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  1. I don't typically care about "performances on the pitch." LIke, they'll list it as "top concern" because it's the *only* concern and it's because I drew against a team I should have won against 8 games ago :P
  2. Largely leave it to my assistant, but I will tweak sessions here and there. The youth training I don't micromanage but their sessions aren't nearly as varied so I don't think it'd matter much. Sometimes I might swap out one of the weekly presets with another if I want to focus on something but I don't do that too much. Honestly for this player it was a bit of a luck of the draw. Kaiserslautern has pretty good youth facilities, and Germany a strong nation for creating players, but I was still Third Division team so I didn't have huge amounts of money and/or staff. He was an excellent player that at the age of 15 was probably already better than most of my first team but I wasn't allowed to play him because Germany as rules preventing players that are U17 on Jan 1st of that season from playing. When I hit Bundesliga (Kaiserslautern are a pretty decent team actually so I was able to double promotion) he was now eligible to play for the First team and I ended up getting him additional minutes at the two wing positions as well and got him natural in those two. As for PA, underneath the hood as long as the player has available PA and decent personality, I find it's typically pretty easy to see players make big gains. They'll gain a lot as long as they're under the age of 18 playing anywhere (youth team or first team). Once they're 18 it's still important to play them as much as you can in the first team (or loan them out if they aren't good enough to teams in decent enough leagues where they'll get lots of playing time). The Bundesliga is one of the top leagues in the world which helps out a ton. I've never played in Spain but they're league is typically even better. In previous versions of the game, I have opted to play players that were clearly not quite as good as another player (but with more potential) as getting a player playing competitive matches in top leagues can do wonders for their growth. If the other 9 or 10 players are top quality, they can usually carry a lesser skilled youngster very, very well especially against poorer teams in your division. Playing them a lot is also really good for their value as their skills tend to go up a lot and anyone playing regular football at a young age is going to be seen as a valuable player especially at a young age.
  3. After winning the UCL as Kaiserslautern I snagged Claasen's league mods and am now attempting to take Encamp of the Andorran Football League and see if I can't help make Andorra a top 10 league in the world!
  4. I'd love to see a picture of his career page too lol.
  5. Exactly that. If they have agreed to a future deal they can only be bought via a transfer rather than approaching sign directly. Depending on the nation, the professional contract often doesn't go into effect until later. I know Germany they stay on their youth contract until they turn 17. Not sure if England has something similar. You should still get some form of compensation if another team poaches a player still on a youth contract so it may not be end of the world in any case.
  6. How is he not retired at 49!? Just keeps getting minutes and plays well??
  7. I got this player with Kaiserslautern after the first season (promoted from Third Division). By the time he was eligible to play for the first team (17 by Jan 1st), he was probably already better than anyone else on my team lol. This is FM2019 I was super sad to lose him to Real Madrid but I did sell him for €45m with a 50% of next sale. I've had some other real solid looking youngsters come through too. He is crushing the U19 league and led the U19 Champions League in goal scoring (of which my U19 team won). Here's screen caps of his offensive technical, mental, and physical skills that I want to see growth in: The only real fault I see is I'd like his work rate to be higher, but he was no where near first team when he came into my youth intake, but was still solid. As a 15 year old he put in 11 goals. As a 16-17 year old he put in 37 goals and helped win the U19 league. This year he put in 33 goals, but didn't play as much as my U19 manager makes sure the kids all get minutes and my youth team is probably a bit bloated at the moment (several will likely go on loan or to my 2nd team next season). We finished 2nd by 1 point in the U19 league and won the U19 Champions League. He has grown *a lot* as a player and is probably as a good as my #2 striker now, but 4 years younger and seemingly a fair bit more room to grow. Here's his improvement since he was a 16 year old (note that he'll likely see accelerated growth once he starts playing in the Bundesliga too). Several attributes going up by 3-5 points. Strength by 6. This is my 19 Team. Most players are not close to 3* CA though I do have some hefty potential players. (Bollen, Polat, and Ostrak are not from my youth system though... they were young players playing in smaller leagues I bought to help stack my prospects). Islami and Marasco will probably start seeing more First Team minutes (Islami got a handful of games) with U19 to maintain match fitness. Players like Bollen and Polat will either go out on loan or have me make space for them in the first team as well. Moberg and Ostrak seem to have peaked. I have loaned them both out with optional fees if the other teams would like. I will probably try to sell both, but definitely Ostrak. And as they're all 17-19 years old, there's still a lot of potential to grow a lot of attribute points. Here's my best player, an import from Ivory Coast, and he just turned 21. Here's his attribute growth over the past two seasons (UI won't let me filter to his 18 or 19 year old seasons for some reason). If Marasco can see similar development he'll probably be one of the best strikers in the whole Bundesliga.
