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  1. Pretty sure that doesn't meet min specs, why not go for an i3 as suggested....plenty about?
  2. My trusty PC died this past weekend. 6 years together. anyway so I'm in the market for a laptop and I've seen some decent ones linked but I'm just unsure as it's been 9 years since I owned a laptop. Budget is around 500 max, and I'll be using it for FM, work (office etc) and browsing. I do have other steam games like civ 5 but I doubt I'll be able to play those on a budget laptop. Good battery life is a must, any recommendations? I've been looking at HP and a couple of asus on save on laptops and I've not seen anything that pulls me in. ideally an SSD would be good as I have a portable hdd already.
  3. Awesome result. Your current team has a knack for getting these unexpected wins. Hopefully this will make CL qualification easier if your co-efficient rises
  4. Stop posting silly questions and let the man continue his epic career postings. Sod other teams, all about San Giovanni!!!!! KUTGW!
  5. Good job on getting to 2100. I really hope you get the CL groups soon. Do you have any idea how you can improve to ensure you make it? Aren't facilities already at max?
  6. Yes! Nice work, hopefully this is the start of a streak of group stage appearances. Hopefully the co-efficient rises further
  7. I really hope you win and make it to the group stages. Since going pro have you seen a difference in the quality of your players?
  8. Great effort, glad you persevered and now reaping the rewards of going Pro and reaching the European group stages
  9. So I was just wondering if it's worth buying fm16? Currently have fm15 and am 6 years into a save. I'm unsure whether it's worth getting fm16 for 6 months before fm17. Thoughts?
  10. I received an infraction for swearing in this thread. Best make a new one to express my dismay....
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