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  1. Like the look of the challenge. I think I'll give a go on here if that's ok
  2. An interesting concept. I am intrigued to see how your methods pan out.
  3. Nah they should go down to Divison 2 next year
  4. Despite having FM18 I am constantly drawn to my FM16 save where I have achieved much in my career. My record goes: Cambridge 2015-2026 2015/16: League 2 2nd (promoted) 2016/17: League 1 13th 2017/18: League 1 1st 2018/19: Championship 13th 2019/2020: Championship 3rd (lost playoff final) 2020/2021: Championship 1st 2021/2022: Premier League 17th 2022/23: Premier League 15th 2023/24: Premier League 11th 2024/25: Premier League 12th 2025/26: Premier League 1st 2026/27: Premier League 17th (November 2026) Barrow 2026-2027 2026/27: League 1 1st Cambridge 2027-2032 2027/28: Premier League 4th 2028/29: Premier League 3rd 2029/30: Premier League 1st 2030/31: Premier League 1st 2031/32: Premier League 1st Barrow 2032- 2032/33 League 1 2nd (promoted) 2033/34 Championship 2nd (promoted) 2034/35 Premier League 6th (Europa League) 2035/36 Premier League 9th 2036/37 Premier League 3rd (Champions League) 2037/38 Premier League 1st Major Trophies Champions League 2031 World Club Cup 2031 Once I've taken Barrow to Champions League glory I will look to go abroad and conquer Europe as i feel like I've done everything in England.
  5. I have an FM16 save where I've just finished the 2035/2036 season and I was wandering if there was any intrest to start a thread for it. I would either focus on my current club or I would maybe do a Journey through the season in a TV/Radio style.
  6. Have done the logo's for 6 leagues at level 10 so far and I'm working on number 7. Was a bit busy last and I ran into some technical difficulties but am back on track now.
  7. 4 seasons in and one promotion later we sit in midtable and are on the up. hopefully we'll able to reach the premier league one day.
  8. good result for Burton, though the stats would have suggested that you'd "FM'ed" it
  9. how are lancing utd doing in your save?
  10. First 2 leagues done, just discovered the fm graphics configurator so that should speed things up a bit!!!
  11. ok, I will start gathering some images and will put in to the once the database is released. For the time being I can complete level 10 as I have another database that goes dpwn to that level
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