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  1. Yeah it's slightly annoying not being able access them files. Although I'm sure it's more of a Windows issue with the way it installs the game as an app. And yes mate I reinstalled the game and although it's still showing 1 star it seem so to be running more normally now. But i'll probably go back to the steam version for now as I realised the xbox achievements don't unlock when using an existing save from the steam version. Thanks for the help anyway Neil! If you ever find a way to access and edit program files let me know.
  2. I've found the program files. They're hidden in WindowsApps folder. But I cant delete or replace any folders to add downloaded files into. It says I need administrator permission even though I am an administrator. Cant even view them in Safe Mode. Any idea how I can edit the data folder in C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\SportsInteractive.3727E180D6CA_1.0.46.0_x64__5w3tn6tb6stnm ?
  3. Thanks for the reply. 2 problems with what you said. I cant add FM19 Win10 version as an exception because I can't find where the program files are installed. Secondly I reset app settings but It didn't seem to help.
  4. I switched versions because I realised they added achievements tied to your Xbox account so I thought i'd unlock them for that. But for some reason the Win10 version of the game runs incredibly slow. On the Steam version it says my '3D graphics capability' is 5 stars, and can run the game on the highest settings no problem. Which should be the case as I'm running the game on a MSI Apache Pro. But the Win10 version says it's only 1 star and wants to run the game on the very lowest settings? and when I bump the settings up the game is incredibly slow and matches stutter. Why is this? Any help would be appreciated. Also is there an way to view the 'data' folder on the Win10 version that's normally in 'steam/steamapps/common/footballmanager2019'
  5. Hi, Great Skin! However what panel is that of my own profile screen? I would like to edit it so it shows my club history.
  6. I used that download link, but all the players names are in Japanese. Anyway to change this?
  7. I've subscribed on Steam workshop, but the file never shows up in my editor data. Ive restarted the game a few times. Any other way to get the file? or am I doing something wrong?
  8. Does anyone know of any files, or a file that's being worked on that has the Spanish lower leagues? There is one on the workshop that goes to level 5, but doesn't seem all too realistic and hasn't been tested.
  9. Hi, I took the tactics icon preview info panel from your skin so I could get the player icons on my club overview starting 11. But the numbers seem to be the same colour as the background box. I think this is because the colour of the number is the same as the default colour of the teams text. Is there a way to fix this? Is there some graphics or fonts I need to copy over as well? Or does the panel itself need editing?
  10. I had the same problem. It's not a skin issue. It's even on the default skin. I fixed mine by adding some icons from another skin
  11. When I get some spare time i'll upload it somewhere for you to download. I'll message you when it's ready.
  12. Hi mate, Finally have it working. Is this what you wanted?
  13. I've tried everything mate. Nothing seems to work. I'll just try and maybe get it to work with a whole new layout panel.
  14. Hi, downloaded and used your panel, shall I replace my original panel I was using with your file? Because when I use it on it's own it removes the attribute boxes. Do you have attribute boxes on your skin? Sorry this is messing you around so much. Maybe there is an easier way to add attribute boxes to a skin? Or is there panel for the player overview screen that's easy to add that displays his information somewhere else?
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