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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. This is absolutely horrendous. I was really hoping they'd have fixed the Belgian issue together with the u21 Euro Cup issue...
  2. So unfortunately, after the new patch (19.2) Donnarumma, plizzari and Cutrone are labeled as "unregistered" for the upcoming Champions League fixture whereas before the patch I didn't need to register them as they were considered as "u21". The rules (in FM) state that players of the age of 20 or younger on 01/01/2019 who have been at the club for 2 years do not have to be registered. This is the case for all 3 players (Donnarumma turned 20 on 25/02/2019; Plizzari turned 19 on 12/03/2019 and Cutrone turned 21 on 03/01/2019). Therefore, all players had the age of 20 or younger on 01/01/2019. Now, I can't select a goalkeeper so I get these grey 16 year olds to use. Fun....
  3. I can confirm. I have the same issue. Players that have acquired home grown status throughout the save, are not recognized as such. This has a huge impact on the playability of the Belgian League since a minimum of 6 homegrown players need to be selected.
  4. Check out KRC Genk, a team famous for producing some of the world's best players like Courtois and Kevin De Bruyne.
  5. Let me know how it goes! I'm currently finishing up my first season in charge of Genk and i'm absolutely loving it.
  6. You should definitely start a save as Genk. Whilst the Belgian competition does not feature teams of the same strength as the Serie A, it is a very interesting competition. It also has a very interesting league structure. First you compete for 30 league games in a normal league system. After those 30 league games, the table is divided into several "play off groups" by which the points you have gained are half. This means that any possible big point gaps between teams are reduced, making this league very intense and difficult. The winner of the "regular 30 league game table" is definitely not guaranteed to be crowned champion at the end of the season. Moreover, if you like to manage Italian teams (and therefore Italian players) you will definitely feel at home in Genk. Genk has a very large Italian community fueled by the massive immigration in the early or mid 20th century when the coal mines in Genk opened. This is why, for example, Italy play their upcoming friendly against the USA in the stadium of KRC Genk. I'm sure the stadium will be sold out because of the many many Italians living in Genk relishing to watch their beloved azzuri in Genk. If you like to get a real feel for the team, I really recommend reading up on the history of Genk as a city (check out the wikipedia page).
  7. You should consider taking over KRC Genk. You'd be managing a team in a very competitive league. There are several teams that can win the league in the first season. The two most notable candidates are Anderlecht and Club Brugge. They have the strongest squads and are, in comparison to the other teams, wealthy clubs. KRC Genk is considered as an outside favorite, expected to finish near the top of the table. To reflect that, you have a squad that can really challenge for the title. Also, they play in the Europa League, giving you a shot at european glory in the first season. The finances are okay. The starting budget is around 2 mil euros. The best part about KRC Genk? The youth setup. KRC Genk have a proven youth academy and have produced some of the best players in the world (Kevin De Bruyne Courtois, Leon Bailey, etc.). They have a very young team with a lot of prospects. Without a doubt, the club's best player is Leandro Trossard, who in real life is on fire. Other notable players include Malinovskyi (Ukrainian international), Pozuelo, Berge. In real life, they focus on signing young players or developing their own academy players. They have one of the youngest squads in the league and the manager is not afraid to give the youth players a shot in the first team. I think you would really enjoy a save with Genk. They have everything you need. They have promising players with a great youth setup, great core of good players.
  8. In the Editor's hideaway download section you can find MRT90's Brazilian Football Pyramid. It will enable all the Brazilian divisions and allow you to take control of Red Bull BrasiL
  9. Downloaded at 8 mb/s and already playing! First impressions are very good, very sleek good looking layout and easy to navigate! Great job SI !
  10. Yes, you're right. Playing on a mac, so I don't have this problem.
  11. More RAM will only be useful if you are multitasking while playing FM. If you just playing FM and nothing else, I guess 2GB RAM would suffice.
  12. The rules in Italy preclude you from signing more than 2 NON-EU players in one season. Since you've already signed one, I guess you can only sign one more. You can either cancel one of them (if still possible), or else I guess the transfer that has been concluded first will go through ...
  13. Just go to your home folder then go to documents>sports interactive>football manager 2011>editor data
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