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    A young Australian whom is trying to conquer the FM world one save at a time. I prefer lower league saves as I find them more fun then splashing the cash as a manager of PSG, Man Utd, Real Madrid etc. I follow YouTubers such as Doctor BenjyFM, Work the Space and Second Yellow Card.
    I do have my own YouTube page which I do lower league challenges across the globe. CS Braine into the Champions League, season 15

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    Melbourne, Australia


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    Football Manager

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    Melb Victory, Accrington

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    CS Braine. Start in Belgian fourth tier

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  1. Hey guys, not sure if it's a bug but I haven't been able to improve my training faculties. It's not that the board rejects my request rather that the option just isn't available. 15 years into a save and haven't been able to improve my faculties for the last 5 years. I've got two star training and four star youth. I'm currently improving the youth facilities further. Three and a half star reputation with £52m in the bank. As I stated at the beginning. Not sure if this is a bug, it is a custom database but it's really bugging me. Not sure if this as affected anyone else's saves
  2. I haven't used view only since fm11 so I'm not sure if it has changed but it was definitely random back then according to si.
  3. FM Touch is the best version of the game for tablets
  4. I'm the opposite. I just load the players and not the league
  5. Build the tactic around what you have in your disposal first season. Slowly build the tactic you want over the next few years then increase the quality as you get more money. Keep things simple early on and just change things as you see the players play. Injuries will always happen. Nothing you can do about it.
  6. Works fine. Play it on my s10. Similar to you, I thought it wouldn't be there but surprising it is there.
  7. Basically the reason I don't use view only for leagues I'm not in. Can't have Barcelona losing to real betis 1-6. View only doesn't use the match engine so results are random.
  8. Could this be down to your youth rating? How many staff members do they have? You can always have their manager arrange a friendly each week. I know this isn't the same.
  9. WU will be and MacArthur should be in FM20. Only reason WU isn't was because data wasn't available in time for the cut off for the January update.
  10. This screen here, when players leave the club at the end of their trials. I'd like to see it converted into a scouting like page where you have columns i.e. Name, wage request and assistant recommendation (value out of 100). It would make things a lot easier than clicking each player individually. Especially in lower league/non league where you may have 100's of players on trial. Loving the new game FYI.
  11. @jack18883 For the point of context, how many leagues do you have open?
  12. Yeah. I'd like to be able to, but I understand what has been said in reply. I just know that within 2-3 seasons of my departure the AI manager will go in a completely different manner and potentially ruin the club by spending the massive transfer budget I have built up due to the club not being able to operate at the same level the big prem teams.
  13. To put things into context, I've just begun season 18 with Stockport County. As my time at the club comes to an end, I'd like to be able to have the option to put a succession plan in place before I leave. Obviously, I can put the young stars on huge long-term contracts which would make it hard for the incoming AI manager to sell (you'd assume), but I'd like to be able to help the board find the next manager. I'd like to be able to pick who I'd like to take over from me. So if I was to be able to do that, I probably wouldn't sell of the big players and I'd allow them to continue the work I've done. But since I can't should I sell everyone and allow the incoming manager to build the team they want or just resign and see what happens?
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