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  1. Thanks. At the moment this is just the only problem. I start the new carrer, and just moment i play normaly, but...you know waiting 20/30 minutes for start game when i go start a new carrer is boring. I have to enjoy doing other things while doing the load. off-topic: in full-version have a option software?
  2. Yes, create new carreer. 1º time i load 5 country's (Portugal, Germany, England, Spain and Italy). Only 1º Division. With max. Database. In 2º time only 1º division of Portugal, small database and same long load time. Standard graphics. Thanks.
  3. Hello, my FM18BEta in the initial load to create the game is very slow. It takes quite a while to find the targets. 25 minutes.
  4. pepalves7

    Pep's Barcelona (Very Fluid)

    Yes, the Sampaoli's style is more 'agressive'. More risk in pass anda more verticaly, but, i think Sampaoli with Lillo, he search one football more 'calm' and more similar with footbal positional of Pep Guardiola in Barcelona.
  5. pepalves7

    Pep's Barcelona (Very Fluid)

    Great job, Ozil. For some time I've tried to recreate this way of playing, because i'am "Pep fanboy". So, this topic is gold. I will start a new save with Sevilla, because the idea of Sampaoli (and Juanma Lillo) is very similar with the Pep Guardiola. The juego de posición. Cheers!