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  1. I have experienced this too, however for the first time in 2023 in my save (TBL 9.2 Rosters). Furthermore these players seem to be not exempt from waiver eligibility.
  2. In my only save the Salary Cap suddenly decreased from approx. 71m to 56m in 2022. I last played the save back in September 16 and just continued playing it the past few weeks (after the 1.4.1 update). This really is a problem as my roster is laid out to fit the 71m cap and important resinging won't be possible. I'll try to upload the save on Saturday. Edit: Could it be that in the off-season a different value is shown for the salary cap? Edit2: I had changed the currency in the preferences and did not realise that. Pretty embarassing...
  3. I just started playing in the WHL (Edmonton Oil Kings) and during off-season planning I noticed something. Although I can sign up to 50 players, only 26 show up when I filter for "Roster Players Only". When choosing "All contracted" I see all 36 of them. When looking at the WHL rules in-game, it states that there is no limit for the number of players on the roster. They are not assigned/loaned to another team. When looking at the player profile I do see the Oil Kings logo. Is this a bug? Am I missing something here? Save got uploaded to: ftp://ftp.sigames.com/fm/game-save/Bam_Margera_WHL_roster_size.sav Oil Kings GM is: Glen Anderson.
  4. I never watch my games and I started to notice that the coach substitutes the GK with no apparent reason for just a few seconds or minutes. Game save got uploaded to ftp://ftp.sigames.com/fm/game-save/Bam_Margera_Coach substitutes GK for a little bit of time.sav
  5. I'm never on vacations with my NHL-GM. Funny thing though: When I played and encountered this the first time the warning did not plop up. Now that I've reloaded the game it does happen... And yeah, there are exactly 65 players on my roster. Would be good if this was mentioned in the warning and not that "the roster is incomplete". Thanks for the hint to this.
  6. Using TBL Rosters 8.1, in year 2020 during the training camp with EDM. I have 4 G contracted and 4 G on a try-out, using 4 teams in TC. In between the training camp scrimmages I play EXH games. After every EXH game the AI assigned one G. After the first EXH-game G Eriksson Ek got assigned to BAK, I recalled him immediately. Then after EXH-game 2 G Oliver Lafreniere got assigned to BAK, I recalled him immediately. After EXH-game 3 G Michael Demers got sent back to Juniors by the AI, which one cannot revert for the current season. Luckily I had planned to send him back to Juniors anyway, but this could have been a pain in the ass if I had planned to develop him in the AHL. GM options: "Use current team selection" and "Use current lines" are the only GM-options activated. Save-game (right after Lafreniere got assigned and called up again) got uploaded to ftp://ftp.sigames.com/fm/game-pkm/. File-name is Bam_Margera_AI_assigns_GK.zip.
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