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  1. Can someone explain roaming from position to me? The impression I have got from using it is that it has to do with vertical and diagonal movement, nothing to do with shape or vertical starting position. Is this why you can use structured with roam from position in tandem? Is roam from position just a ti that increases movement rather than directly creativity? I sometimes play with structured and roam from position and it seems to be similar to playing on fluid spatially, but with worse positioning and less creativity (especially with my center backs and half back)
  2. Then what does the ti roam from position accomplish. It seems that Cleon used it in his possession system to add a little creativity and movement among a structured shape. I am just wondering why structured and roam from position don't conflict with each other? Wouldn't structured prevent players from moving into new positions? Did he mean to use this as a pi for the more creative players within a structured shape?
  3. Yeah that would make sense. I'll give another look at the role mix.. Moscardelli generally plays as a target man or defensive forward and pairs up with an advanced forward.. ill mix it up a bit with my midfield and fullbacks a little later. I'm not really worried about isolating the forwards due to the highly fluid high press system, but I guess i need to give the actual play making a look at. Thanks again for the help
  4. Interesting. I guess thats what I love about fm, how creative you can be with your own tactics. I am finding success with Lecce right now, although they are already one of the top sides in the league. I am easily getting 60-70 % possession and with my high pressing high closing down teams are not getting shots off unless it is a set piece. My biggest problem now is scoring goals. It is really strange that event though I have the best forward in the league in Davide Moscardelli ( a true Italian lower league legend, worth looking up his beard if you have time) and my team is just not converting
  5. I am a little confused. I know that Cleon said a structured shape is better with possession, but wouldn't fluid work better as the players are more compact? In a fluid system it is easier to move the ball up the field with a lower temp because the players can slowly and compactly play quick passes to each other in the buildup play. I am currently playing as Lecce in Serie C/C and am using a possession based system that relies on this compactness while pressing higher up the pitch. I am wondering if my line of thinking is incorrect with regards to the match engine?
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