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  1. alanschu14

    Individual training issue

    Just saw this one too. If I set to any that don't have familiarity bar, it defaults to the player's "natural" position. The highlighted skills, however, do seem to reflect the position and role I chose, however. This only appears to be an issue if you have the familiarity bar (in the screenshot above, the one beside "Defend" by the looks of it.
  2. alanschu14

    Key attributes for a role

    I did notice Pace was considered key for CDs now (which makes sense given they'll often mark pacey forwards and whatnot. @Seb Wassell I can imagine how this would impact training (IIRC the key attributes of a position were focused in the past) but can we expect some of our familiar positions to maybe play a bit differently because of these changes?
  3. There's always been a part of me that an attacking coach would probably still benefit (especially tactically) by not being a complete schlub when it comes to understanding the defensive aspect of the game :P
  4. alanschu14

    Spent £1billion on players

    I had a super high quality forward (natural in STC, AML, and AMC) that was probably my best player receive a bid for €183M (I think £160M roughly) from Manchester City (I'm Wolfsburg) which blew my mind. There's definitely some Neymar effect this season. The funny thing was that the game wouldn't allow any sort of negotiation. Even if I asked for $1 more, they'd walk away from talks. I think on some level the game still struggled with the negotation just due to the sheer dollar value. It was so much money I couldn't say no. He was 24 and excellent, but I did have a promising backup. We haven't seemed to have missed a beat in the season thus far and the youngster is getting some good development minutes.
  5. With the crossing an IF-S might work as they'll stay a bit wider. They'll be inclined to dribble more, however. I'm not sure how terrible 9 dribbling is for your league... assuming it's still League One it might not be that terrible and would likely improve over the next few years as well. With his anticipation and work rate (and some training) he might work well as as a Raumdeuter. His finishing is a bit low, but he's still young and that could go up with some training. If he's getting open looks at the front of the net he might not need very good finishing. I once had a striker with 5 finishing in Norway (FM17) that did pretty well because his other attributes meant he was often getting tap in goals and didn't need to be a high quality finisher.
  6. I successfully did this with a Welsh player when I was in Norway (bid $0 to get the player). I figured it was because the player would be unhappy with declining the bid but in retrospect if it is common that does sound like there's an issue there.
  7. You can often ask more than once per season. I'm not sure the actual timeline, but I usually explore this in transfer windows. Typically it's "if it's there, you can ask for it." Once you ask for it, it's removed as an option for some amount of time.
  8. Huh I didn't realize this. That said, I am probably too lazy to aggressively follow up XD
  9. Yup. I have sometimes brought players from my U23 squad back down to my U19 squad if I'm hoping to make an impressive push in say, Youth Champions League.
  10. Just to supplement, here's the performance of my U19 team this past season. They just secured the league with 6 games to spare. Here's the at a glance roster with CA/PA stars At a glance there's really only maybe 6 players or so that I think will have a serious chance of pushing for First Team minutes, but I have a handful of decent depth players that will continue to contribute in 3. Liga. You can see I have two players on Professional contracts that are probably not good enough for even reserve minutes which is a mea culpa, but most are still on youth contracts (must be on one until 17) and don't cost much but haven't had much issue getting to 1 gold star which seems pretty good for the league! For more specifics, it looks like most of my players have around 60-70 CA, with my best players having 80-100 (Luca is very good with 125 but cannot play on pro teams yet). PAs are typically around 100. Some are lower, a few standouts that are higher than 140. Luca again is really good haha. But for 3 straight years I've had excellent GK prospects. I have a 17 year old on my reserve that is also very good so I'll likely have to start loans just due to depth. In that sense, i've been unlucky. I did just bring an excellent 17 year old straight onto my first team and he's probably my #2 DC now. A few others of his "class" are tearing up Wolfsburg II as they lead 3. Liga.
