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    Youtuber and FM 2017 enthusiast! Always looking for the next Wonder Kid! Scottish Football fanatic who is fair in his love of the game.

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    Marathon Running, Sega, FM 2017, Creating content for Youtube

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  1. We look at the ways to get a work permit and the best countries to loan players to.
  2. The best 16 year old superstars in the game. The next Messi and Ronaldo are on this list, its how you develop them.
  3. My new series where i delve into Scottish Football while taking Rangers on the quest for their 55th title. We look youth prospects, results and finances of all teams along with games and commentary on my Rangers matches. Subscribe for more.
  4. Top Ten list of English Wonderkids, there is some great future England stars in here.
  5. A pool of talent lays awaiting in the free transfer market, these are the best strikers to get for nothing.
  6. This is my list of players I think will make difference in the game. Some of the players are ready to play but some may need developing, its a different list to the usual. No Marcus Rashford!!
  7. A series of guides for Scottish Football will appear in this link. Today we start with Celtic.
  8. Advice need - I have done an intro skit for my latest episode of FM Youtube FC. As we are all aware, FM is great and watching people play fills me with joy and gives me inspiration to play more. Some videos need that extra something in it, I am by nature a creative guy but I have made over 80 videos with no skits or funny intro. I liked to purely commentate with the bit of banter but since I have been involved with this community, the banter between us all is great. This is inspiring me to reach to the darkside and try something new, I would appreciate all of your seasoned opinions on my intro skit for episode 3. Let me know if this is a route you think I could keep going to add flavour to my videos - Thanks in advance - Rogue
  9. In this series, I take all my favourite Football Manager Youtubers and put them in a team! We have taken over Margate as they went bust and started in the Vanarama or Banterama as its being called by the team! I gave the Youtube community a choice of one position and one good attribute, the remainder is extremely low and reputation of all players is 1. The potential is random and a few are in the 100-120 bracket. Tackles are flying and passing is almost impossible! I aim to keep us from relegation and have a laugh with all the community along the way to finish off FM16. Join us and witness the climb.
  10. Episode 10 - we are in the Quarter Finals of Euro 2016!! FM 16 | 3 Lions and a Beast | Ep.10 “QUARTER FINAL vs SWITZERLAND”
  11. https://twitter.com/MrRogue3 - The official twitter of Mischievous Rogue, with insight and challenges on the world of Football Manager.
  12. Hi guys, I have done a few challenge series on my Youtube channel, but the hardest was getting Akinfenwa to play and score for England. The series is fun and he could actually do well! The series shows you can take one older, lower league player, surround him with talent and he will score. I am also a scot managing the England team (Crazy I know!) So please come along and check it out. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3XcbDluk7zPba5ovZIPdEQ/videos
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