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  1. Pretty sure that doesn't meet min specs, why not go for an i3 as suggested....plenty about?
  2. My trusty PC died this past weekend. 6 years together. anyway so I'm in the market for a laptop and I've seen some decent ones linked but I'm just unsure as it's been 9 years since I owned a laptop. Budget is around 500 max, and I'll be using it for FM, work (office etc) and browsing. I do have other steam games like civ 5 but I doubt I'll be able to play those on a budget laptop. Good battery life is a must, any recommendations? I've been looking at HP and a couple of asus on save on laptops and I've not seen anything that pulls me in. ideally an SSD would be good as I have a portable hdd already.
  3. Good job on getting to 2100. I really hope you get the CL groups soon. Do you have any idea how you can improve to ensure you make it? Aren't facilities already at max?
  4. Yes! Nice work, hopefully this is the start of a streak of group stage appearances. Hopefully the co-efficient rises further
  5. I really hope you win and make it to the group stages. Since going pro have you seen a difference in the quality of your players?
  6. Great effort, glad you persevered and now reaping the rewards of going Pro and reaching the European group stages
  7. I received an infraction for swearing in this thread. Best make a new one to express my dismay....
  8. Nice one Dan. Yeah should be expandable by 20000 or so. Nice little setup. What's the league like in 2021 and where are our canary friends? I am trying to go the more British signings to start with, that way they didn't struggle too much to settle and the language barrier. If I get foreign yoofs shouldn't be too much of an issue. Squad harmony is my strong point and probably the reason why I got promoted. Smith is now captain which everyone loves so I have a very happy squad. I think my backer is decent but he may not have a lot of patience and I'm on a short contract too which is a worry. I'll defo be looking to improve my infrastructure and keep my wages below 50k per person. No where near that at the moment but by having a large squad I have tripled my wage bill. I am hoping to secure some decent feeder clubs and keep getting some scouts but I don't need too many as I'm focusing on British talent at the minute. I still have all MMs coaching staff so I may improve a little bit as I improve, but again costs need to be kept down. KUTGW matey
  9. Hey all, Just played a few games of my second season as the tractors boys I only signed Albert Crusat and a man city youth midfielder on loan. Ibrhami (sp) and kept most of MM's squad and kept all staff on board. Simple tactics and somehow I managed to win the league! Murphy and McGoldrick led the way with 18 goals each and everyone was chipping in. First XI in CH Loach Hewitt Berra Smith Cressy Ando Hyam Ibra/Tabb Crusat Murph McG Myself and Wigan run away with it, and I just managed to catch them and won by a single point! In the offseason, I had a takeover, nearly lost my job but thankfully kept on and signed a new deal. Had a massive transfer budget and wages so I signed lots of players and youths. Got a 5* star striker from my youth academy however before ME left we got downgraded to Cat 3!! I am having a massive upgrade of facilities with the new guy in now and this is my team 3 games into the season Steele Hewitt Mariappa Smith Cressy Albrighton James Hyam Gary Mackay Steven McGoldrick Ings Lots of young talent and backups signed too. Lots of 5 star players however Hyam, Cressy and McG are all injured for a month or more! Going to be a struggle to stay up but will be good fun. Also, the bizarre thing is I couldn't sell Taylor and Skuse last year so i released them this year but I sold Gerken to Man City for 300k!!!!!
  10. Surely if you buy the stadium you will receive more income as well, keeping all gate receipts, matchday etc. Let us know if the figures increase and how you get on.
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