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  1. If you did get sacked though... good time to apply for the team rival and let them know just what you think about that decision!
  2. Bizarre Appointment

    I was offered Norway which was a bit surprising given that my league successes were getting back to back promotions and a solid season in Premier League. I did have a lot of success in India prior but it was pretty easy mode down there in a much lower quality league.
  3. Is risk of injury dependent on the type of training being done (i.e. fitness is more demanding than tactical) or is it more the workload (listed in lower right - i.e. heavy/very heavy/medium)? My assumption is the latter.
  4. FM18 - What career are you planning?

    I typically start in lower leagues and go from there. Maybe I'll do a genuine "be ambitious and mercenary" start for reals this time... but I might just start a smaller top level league and see if I can grow the league and go from there.
  5. Inside Forwards in FM

    What formation have you been using? I have been using a 4-1-2-3 DM and wonder if my IF gets too isolated as a result (depending on my roles sometimes the game lists the formation as a 4-1-4-1 but I do have 1 DM and 2 wingers in AM strata). I have limited success with the 4-2-3-1 but I don't think my midfielders can quite handle that much duty (or I've set up the tactic poorly) as I definitely concede more chances when I slide to that. It works great for crunching weaker teams though!
  6. Inside Forwards in FM

    Yeah I am having mixed feelings on it as I no longer just overpower my opponents with superior players. I'm still learning how the Raumdeuter behaves but I have an excellent IF on my left wing that can also play striker but with 1 striker up for rotation reasons I was excited to have another excellent option on my left wing cutting inside but it doesn't seem to happen as much as I would like. But I'm not sure if it's that the quality of my player isn't as good as I think (they are 4.5 stars in that role on my team though, and one of the better players in the whole league) that I am surprised they seem to struggle as much as they do. In experimenting with Raumdeuter I did get one excellent opportunity where my AML cut inside for a great through ball which is exactly what I'd like him to do as he has excellent pace and acceleration so I'm going to experiment with it a little bit more. Could just be an aberration against a weaker team and all.
  7. Star rating factors?

    Yeah that's what I'm saying. If you did that his star rating would probably go up, but he's probably not much better of a player depending on the role. Just supplementing what others have said and something he can experiment with too.
  8. Star rating factors?

    As others have said I find that the star rating is influenced by the player's actual CA. If you were to edit the player and make him equally strong in both feet and competent at several positions, I wouldn't be surprised if the star rating went up somewhat. That said, ultimately if he is getting the job done then I wouldn't worry too much about it. Also some of the attributes (like Pace, in my experience) seem like they influence the CA rating a lot so if that is a bit lower than other players it might be making an impact.
  9. It seems like "we will qualify for <continental competition>" is less about the promise to play in that competition and more specifically "this is where we feel we will place in the league table." I wouldn't be surprised if the chairman expectations are also similar (say we'll qualify for Euro Cup only applies to regular season performance and not Cup performance). Looking at it this way, I can "understand" why players might be upset, but there's a definite huge issue with the messaging if this is the intent. Needs to be made much clearer that anything like this is tied to league performance."
  10. There's a few roles that explicitly have anticipation focus, but I find the attribute tends to go up as players develop on their own as well. I have a left winger that went from 6.8 to 11.0 in about 2 years as an 18 year old to 20 year old.
  11. Players League Experience

    Yep. If a player is getting a lot of minutes in a league that is higher than what they have played in before, you will see a comment on their training page that development is improved due to match experience at a level higher than before.
  12. I believe the biggest thing fluid/structured team shape does is impact the player's mentality. While fluid, Defenders/players on defend role will be a bit more offensive. Forwards/Attack role players will be a bit more defensive. One consequence is that it can "tighten" the gaps between each stage of the field (Defenders playing more up will be closer to the midfield for example). Structured works the opposite way. Players on attack role will tend to remain in attacking mentality, defenders will tend to stay defensive and so forth. This can possibly increase space between each stage of the field. These mentalities are also impacted by mentality (Counter, Attacking, etc) so with those two things you can exert a bit more control over how attacking your players are. And important to note that say, someone on defend duty during Overload mentality is still going to be pretty offensive. Just a bit less so if the team shape is structured instead of fluid.
  13. Without giving away too much of the meat and potatoes, my experience with the match engine is that a 6.7-6.9 is a kind of "average, nothing good nothing bad" type of game. Sounds like if I can get my loaners to have typical ratings between say, 6.5 and 7.2 (just sort of picking this out of the air) with the peak of the curve would probably be reflective that the league is "about right" for that type of player? I recognize this can get complicated a bit since playing well raises morale so I can think on this a bit more. I currently like them to hover around 7 because they aren't dominating but are likely still enjoying their football. As a supplemental to other people, determining the correct league can be helped based on the coach report too. One guideline I kind of use for international loans is how that league compares to the domestic league my coach report things the player is well suited for. I also take a peek at the players on that team. Sometimes even if the team says "rotation" or "backup" for the loan, if my player is clearly better than the others on that team he's going to get the playing time. I had one player get about 70% of the league games in a Swedish First League despite being a "backup" as a result. My guess is that the team was just really weak in that position compared to the rest of the players.
  14. Buying u18 players

    Note that you'll still get homegrown status with most (all?) players if you bring them over the year they turn 18 and keep them on team (or in country, for nation bonus)
  15. If they are good at playing Winger in AML position, they will probably do fine in ML Winger as well even without training in that position. Getting them to Accomplished should go pretty quickly if you keep playing them there.