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  1. Cool i was curious how many years needed to pass and seems like 25 (I had also heard 20) is the cutoff!
  2. I hadn't noticed it, but I do think you're right. Had forgotten that it is a thing. I've noticed some other quirks with the 5 year plan (which I really love in concept) and hope they can flesh it out. I could negotiate my goals (with limited success of them accepting them haha) and club culture, but couldn't make board requests which I think should be the case. Heck it'd be nice to suggest "in the third year, build new training facilities" and stuff like that. But good call OP I do think there's a gap from previous versions.
  3. To add, a lot of the time you just get "Accepted the warning without comment." Though I usually just issue warnings. Playing poorly in my mind doesn't necessarily warrant actual fining!
  4. I have had it happen, once with a big improvement and another with a big decline.
  5. Yeah you can "Speak About" poor last game but it's not the same as discipline player. I often don't have much success with the conversation either. Players often get upset. Quirk of the game.
  6. I suspect it's part of the challenges of reputation. The lower reputations in the game aren't built for super low level (compared to the world) leagues. Kind of like how a "1" in an attribute is still better than I am at anything because it's for the game itself. So the reputation bands are probably so tight that they are thinking "you have the highest rep in the league, go win it all"
  7. It *definitely* wasn't paid by me, so I assume yes haha.
  8. If they haven't made the first offer, I believe in the upper right hand part of the negotiating screen there is a "ask for recommended offer." Which works as a starting point. It tends to be a low end offer though so be aware of that.
  9. No, they stay with what was agreed upon (I had this happen to me, where I was loaning a hot prospect my first year in EPL for like £100k p/a and Man Utd renegotiated his contract to £4m during that season. If you're just worried about the game mechanics, it seems like players only get paid their salary while on loan.
  10. There's a limit around 2 billion in part due to the way computers store 32-bit numbers. When you get close to that, there's an event that the club is taking the money into some external "investment" account. I've never gotten it, but other posters here have.
  11. Oops, I was slightly mistaken, the option shows up just below the Speak About Aaron did the "apology" I had checked the before and after and he just bumped up to 15 determination (and is now evidently "fickle" hehe)
  12. If you go under the "Speak About" context menu, you'll see an option "Disipline Player For" and then there wlil be options. If I get a player with a poor performance I'll post a screencap. It is only after a competitive match, I'm not sure if it's "any time before the next game" or if it has to be done right away, I typically do it right away.
  13. I remember in my Kaiserslautern game when a youth player of mine was such a phenom he was easily my best player on the entire roster, including first team! He set records for youngest player to score a goal in both the Bundesliga and DFK-Pokal Cup as he scored in his debuts for both once he was old enough to play. After a few seasons Real Madrid came in with such a monstrous bid it broke the transfer system. I always save on big bids because I find I'm not very good at negotiating and can easily see things get withdrawn, and I actually could not even negotiate the fee to be *cheaper* as t
  14. It is indeed possible to get the improvements via club culture and mentoring as well. You'll often see a comment from whomever reports on your training about "squad's general character" as well as mentoring when this happens. I feel comfortable enough to state with 100% certainty that it is possible simply due to the statistical unlikelihood of my players consistently going up in determination (and/or work rate) immediately after disciplining them for poor performance if they respond by apologizing and stating that they will dedicate themselves to ensure it won't happen again. I have prob
  15. The odds of getting a 5 star player is always pretty low, though as Grifty points out a 5* player is relative to your current club. My EPL team is full of 5* players for a Vanarama team. That said, if you're top league is 3* (I assume that's what you mean by nation rating?), it'll lower the chances further. That doesn't mean it is impossible, but by virtue of being a lower rated league it'll also impact your club's reputation which is another component of youth intake. Get to continental competition to help raise both your team's profile, AND your league's rating.
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