  8. My experience with the data analysis facilities is that when they're a higher level you get more information about the opponent with respect to their formation, position roles and I think also mentality. If you're strapped for cash you probably don't need them. But I still upgrade them once money is flowing in as it can be nice to know if they play with wingers versus inside forwards and whatnot.
  9. Ah... this could be because of the World Cup in Qatar??
  10. I'm now in 2022/23 and notice that Europa League/EURO CUP was only playing a single match for the first and second knockout round. Is this an upcoming rule change for that league? I played the year before in the Europa League and did have to play multiple legs for all the knockout rounds except the final. Not sure if this changed with a patch or not. Looking at the rule page, it only gives Leg 1/2 instructions for the Quarter Final and Semi Final. Champions Leg is still 2 legs per match. (if this isn't by design we can probably move this to bug forum).
  11. A friend of mine has in fact used the 50% of next sale to let him buy back former players at a beefy discount relative to actual value, so it can be used strategically.
  12. It's interesting because Egypt has a youth rating of 138 and doesn't, to my knowledge, produce all that many players with high end PA compared to other countries even with lower youth ratings. (Had this discussion in one of the minnow threads)
  13. It's often what my manager would say pre 19.2.1 Given that often the Assman stuff seems nonsensical, I'm disinclined to read too much into them. I seem to have won the ME hidden changes lottery though!
  14. Only thing I could thing is PSG can maybe offer higher wages? I also think (unfortunately) that there's a bit of a delay in players recognizing reputation improvements.
  15. Hard disagree. Little things like this are both a nice touch and I think more important than people realize for those groups. Especially if devs are members. And it's an exercise in free speech to include something like this so. Take care.
  16. I couldn't say if it was new patch or if it's me being in top German league now, but yeah I have only received 1 or 2 penalties in the past season when I know my first year in 3. Liga I got at least 6! Definitely not every game though.
  17. I loved FM18 personally. That said I'll likely stick with FM19 because while I concede there's some ME issues which can be frustrating, the out of game stuff is too good for me. Love the training. Also I'm a stickler for updated UEFA continental prize money and whatnot.
  18. Merchandising money tends to go up as you get players with reputation and players become fan favorites and whatnot (and as you grow in reputation yourself and have success). Overseas affiliates can really help this out too. You go get new sponsorship agreements, although they often are still "generic" with "Main Kit" or "Youth Kit.' In FM 18 though, I did notice that there was some flavor emails where one time I got a sponsorship deal with a telecommunications company which would help grow international fanbase as I managed Reims in France. I haven't seen anything like that again though. But my Youth Kit was 11k/yr when I got promoted into Bundesliga 2. Now that I'm in Bundesliga my Youth Kit is now 60k a year. My sponsorship deals with from about 3.1M last year to 4.1M this year.
  19. Came here to echo this. I ran into this because loans had optional fees tied to them. It could be this.
  20. I'm not sure how it the math all works necessarily aside from a limited "they are getting the majority of the training focus so it'll be more effective" unfortunately. Your number might be a safe approximation, although there might be other conflating variables that complicate things (attributes of 0 might be easier to improve than attributes of 4). I think it also has impacts on condition recovery and injury vulnerability and so forth. I would expect that Attacking Wide (with 60% on attacking unit) would see faster growth than a lot of Defending Wide (where attacking unit would still work on similar skills, just with only 20% of attention)... but it's hard to say for sure the overall impact. Experiments could be set up but that's always a challenge as there's always a degree of randomness incorporated.
  21. Yeah my experience is that reputation (club and player) can really help out this regard. Also the nation that you play in is (Germany always going to toss more money at this sort of stuff than Romania) also a big factor.
  22. It's an interesting idea for sure. But I think with the current way the game deals with the qualifications, they seem universal in how the game considers them and the benefits they provide to coach attributes.
  23. Sometimes the reality is that teams don't want to let go of players too (same goes for me). My home grown, star in the making that led me to Europa League championship last year is being courted by most big teams. I have a foreign club release clause that expires in a year for €65m and his value is currently €40m. I'm down for selling him for a smidge less that the clause if I can also get a huge next sale clause to a foreign club, but anyone in Domestic league better be offering me close to €100m with next sale clauses haha. I have the player signed for the next 7 years so part of me is perfectly content riding that out and seeing if his feelings change in a few years or if I end up selling him with 1-2 years left on his contract. He's only 18 and he'll only be better when he's 23! And under *no* circumstances will I sell him for less than his listed value because he's too valuable to my team and he's only going to get better!
  24. I noticed it is in a different spot this season. Just to the left of the "world" menu in the upper right. That said, I do think there are some people that have had issues so if you don't see it there, you might need to check for other threads (I found them when I thought it was missing for me too).
  25. Based on a talk I had last year in a different thread (I think it was the minnows thread), country reputation also plays a big part in driving regens. So all the youth upgrades (recruitment, junior coaching, youth facilities) and country reputation. Might be some league reputation as well? Youth rating is probably a type of X-Factor but only a small piece of the whole puzzle.
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