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  1. Yeah i have moved everything out and deleted all folders/files in there for them to be recreated when i opened the game. the only thing i haven't done is uninstall my norton virus checker (which i can't do via anydesk from work) also very tempted to just scrap the whole lot back to factory settings if we think that will work DxDiag.txt
  2. Hi Neil, To confirm yes have done that, and removed/reinstalled graphic cards, gut says its an issue with my graphics card, Its a brand new laptop and had fm running fine on it last night whilst waiting for all my files (images/saves/tactics) to transfer over. Rebooted it last night post graphic card updates etc and now it get stuck, installed fm18 to see if it was just fm19 but it happens on that as well. The only confusing thing is when taking screenshots the screen has obviously progressed beyond the loading screen. Cheers
  3. Hello, So my game is also freezing on the loading screen after loading, have tried all of the things mentioned, i.e clearing cache and preferences, Removing all images, veryify game etc. updating drivers One thing i have noticed is if i take a screenshot of the game it shows me the main overview page with the options for advertising hoardings and age gate etc that you see when you first load up the game. Any ideas?
  4. Ouch, Just got sacked as manager of Buxton in March, We were 2nd from bottom, and not playing terribly (losing by 1 goal here and there, always 1 goal) Defence was awful and GK wasn't much better, try to strengthen it but had no money or wage budget to. Officially got sacked due to wage budget and not getting it down, even had a meeting for it and promised to get it down in 1 month (which was impossible) sacked with now warning boom. that's that then. Back on holiday mode until 25th of june now! Going to try and get a job at a club that comes up! so hopefully that is still in the rules.
  5. If i had a full day off and a full day playing, i would average 1 month every hour. so 12 hour stint would be 12 months. I tend to however play it a few hours here and there so 1 season a week on a good week. 1 season over 3 weeks is standard.
  6. Cheers, Sorry completely missed that one. So i imagine if i got sacked in say december, as long as i take over a team that got promoted that season its all good?
  7. What are the rules if we get sacked? are we ok taking on a new team that comes up the season after? or can we take over a team if they are available that came up that season? or can we just take over any team in the same league?
  8. This is perfect actually, I totally agree, and looking long term you want to have a team that can attract big crowds , using that info, met police or surrey have a full 19k population, whereas Enfield albeit as part of London has 324k
  9. Yeah i have reloaded so many times waiting for Market Needham to come up, I am leaning towards Met. Police at the moment purely because it's a weird team name and wouldn't mind seeing Met. Police in the prem at some stage.
  10. I am going to get in on this, this year. However currently stuck between the following teams to choose: Frickley, Met Police, Enfield Town, Buxton or St Neots Any thoughts?
  11. It's probably been asked loads of times, What area do I need to look at to make sure i can run plenty of leagues at one time? I can run a good number already, but as always I want to run more at a quicker pace so i can have a more immersive experience, would simply upgrading the ram by 8gb do that? MSI CX61 Haswell, Intel® Core™ i7-4702MQ Haswell Quad Core Processor, 15.6" HD Screen, Microsoft Windows 8 64bit, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1000GB HDD, DVD-RW, Dedicated GT 740M 2GB Graphics, HDMI, Bluetooth, USB3, CX61 2OD-225UK,
  12. would anybody be interested in an 'interesting story' thread, Basically based on real events that make teams stand out? and might make them enjoyable to manage, examples such as: Takeovers excentric chairmen Loyal followings from hardcore support Teams being run into the ground etc rises to the top/ falls to the bottom
  13. Season 2015/16 So new game, same squad, I know this team well as I have already managed them for two seasons. I wanted a different approach this time, and decided not to shift off Rausch and Kempe straight away, I decided instead to keep them around, With a larger player database, there are a lot more players available to me in the search, I opted for my back room team first as last time and ripped apart the back room, Instantly 'mutually terminating' the following: Michael Weingart - Petr Ruman - Eberhard Schuster - Ramon Berndroth - Dimo Wache - Frank Steinmetz - Sascha Franz This left me with 1 scout left, (Horst Franz) So I started recruitment for my back room team, I brought in the following coaches: Paul Scholes - Wally Downs - Steve Cooper - Ronald De Boer - Franck Raito - Ronald De Boer These guys as scouts: Vadim Comarda - Thomas Cost - Mick Hassall - Wolfgang Vogel - Burkhardt Reich - Ralf Lempel As physio I brought in Stefan Herzog. As my trusted 'heads of departments' Valeri Parkyn (Chief Scout) - Phil Cannon (HOYD) - Michael Lindeman (Assistant Manager) - Eva Carencro (Head Physio) I then set up my training and scouting and tactic wise would be playing a pretty solid 4-2-3-1 in an attempt to use my attacking players as well as keeping a solid defence. After 10 days my scouts turned up an ageing attacking midfielder from Brazil called Lincoln (previously of Kaiserslautern, schalke, galatasaray and a host of other clubs) I managed to sign him on a very cheap contact, which was ideal and he gave me a bit more creativity in the middle of the park. Another 8 days later my scouts brought me Guilherme who is a 25 year old brazilian who plays as a left full back, he had good stats and 3 stars so will be used in rotation with Holland. The only other player I felt like I had needed (and from experience in the other save) was a striker, I tried to get rashford on loan but could not afford it, so instead I managed to get Another young brazilin Felipe Vizeu from Flamengo on loan, no monthly fee and paying his £450 wages a week, a steal, he had average stats but a lot of 12,13,14's in the right places. I did not sell anybody, but loaned out Noel Wembacher, Nick Volk, Domink Stroh-Engel and Jan