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  1. alanschu14

    Fitness Concern

    At the bottom of the first post there's a segment about preseason https://community.sigames.com/topic/448638-fm19-training-a-brief-guide/
  2. Getting some alignment issues on my finance screen playing in windowed mode, maximized (still occurs if I resize the window). Both income and expenditure pages impacted. This is new with 19.2.0. Happens both at home and at work.
  3. If he is skilled enough to regularly get minutes on your team, he can probably be a decently cheap rotation option. My captain from German Third Division was 30+ years old and still saw some limited growth once he was playing in the Bundesliga (highest league he'd ever played in before). That said, it was still not very much and eventually he got surpassed by younger talent, but I wasn't embarassed to have him playing minutes on my team. If your 27 year old is still good enough to get regular minutes on your team, I think there's a decent chance he'll still grow a bit. That said, if you don't expect him to play very much as he's just not good enough at the moment, I wouldn't expect much difference.
  4. My experience with youth intakes is that club facilities (youth training, junior coaching, youth recruitment) combines somewhat with the country's reputation. So Salzburg has a chance to get some good talent, but you probably won't *consistently* get as good until the nation starts doing well (probably both at continental level, but also internationally). I feel like there was an uptick in my intakes in Norway in FM17 once I had helped get them to top 10 in UEFA coefficient.
  5. alanschu14

    Manager Contract Offers

    Hmmm, is it possible that this got fixed with 19.2? I just got offered a contract extension and my salary went from 598k per year to 1.28M which seems appropriate given we secured our place in Bundesliga!
  6. alanschu14

    Fitness Concern

    I find the best way to recover from that is to have them miss a game or two. I believe @Seb Wassell has also shared that a good way to counter this is to have a fitness/physically intense preseason as well.
  7. alanschu14

    Financial fair play

    IIRC PSG gets ridiculous amounts of turnover via sponsorship. Check out France's Club List and look at Turnover and you'll probably see that €380m isn't THAT weird for them.
  8. alanschu14

    Manager Contract Offers

    I think I've seen @FrazT submit this as a bug (again) this year.
  9. It happens from time to time (I'm not sure precisely as to what causes it) almost randomly. As long as the player continues to trend upwards though, it's not something I worry about a whole lot. It's possible that he's up against his potential ability limit, and I think training will see degrees of all attributes go down so that they can be allocated to the attributes the player is playing in.
  10. I *think* (am not 100% sure) that it's possibly a scouting issue? Like, you're offering a player that many of the teams don't know too much about so they aren't as keen to take up the offer for a player they don't have much context for. It's a bit like how Brazilian teams kept offering me loans for the new fullback I just bought (from a Brazilian team) but I wasn't getting offers from many European teams. And probably also why I had little issue loaning out a free pickup of a young Swedish midfielder to a lot of very interested Swedish teams. I vaguely recall this being a bit of an issue in my time in Norway in FM17 (that home grown rule is difficult to work around so I would also buy 17-18 year olds to ensure they would get home grown status, but it wasn't always easy to loan them out to other Norwegian teams). IIRC, it got a bit easier if I was able to play them on my U19 team and hence local scouts became more aware of him.
  11. alanschu14

    Goalkeeper handling training

    Yeah individual trainings have been tweaked and I believe goalkeepers don't have any specific GK ones anymore (I believe the individual training changes is based on feedback with actual football managers)
  12. alanschu14

    Totally Strange GK

    Is his composure and decisions 1? lol
  13. alanschu14

    Fitness concerns are unrealistic

    I haven't run into this issue, though I've only just qualified to continental and Germany in general is a bit less busy. I've heard that training that causes "fatigue" during preseason (i.e. the physical stuff) can actually help reduce this.
  14. In principle I actually don't mind if players developed traits on their own (I play basketball and am definitely a pass first player and no coach or fellow teammate overtly imposed that upon me). I'm not sure what the algorithm for this would be though. I'd agree though that it'd be useful to have some degrees of confidence. I *suspect* that a player wouldn't necessarily develop habits that are terrible (I shoot whenever and I have a finishing of 2). Would be interesting if success (or failure?) on the pitch would impact it. Like a player with subpar personality scoring a sequence of goals and getting adulation for it becomes more inclined to shoot. Would be pretty complex and still come across as random though.
  15. Yeah I'm unaware of any default way to show the league table on the standard screenshot that was shown unfortunately. I've no experience with skins but I'm sure some creative people out there.