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  1. He looks like a really good assistant. Nice find ! Congrats on the result! Here's hoping to a successful campaign in the Jupiler Pro League. Keep us updated!
  2. WHo did you get? Well, it seems to be bad luck to be talking about your personnel. My ass man decided to accept the manager's position at KV Kortrijk. I wish him the best of luck and can't wait to thrash his team :-) I've signed the following guy as my new Ass man:
  3. I have no idea on how to do that mate. Here's my Ass man. Signed him on a free at the beginning. Still going strong after 8 years.
  4. Ouch! Well, it'll certainly give a few other guys a chance to shine !
  5. It definitely is. In my third season I signed Marquinhos Cipriano from Shakhtar. And like i said in my previous post, I signed Chalov from CSKA Moscow in my second season. Especially if you keep doing well in Europe, there is a very good chance of attracting good players. The main issue would probably be your wage budget. Remember that the Jupiler Pro League does not generate a lot of cash, so your dependent on sponsors, CL prize money and selling a few players here and there.
  6. I've had a very busy few week, but now it's time for another update. Here's how I did in my second season at Genk. Season 2020/2021 This season went a lot better than the first. It seemed that my players settled better into my system and my squad really gelled together well. As a result, we were able to win the league and cup. Moreover, we did pretty well in the Champions League, reaching the quarter finales. We got knocked out by Lazio unfortunately! I reintroduced two players who came back from a loan: Amine Khammas and Rubin Seigers. I rotated Khammas with Ur
  7. Looks like a solid team and set-up. COngratulations on your supercup win! How's the rest of your season going? Wow that's very close to Genk's real life group draw (switch Valencia for Red Bull Salzburg). Good luck with that!
  8. There are a few tactical options when starting out with Genk. I will be updating this thread with tactical suggestions. Currently, (i'm in my 6th season) i'm using a 442 but wouldn't recommend that system in the first season unless you bring in another striker. I'll also provide some more updates on how my career is progressing. On what system did you settle eventually?
  9. I wouldn't worry too much about the packages. The packages owned determine the number of players available to search through as well as increasing the knowledge level and player role visibility of players covered. The youth packages cover players aged 21 and under. I would set up your scouts to scout places such as south america, scandinavia, eastern europe etc and keep a track of the reports they deliver.
  10. Thank you very much! Apparently you can find the Belgium Pro League kits (in SS style) on Sortitoutsi: https://sortitoutsi.net/downloads/view/51047/belgium-pro-league-ss201920-new-231119
  11. Unfortunately,there are no kit packs for the Belgian first division just yet. I'm also still waiting for one. Where did you get the Genk one ? Turning off the first transfer window is up to you. A lot of your players are wanted by bigger teams at the start of the season. You will be fighting to keep hold of your top players and prospects for several seasons. Berge is rather loyal, so you should be able to keep hold of him. I would definitely load the leagues from tier 1. I loaded the top divisions of the following: Spain, Italy, England, Germany, Holland, Portugal , Brazil , France.
  12. I don't know if Ianis was in last years game. Genk changed their logo in May 2016 from this: Here's an interesting video explaining how the new logo came about:
  13. Time for an update. I had already started my save game with KRC Genk the day that the BETA came out. I usually just start one savegame with Genk and then keep on playing that one. So currently, i'm already in my 5th season with them. Nevertheless, I would like to roll back the years a little bit and give you guys an update of how I have been doing. So how did i do? Season 2019/2020 I'm happy to call this season a success. At the start of the season we signed Thiago Almada for 6 mil euros to improve our attacking options. I sold Jakub Piotrowski to Southampton for 6,25 mil euros, as I
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