finger to other German Teams. The season started disastrously taking 1 point out of 15 available, and sitting at the bottom of the table, a change in tactic, this time to a 4-1-2-2-1 control and giving the players a bit more freedom in their game. The next 13 games saw me pick up performance with 6 wins, 3 draws and 4 losses. A vast improvement which saw me fly up the table quite a bit. I was 10th at the winter Break. During the January transfer window I tried to sell off a few players I am not using to generate a bit of money: Zaluska, Garics, Ivana, Stegmayer, Junior Diaz, Sirigu, Gorka, Stark. However no joy, I will attempt again in the summer when I streamline my squad even further, The new signing, Vizeu has scored 5 goals in 10 games. Guilheme has been average at left back and is rotated out more than he is rotated in. and Lincoln is consistent but his legs/condition lets him down in second half of games. Top performers are obviously Rausch and Heller, I wish I had not sold Rausch in my first game. He is very good and was exactly what I needed! I signed about 6 players on trial over Christmas to try and see if any were good enough, they were not apart from one: Vitor Hugo who is a central defender from Brazil who has good stats in the key areas Marking, heading, And Tackling are all at 12, aggression 12, bravery 14, decisions 13, position 13, work rate 11, jumping 12. Fingers crossed he becomes decent as he was a steal. Straight after the winter break, we had 3 games lost in a row, all that pre-christmas form had deserted us. Then a lovely 4-2 win against HSV which I enjoyed. Then, the strangest thing that has ever happened to me on football manager, a complete Drubbing. I turned up to Bayern, with a decent squad and a slightly low morale, I had decided to play a bit more defensively due to the fact it was Bayern. 15 minutes into the game I was 4-0 down, I even checked to see if I had mistakenly put a striker in goal before the game started or something, Nope... So I switched out a Central Defender (caldirola who was having a shocker) and dropped my team to play as defensive as they could, for damage limitation. By half time I was 8-0 down another 4 goals in 30 minutes. Jeeze I was hoping that would be it, but nope 3 more goals in the second half saw me lose 11-0. My biggest ever defeat in FM. Next game up, I was fearing Stuttgart. What would they have instore for me... I won 1-0 then lost to schalke 2-0 and then beat Leverkusen 2-1. The Bayern game have been a complete wobble! By March we were in 10th position vast approaching the 35pts deemed necessary to stay up in the league sat on 31 points at the start of the month. With 1 win and 2 draws in March, Followed By a loss and a very well taken 3-1 win against Hannover we hit 36pts and were in 11th position. With 5 games left to play (mainz,ingolstadt,augsbury,dortmund and Koln) and only 5 points of 6th place, My head for the first time looked up rather than down. After typing that line... our GK Mathenia got ruled out for 6 weeks so would miss the rest of the season between the sticks! Which is in no way ideal, The last 5 games: Mainz - Lost 2-1 Ingolstadt - Lost 0-1 Augsburg - Won 2-0 Dortmund - Lost 5-0 Koln Won 2-1 Final finishing place 12th, which to be honest I am more than happy with. I was only 4 points off 7th place and a full 10 points away from relegation zone. Hannover and Stuttgart went down, Werder Bremen won their relegation playoff to stay up. So into pre-season we go. My scouts have been working overtime scouting every area you can think of, focusing mainly in South America, these players are cheaper and can do a very good job. To be continued....
  14. Season 2015/2016 So this challenge was suggested by somebody on here back before release, I parked it as an idea, and took over Sheffield Wednesday, After a successful career of a bout 10 seasons, I decided to have a break from playing and to get outside a bit more for the summer! However with the start of the new football season fast approaching, I felt the need to start playing again. So I did, I loaded up a game with about 40,000 player database. Germany, Italy, Spain, France and England and got cracking.... Well this is a story of two parts to be honest. I had originally posted my story of the game above, but a few circumstances meant i have changed my plan. So first season ticked around and I stayed up, It was a pretty good season I had Traore and Kiwomya on loan from Chelsea and Obertan from Newcastle. At Christmas we had 17 points by the end of the season we had 37 points and stayed up. In December i terminated the loan of the two Chelsea boys as i was not playing them, and I got Marcus Rashford on loan and he scored many vital goals as well as having an average rating of 7.54. I sold Rausch, Kempe and Stoh-engel to get some cash in as i was in the red. Second Season, I extended Rashford's loan for another 2 seasons (big move and payed off big style) I also loaned in Will Keane and Andreas Pereira (Yes i am a man utd fan) It was a hard season, I had signed Colback and Tom Carroll on free transfers as well as Joel Ekstrand. I felt the team was a lot stronger going into the second season. But it was a struggle after winning my first 4 games, i went on a win-less run until Christmas. Christmas came and I could not strengthen due to no money at all. So i changed tactics up a bit and managed to finish in 16th on the last day of the season. During the Playoff game I won both legs and stayed up. The board were happy we stayed up and the planning started for a 3rd season. However no money for transfers and no wage budget were causing issues, so i went cap in hand and asked for a transfer budget. They told me it wasn't happening (even after I begged) so i got a bit frustrated and released it to the press. The board told me to apologise to them. I refused, I got sacked. I then got offered the Job at Watford who were bottom of the Prem, so I took that and started pre season there. but the same feeling of excitement had gone. so I made a decision..... that maybe the darmstadt game would have been more fun if I had more players loaded, I could play the transfer market a bit more etc.... So I loaded up a new game with about 70,000 players! and set out for my new adventure (more to follow...)
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