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  1. Board members have low ambition attributes. They’d rather the money go to buying high rep players
  2. Similar to scouting budget, we have the ability to have a budget for staff. At the moment I have 18m per annum in excess wage budget but can only offer up to 79k for scouts. Board won't allow me to increase staff costs yet give me, Cork City, a transfer budget of 35m. Very frustrating when I am trying to fill scouting or coaches slots with half decent staff members.
  3. Player is being played in the agreed position and role but getting reoccuring interactions with the manager suggesting that he is not being played in the agreed role. Is this a bug or is there a number of matches played in a row before this is solved? The player is also concerned about playing in a weak role.
  4. This isn't true. I only have the leagues I'm playing loaded. Would you be able to take a screenshot of the attributes of the scouts. Although I am surprised to hear that they haven't found anyone, it sounds like they have a poor adaptability attribute. If the nation they are scouting is a small nation then maybe there haven't been any players who have generated which meet the hot prospect filter. To check which players have generated at the nation, click the nation --> Transfers --> Youth Intake. From here scroll through the months until you see players generated by the game.
  5. @Rooneye Is your screenshot immediately after a game? Generally speaking, most players see the downwards arrow after the game due to tiredness. They could have also had a poor week in training which suggests they might have had a temporary dip in the crossing attribute. SI have removed the .1, .2 from attributes so it's hard to say if the attribute has dropped much if at all.
  6. Just like players, staff have a CA and PA. We all want the next wonderkid, but what about the next wonderstaff? Without a rating system we have no idea how good that 30 year old coach could be. Now, don’t get me wrong, these staff members will take a long time to develop, but hey imagine if that man or woman could develop in your under 18s, be promote to the first team staff and then become your assistant. We all love having five stars across all coaching positions, but SI, encourage us to develop our own staffing team.
  7. Mostly just the nation I am playing. Then add players from Europe. Usually its about 65,000
  8. How heavy each coaches workload is. The preference would be for all coaches to be light or average.
  9. There are a number of factors to this. 1. You may have signed better players in their position 2. In the case of chiesa your head scout probably has a better judging player ability compared with you ass man Nevertheless, the star rating is just your ass man’s judgment of that player compared with other players in the squad. It doesn’t mean the player has decreased ability.
  10. This will depend on the option you selected when you asked for a new affiliate. If you select ‘Team to increase our profile and another nation’ or ‘Team to increase our scouting range’ you will have the foreign clubs option. If you selected ‘team to send players out on loan’ or the fourth option, then only domestic clubs will appear.
  11. @FrazT I have two players wit( the status ‘Awaiting Paperwork’. How long should that take?
  12. Is there a way of adding a second nation to a club? Aviron Bayonnis in France sits in the Basque region but in France. I was hoping to create a save in the French lower leagues with them and build the club around Basque players in the same way as Athletic does in La Liga. However, as I found out in the first youth intake, their players aren't Basque but just French which was an issue. I was wondering if you are able to add a second nationality or some way of newgen players being Basque nationality.
  13. What I would love to see is some kind of UX which shows the potential rating of staff. Like players, staff have current and potential ratings. However, at the moment there is no graphical representation of this in game. Would be great if we can develop staff like we do with players
  14. Sack your Analysts? It is an actual short fall at the moment. You should be able to assign them tasks like the scouts.
  15. It may be dependant on which nations you have loaded. If you don't have the nation loaded they may not produce players.
  16. Hey guys, not sure if it's a bug but I haven't been able to improve my training faculties. It's not that the board rejects my request rather that the option just isn't available. 15 years into a save and haven't been able to improve my faculties for the last 5 years. I've got two star training and four star youth. I'm currently improving the youth facilities further. Three and a half star reputation with £52m in the bank. As I stated at the beginning. Not sure if this is a bug, it is a custom database but it's really bugging me. Not sure if this as affected anyone else's saves
  17. I haven't used view only since fm11 so I'm not sure if it has changed but it was definitely random back then according to si.
  18. FM Touch is the best version of the game for tablets
  19. I'm the opposite. I just load the players and not the league
  20. Build the tactic around what you have in your disposal first season. Slowly build the tactic you want over the next few years then increase the quality as you get more money. Keep things simple early on and just change things as you see the players play. Injuries will always happen. Nothing you can do about it.
  21. Works fine. Play it on my s10. Similar to you, I thought it wouldn't be there but surprising it is there.
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