind of set pieces you win more of and where abouts on the pitch
  5. Playing a control tactic and really am keeping the ball well and moving it round how I want but my team is essentially land of the giants so would having 'play for set pieces' selected effect how I want to play much? I want to keep playing how I am but win a lot more set pieces. Would select it to give it a go but I'm in real good form so don't want to affect it
  6. Being able to choose and change different tactics for different phases of play is there any indication you will be able to set different formations during these phases too?
  7. business so far up until the first game of the championship season, no real big names or signings just more depth into my squad which is what I feel I needed most. got a lot of players for free as you can see but all under 23 and can be used to grow into first teamers or just to be sold on in future for some profit. stand out so far has been Rafael Barbosa who really has impressed me in pre-season. didn't manage to offload as many as I would have liked but I did get rid of some of the older players and hardly renewed any expiring contracts. had a decent pre season too - no real tests with big teams but the wins should do good for the teams confidence!
  8. Hi all Spent a good while reading all your posts and it really made me want to start my own and very first LLM save with how well you've all done and how much fun it sounds! I started with Wigan as they are one of the closest sides to me and I don't enjoy playing as the team I support, Tranmere Rovers, so decided on a league club. I wanted to get the first season all finished ASAP to make headway into recruiting for the championship and really flew through the first season winning the league but not without a struggle at first. Found deciding on a formation to really fit my team and my style of play quite hard but I finally got there with a sort of asymmetric 4-5-1. The only permanent signing I made was Francisco Trincao for £500k. Looking forward to this first transfer window in the championship but I think it might e a bit of a struggle. Will post screenshots etc when the window is closed Good luck all!
  9. I've never accepted a first bid unless it's someone i really want rid of. It took me 8 negotiations to get what I wanted for Dolberg.
  10. I always have a figure in my head for how much I want to sell players for when a bid comes in and I always negotiate to that price either as a fee or a fee and instalments. I usually manage to get a lot more money from instalments than I set out to get. I also add in the percentage of next sale clause and ask for no less than 35%
  11. Always loved an Ajax save on FM and this year is no different. My aim is to develop the players that come up through the youth systems, get them into the first team or sell on for big profits and reinvest the money. 1st season summer deadline day I had continuous bids for Dolberg and then received an offer I couldn't refuse from Chelsea and ended up selling him for around £57m upfront rising to around £73m with add ons and I was delighted. Instantly moved Sierhuis up to the first team and he's got his rewards with goals and a new contract. January window came along and with Ziyech unhappy and majorly underperforming I sold him to PSG for £20m rising to £32.5m with add ons. Have managed to get De Jong, van De Beek, de Ligt and Kluivert to sign new deals which is great too! As said the LB position is in real need of strengthening but I've stuck with Dijks for the first season and will be promoting Bakker to the first team in the 2nd season leaving Dijks as back up. Currently only lost 1 competitive game all season and that was away to Monaco in Europe losing the game 3-2 Very enjoyable save this year round 😁
  12. Pretty much the reply I was after! Given me a lot of food for thought and a few ideas for what to try to help me out so will tweak a few things and see how it gets on. Cheers!
  13. Hi all In my save I use 2 wingers both playing on IF-a and they are absolutely flying. Both very dangerous and are getting bags of goals and assists from a lot of different scenarios. Recently I have managed to get the both having the PPM 'cuts inside from both wings' so i am now wondering would they be best suited to Wingers? My fullbacks can sometimes be exposed and I gather that is from playing as IF so they will stay higher up the pitch, the role has cut inside hardcoded to the if I'm correct so I feel the PPM is wasted. Will playing them as wingers help cover my fullbacks? And will the PPM still work if they play as wingers? Or am I quite simply overthinking and trying to fix something that isnt broken?
  14. I felt the same until I started and played a few games. Sold Moreno to Monaco for 22m and replaced him with Zeca for 10m but Robertson has been fantastic for me and so has Lovren and TAA. I brought in De Ligt and play him alongside Lovren who has also done very well. You may actually be surprised by a few of the players on this game
  15. ah damn that's a shame. ill just have to resist temptation then! cheers all for the input
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