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  1. Football Manager TV: Dynamics

    As someone that is new to football in general, and new to the game with FM16, when I saw posters discussing "it's your defensive shape" I didn't actually take it to mean that players on the UI that are on the other side of the midfield line will never come back onto my side of half.... I took it as "this is the general shape that my team will have on defense" and that still appears to be an accurate statement? If I have AML vs ML, the AML sits a bit farther forward than the ML but the basic shape (and I typically played with 4-1-2-3 DM Wide this game). In fact, it wasn't until reading this thread that the idea that someone may infer that even occurred to me...
  2. Was more referring to real life than the game itself.
  3. I think people all have their personal bias in that, I like high determination too... it's just a mentality I'd want for my players. Resolute players are a good mix of professionalism and determination and I like my players to score well in that category too. Keep an eye out for training reports for players because it is still possible that some may have a "casual approach to training" which would indicate that they probably have low ambition. That said, it's a long game especially if you're dealing with them as 16-18 year olds. You'll have probably 7-10 years of solid development out of them and them growing a smidge slower may not be that big of an issue.
  4. Footedness should also improve based on playing time and position I would expect? I'm not a footballer, but I'd expect younger kids (under 20) playing in midfield positions should still find themselves using their off foot enough that it'd get progressively better, unless they specifically avoid using their weaker foot. I mean, i noticed a marked improvement in my left handed dribbling in basketball when I moved from a low post forward at 14/15 and moved to a guard. I mean, even without my coach saying "you should work on dribbling with your left hand" I also knew it was important to develop and by virtue of practice and playing games it got a lot better pretty quickly.
  5. Yeah I find it's another body getting a bit more up the field and since I typically have an excellent passer in the role, hoping to have better success breaking down the defense and to sit a bit more forward while on defense to help with transitions too. Mine do okay, but they also have excellent mentals. Work Rate is like 18 for my two starters (and like 13-15 for others), Team Work is 15+, and Determination is typically 15+ (one is a wonderkid and my all around best player too). I don't find my flanks overly exposed. I will sometimes pull my fullbacks to a support role if I'm playing the huge Man U/Real Madrid type of teams (or shift my whole mentality to counter/defensive). Before I had this player I ran my playmaker (for better or worse, I do like to take advantage of playmaker roles and almost always have one, which may be a fault on my part hahaha) from this strata and my DM was often a BWM or DM-D/S. Other things I did just for my own context was shorten down the passing and up the tempo one tick. I drop the D-line back one notch but also add close down more so I don't concede too much space before pressing. The idea is to move the ball quickly among the diamond, looking to hit my strikers for opportunities. the BBM midfielders sometimes take advantage of players out of position to overlap and the full backs provide some width once the defense starts to collapse to the middle.
  6. The players play through the DLP more (which supports my understanding that playmakers are treated this way by the match engine). Though I think this might now be a "not always good" thing because a few teams have been super successful parking the bus on me haha. My DM player is also a magnificent passer with great vision, touch, and technique, so I like him driving the play. You're probably fine with a DM-D which I did use a lot as well. If your DM is a stronger tackler a DM role might also work better as they tend to tackle harder I find. If I want a stronger defensive shape I'll use a DM-D though honestly it's more because the DM role tends to be more conservative offensively. I've been experimenting with moving the DLP to CM strata to break down some of the buses I go up against. I don't have enough examples to know if it's a for sure, but I find the role has slightly more aggressive mentality when in CM strata and by virtue of setting up in the CM strata, creates a bit more width among those players both offensively and defensively. At least in my limited observations. I do feel it places some risk for counters though so important to keep an eye open on whether or not your defensive line looks exposed.
  7. Why is squad building so easy?

    I will agree. A couple months of low morale is typical. I did have one player in India though.... he stayed unhappy for a little over 2 years! I moved on to Skeid before his contract came up. Interestingly though, is he followed me to Norway when he was signed by a Premier competitor a couple years later haha. Was interesting to see "Satish Fernandes is a dangerous striker" hahaha.
  8. Why is squad building so easy?

    Also it seems like scouting knowledge is infinitely better. That I even *know* there's a player in Italy that I can sign simply because "Realistic Transfers" is on without any obvious effort is a huge advantage we have that real managers won't.
  9. I don't know if I'd say it's "a joke." Given your constraints it's certainly going to be an additional challenge, but for instance I make it a goal to ensure that my team has "highly/ultra professional" as our club reputation in order to leverage stuff like this to my benefit.
  10. I think it's more that the role is more essential to wingers because they are often isolated and anything they can do to create space to get past a defender will be super valuable. One of my central midfielders has 18 flair and I think it helps him still perform will as a sub for me despite most of my other midfielders being more objectively better. I think there's issues with it in the match engine that makes it hard to visualize (beyond the behind the back heel kick passes the engine sometimes does) but he is a consistent performer and gets good results and sometimes I get to see those slick passes feed a forward on a lovely through ball. But, for a central midfielder it isn't as essential so it's not a highlighted role. A workhorse type can do fine without being overly fancy with how they play because they'll have a lot of support with them typically.
  11. This is a common modification I make to my own 4-4-2 Diamond Narrow. I don't always use it, as sometimes it's nice to have that DLP sit a bit farther back to help recycle possession, but having that player up in the midfield strata helps spread out the midfielders which can be helpful too.
  12. I have had a load of success with my Skeid save with this setup: AMC - AM (Support) MCL - BBM MCR - RPM/AP DM - DM - D This was the formation that gave me some upsets against bigger clubs in Europe competition. My team has gotten better and I've since tweaked it to: MCL - BBM MCR - BBM DM - DLP - D But that was also as much a result of finding a very, very good midfielder that could do BBM without issue. My DLP isn't a great tackler, but does have decent positioning and anticipation and can still break up plays via interceptions pretty well. If I need to I can switch this to a DM - D.
  13. Ah nice. I wasn't sure if that'd make him more advanced than the Raumdeuter or not! I recently moved to a narrow formation but I still will bring my poacher out to AML (where he used to play a lot) if I'm finding that there's spacing issues in breaking down a stubborn side.
  14. What role do you use for your Striker? DLF or DF?
  15. This happened...

    I have had this happen. Also had my GK drop an easy free ball with the opponent STC bearing down.... I also scored a goal like this once, where opponent GK punted the ball off my STC chest and it went in lol.