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  1. Ah yes I do mean DLP. Sometimes I drop the DLP to a D but not always. It depends on the competition. I find the DLP still stays back but moves around supporting the play a bit more to recycle possession but from time to time will see opportunities to get to the edge of the box for his own plays at the net. This is pretty rare though. My primary playmaker has a bit better off the ball than positioning too so I feel it plays a bit more to his strengths to be a bit more forward facing. That said, I do get burned from time to time so it's a known risk. My backup DLP is actually a bit better defensively than off the ball (they both have the excellent vision/passing stats which are key) and I do have a personalized instruction for him to be in defend duty. It evolved out of a 4-3-3 which I started with but I learned my forwards are actually quite good and I'm super floored how well I'm doing this season after picking up a wonderkid from Columbia! My GD is ridiculous! It is a definite gap with international competition though as Atletico Madrid was able to get the best of me in my first bout with Champions League with Wolfsberg. Sadly I just lost one very talented forward that would often play DLF and T last season. I moved him to IF this year where he was doing very well before injury. These two, though, did the bulk of the goal scoring. The CF had 37 goals and 12 assists in 42(7) apps (26g and 3a in 28(4) league games). Won the league scoring title. The W had 21g and 26a in 44(2) apps (17g and 17a in 29(2) league games). He was player of the year.
  2. Wonderkids from minnow nations

    Just so I'm clear here... but it really sounds like you're saying that Brazilian/English kids are just... more capable of becoming wonderkids? As someone that toiled around in Norway for about 10 seasons with an excellent youth program in Skeid and a continental reputation, my youth intake was still severely hampered by players that ultimately had no long term prospects with PAs that were not world class. It was endemic to most of Norway and I typically circumvented this by aggressively going after 17-18 year olds so that they'd eventually become home grown players to satisfy registration. My time in India showed that, very rarely, were there high PA players that came in through my reasonably high quality youth program at Shivajians and the rest of India rarely had anyone that could even threaten getting into Europe's top leagues. Compare that with my time in France as Reims and Germany as Wolfsberg where I would typically get at least 1, often more, players with a potential greater than 150. Taking a peek with my current game, Norway has 6 players with >160 PA in my scout screen (World Package, no filters aside from nationality). Germany has 71. Brazil has 85. England has 89. Spain has 92. Wales has 4. Indonesia has 0... their top player has 112 (which makes sense given their country's youth rating of 56). Now I don't have the league loaded, but your Indonesian came through Inter Milan's youth intake. Do they have an affiliate with an Indonesian team or... I'm curious how that player got there because that is likely very unusual. That said, if the player came through Inter Milan's youth intake, I don't see what issue he'd have potenially becoming an excellent footballer compared to the other players based purely on his nationality.... Not many pro basketball players come out of Nigeria, but Hakeem Olajuwon is one of the sports all time greatest players and he never picked up a basketball before he was 17. Are you finding it a regular occurrence to have foreign players come through the youth intake of European countries?
  3. It could be better to have the less aggressive defender on cover to give the FB time to recover. If that DC presses up too aggressively and gets beat, it's going to be a good chance for the other team. Whereas if he can just make the attacking player hesitate, it's possible a pacey FB could recover to the defensive line.
  4. I have had a lot of luck (although my team's forwards are pretty ridiculous which certainly helps) with the following formation: GK-D FB-S CD-D CD-D FB-A CM-S DLF-S W-A T-A IF-S CF-A Tactic tends to flow through the winger (who is very good on my team) who tends to have the FB and CM as support outlets if necessary, but typically has a good mix of the T, IF, and CF to hit for passes/crosses. T and CF roam around a lot which can make tracking as defenders tricky, and the IF-S fills in a bit of the gap between the midfield and forwards either as a deeper attack (assuming defenders all follow the attacking players) and also provides good through balls often to the CF. FB-A overlaps a bit as another option, providing width on the left hand side. Sometimes I will drop the DLF to defend duty to help protect that flank. My T is also proficient at the STC position, and I have actually had success sliding the CF-A to the IF side and moving the T to DLF-S on the right side of the pitch as well. It's a very top heavy tactic especially when done like this, but the DLF helps a bit with linkage and it can sometimes really overwhelm the defenders and I have had some good come from behind victories utilizing this when down a goal. My primary striker led the Bundesliga in goal scoring last season with 24 in about 30-32 games (34 total) and over 30 goals in all competitions. My winger also did excellent with something like 14 or 15 goals and 20 assists and was player of the year. Mentality: Control/Flexible Team Instructions: Close Down More Retain Possession Pass into space
  5. Wonderkids from minnow nations