  11. Yup that's what I like to do. Even for "roleplay" reasons I like the idea of success at all levels for the club. I'm now defending champion for my U19 team, 3. Liga, and Bundesliga. Important to remember that for a steady intake you only need a few keepers every intake. For the purposes of U19, my few stellar blue chippers and mix of "probably can have a career at lower levels" can make up for any "ehhh, you're here because I need the spot filled" types. IMO always better to have a proper player than a grey one! The cream of the crop start to manifest around 17 to 18 years old and they may get time on reserve club (especially if still under 18) since my facilities are aces. Once they are older than 18 (and def 19), I look for loans. If First League teams can give first team minutes I'll loan, otherwise I'll just keep them on my Reserve club. I go case by case whether or not to loan to Second Division or Third Division (the league my reserve team plays in) based on how much depth my reserve team has. So a few times I have loaned a player out to another 3. Liga team because he was #3 on my U23 depth chart, and the place also had good training facilities. Same goes with 2. Bundesliga loans. It has been working pretty well this game. I can get longer term contracts by having decent % pay increase (as a top tier club, the wages are still inconsequential most of the time) and appearance bonuses while getting 3 year club contract extensions to let me keep them around. If they are a reserve player not really threatening first team and their contract is coming up, I'll see how much they want for an extension. Often it's expensive (since I'm a top club in Europe) but sometimes it isn't. If not I'll keep them along as a reserve team if they're good. If they are asking for too much, I'll now look to sell. Prefer to sell to clubs he'll get minutes for and get percent of future sale if possible, but most of the time I'm happy with almost anything.
  12. At Wolfsburg I filled out my team by buying 16 and 17 year olds from around the EU so they could quickly join my team. Some of them I even dropped €5m on because they had good potential and it turned out quite well for me in a few seasons. I ended up with a decent amalgamation of Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and Eastern European players supplementing some of my stars. I also found it typically important to have a player, even if they don't have longer term potential, at each of the positions of your formation you use. Even weaker 1-2 stars that probably won't threaten for first team can help contribute to success in youth/reserve team leagues and that success means happier players and better development. Especially if it's just a youth contract which honestly won't impact your bottom line at a club like Milan. Most of my U19 team at the moment is well below 100 CA, but I have a full roster of players (many improving) and I'm now back to back German Youth Cup/League champions and this season they are like 20-1-1 or some ridiculous number. Having a couple talented players can really make a big difference and a solid supporting cast of youth players around those quality players is easy enough to keep going year in and year out. Many of the fringe players get good enough to support my reserve team, helping ensure there's success (and good morale) there as well. If I'm lucky, I can sell them for some decent profits to second and third division teams, as well as make some profit on some loans. It's my first real time focusing on the academy and I'm considering some level of academy only going forward with my next game. Have some top propsects for sure (you'll probably get at least one a year, and probably typically 3-4) for sure, but not all the youth players need to be potential first team players for your club.
  13. alanschu14

    Controlling poor teams needs to be fun again

    My experience with lower leagues the past 3 years hasn't been that they are overly hard. In fact I found it to be pretty straight forward even as someone learning the game. In FM2016 I climbed up from Vanarama North to League Football in 2 seasons. And it wasn't until I hit Championship League that I plateaued for a few seasons. I do find Championship League very difficult to get out of but I suspect that that is probably not too surprising? In FM2017 I did quite well while in N. Ireland, India, and then Norway's lower level leagues. In those lower leagues I was typically quite successful with 4-1-2-3 Wide formation.
  14. Fair, not aggressive in a hostile sense, but maybe more "diligent" or "dedicated." In other words, I'm too lazy!
  15. I will often up the intensity on weeks off for international games, but I typically keep my team training set to average. I will make changes for busier/lighter weeks for those weeks as they come up. Depending on level of competition I might go for a low/very low on a congested schedule, or sometimes just a full day off if I need my best players for the upcoming game. I'm not quite as aggressive as @Snorks is for manual rest days, but once a player gets around 65% I start to explore subbing them (in my current system that is typically fullbacks and midfielders). I typically stick with one day off after games, match training set to one day before.