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  1. Nuneaton 2026/27 Season Our defense finally performed well this season. Despite not having the league's best attack for the first time (I think), we held our own through defensive improvement. No longer are the days of only having two competent defenders. Now we have 5-6 (4 of them center backs). Koo Keun-Ho had another good season for us, but this year Ben Molloy really stood out and became our best striker. He also won himself a new contract. Here is this year's intake. James will slot in alongside the hotly pursued Dobbin at center back. Next season This nex
  2. Look at this stud: He keeps asking to leave but captain (and club icon) Koo Keun-Ho continues to persuade him otherwise. He's still just 18, and doing well on the pitch for us.
  3. First match in League One is against our local rivals/former senior affiliate Coventry. Also expected to be our first sell out. Absolutely epic. I thought the save would be over due to one of those "we will install a new manager" takeovers that went through. I guess they thought again when confronted with the fact that I won back to back promotions. Update: we lost bad
  4. Nuneaton 2025/26 Season Another great season! The competition wasn't as tough as I was expecting and my team is quickly rising to the occasion. About half of them are class in League Two at this point. We finished the season 5th and went up through the playoffs with a youth intake player from this year scoring the winner. Speaking of our youth intake, this was the best one I've seen in my time playing. Every player was reported to be filled to the brim with potential and about 4-5 of them were in and around the first team with one of them being one of our best players from the start. I'm
  5. Nuneaton 2024/25 Season Right of the bat I need to extend a thousand thanks to Vikeologist for reintroducing the posts on player discipline. Once I got the feel for which players I could fine their work rate and determination started shooting up. I think it is what dragged us out of our disappointing midtable mediocrity and into real playoff contention. To recap: we had a strong core of players going into this season. Our youth players were starting to overtake our veterans who began at the club and I was pleased with the strength of the side for the first time coming into the season
  6. Nuneaton 2023/24 Season This season, in my view, has solidified the viability of this save. Year after year, the finances are growing and the board are letting us upgrade the facilities. The aging set of original players have for the most part been phased out of the team. Our new lads are looking capable of keeping us in the division and some even look as though they have the potential to carry us forward. I will show you a couple of those later in this post. All in all, this is looking like it is now self-sustaining. We headed into this year on the back of a disappointin
  7. 2022/23 Season - Nuneaton General Updates After a successful promotion campaign out of the Vanarma National League North the previous season, we went into this one fearful of the level of our opponents. After our first run of games I was thinking we would be in for a potential playoff bound season again, but suddenly we became incapable of winning in the league. No matter how much we scored, the opponent would beat us, it seemed. All in all, we ended up finishing 19th, missing relegation by 7 or so points. Our 35 year old keeper who has been our pl
  8. 2021/22 Season - Nuneaton So the first season with Nuneaton is done. I wrote the previous update after a poor run of form where we consistently played well, but didn't get the results we had wanted. After the update we were able to turn those losses into draws and draws into wins. I had written off playoffs with about 14 games remaining but after the good run we found ourselves three points off with 6 remaining games. After a great win and all of our rivals losing their games we found ourselves in 6th, a position we managed to hold until the end of the season. Before we get t
  9. Entering the management gig, I saw there were a few regens already at the club who were decent or had the potential to be decent. One of these was Koo Keun-Ho of Busan. He has a teammate who is also from Busan, but not quite as far along in his development. They are both strikers. Since all my regens were 16 I couldn't sign them to real contracts, despite my wanting to. As Koo Keun-Ho is arguably my best striker, I played him. He did so well, however, that upon turning 17 and getting his non-contract pre-contract a bunch of teams were coming in for him. I wanted to nip this in the bud when he
  10. Might try out this and see if it catches my fancy. Taking over Nuneaton as out of the available clubs they have the biggest squad. I'm prioritizing this over clubs with superior junior coaching with much smaller squads of around 14-11 or so. Here is the my manager profile:
  11. We won everything this year. It wasn't an invincible season this year, but we were just as strong. Pedri forced his way out to Man City for $165 mil in January and we brought in Tonali's replacement with that money. We also sold one of our academy grads with the wonderkid tag to Dortmund for $21 mil as he wasn't good enough for the team and at 20 had slowed his development. We sold on a few other academy players in January and I look forward to seeing their progress at their new clubs. Haaland for Liverpool was the top goal scorer in the league with one more goal than Moriba and 7 more than Mb
  12. Window went well despite losing Haaland. Team feels bulletproof. Had to choose between Mbappe and Todibo for similar prices and despite needing Todibo more, he wasn't a perfect fit for my system and it was hard to pass up on Mbappe despite Mbappe not being a perfect fit either. We sold Sandro Tonali and needed to replace him. We brought in the wonderkid who was supposed to be his replacement but he can play three different spots in our system and potentially might play a different role than Tonali. We identified a youngster from Napoli who looks like he can do a job but there aren't many who a
  13. Haaland has been sold to Liverpool as his release clause was met. Not sure who we'll replace him with yet but we have $200 mil in the bank now. We also sold our cup keeper for $60 mil to Southampton to make space for our big South African wonderkid keeper. Looking at Barcelona's Moriba with a view to push Havertz forward to play a false 9. With regard to our club legends: Kalvin Phillips and Carles Alena have ascended the icon board such that I think after another good season they will be made club legends. Alena has been the best player in the Premier League for two seasons now so
  14. Season is over and I'm happy. After having some fun with the Oval tactic and losing both the Community Shield and Super Cup, I went back to a more usable formation to play out the year. With this change we won all of the remaining trophies and won the League as invincibles. Also, Arsenal almost got relegated after Thierry Henry had a terrible start as their manager, after Patrick Viera's terrible tenure. Now they have Roberto Martinez. It took till the last game day for Arsenal to get out of the relegation zone with their win over bottom of the table Burnley and Newcastle's loss to 5th p
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