    I suspect (and I include myself in this) that we're probably pretty omniscient in terms of our player selection (I still use the IGE from time to time, though trying to wean myself off of it now) which, if I ever do, gives me insights into the player that no one else will ever have. A 70 CA / 150 PA player playing in Africa quite possibly doesn't even get noticed by my scouting team until they're able to get their CA up a bit higher, which often does not happen. That said, I have fun growing players (even if they ultimately don't play for me) and there's a parental sort of "awww there goes my player and he's an international now. Good for him!" that doesn't happen too often. Even without IGE, I am super clairvoyant towards a player's professionalism and things like that and I can easily do a query for "give me all the professional ones with more than 15 determination" and probably pick up some reasonably good young kids that have decent top ends that hugely benefit from being a part of my U19 and Reserve team.
  6. Freak domestic accident injury???

    Yeah worst I've had is most of a year with knee injury (I suspect some ACL tear). Pretty derailing to a career for sure.
  7. Freak domestic accident injury???

    "Jar of Salad cream" Well we're off to a good start
  8. Freak domestic accident injury???

    I remember when star NHL center broke some fingers using his snow blower and missed several months! https://www.nhl.com/news/sakic-injures-hand-in-snow-blower-accident/c-397221 I also recall one of the top defensive prospects missing a whole season because of a mishap in the offseason with his golf cart which tore his ACL and MCL too haha! https://www.thestar.com/sports/hockey/2008/09/24/golf_cart_mishap_derails_erik_johnsons_season.html
  9. 3 up front

    Yeah I had Young Boys in Switzerland use it against me once (so I countered with it and... it was a barn burner with like 9 goals scored lol)
  10. German B team promotion

    I tweaked my reputation so it was a bit higher than the common ones, and it did eventually happen. I could tell it was the right point because I was getting a slight mix of teams that were coming into 3. Liga. It took maybe 20 or so tries, and I did notice that there's some wonkiness (and I buggered up making the save to report the bug) with budgets that seems to happen as a result. My transfer budget shot down to 11M and so did Bayern's (Bayern II was also promoted). Also my "this month" finances were all blanked to $0. I think the game was in some sort of state where it was treating my finances as though I was a new team in the third division. I think my balance was tweaked too as I still had a lot of money but it was definitely less. I wish I had before/after saves now for sure. It's nothing that can't be fixed with the IGE so it wasn't a big deal for me.
  11. The only thing that changes that is whether or not your character's reputation has been set as "permanent" or not. Not sure if it's a "bug" perse, but if you've been awesome the approval and the fans love you as much as they can (100 score) but the "permanent" flag isn't set, then you'll remain in "Favoured Personnel." It seems like it is difficult for Managers to achieve this (for whatever reason) during the game as I take a look around (Zidane went to Bayern Munich and won the title 3 or 4 times and is still just 100/100, non permanent "Favoured Personnel")
  12. I'm playing pretty "journeyman" which meant if a bigger club offered me an interview, I took it. It was regularly asked if I'd prefer to join at the end of the season.
  13. Non-contract salaries

    I don't think youth teams count. I think the only types of games that count are ones that would get logged in the player's history page (if your reserve team plays league football, then the player will still get those bonuses).
  14. how do I make a player stay

    That seems to pretty much match the way it was for him though?
  15. German B team promotion

    As a follow up for reference point, after doing some loading the point where this happens is here: I've not yet gotten MY team promoted but I did see Bayern II and Inglostadt II at one point. Curious how long it'll take. I might tweak my B team's reputation haha