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  1. Löw only really uses 14 or 15 players in a tournament. So it doesn't matter who he brings on in such a onesided game. See it as a little reward for class clown Poldi. I would have prefered Leroy Sane.
  2. It seems LFC will snap central defender Joel Matip on a free. Matip's aerial abilities and his build up play could be very helpful. Other rumour is that Klopp is very interested in Granit Xhaka who would cost around 40 millionen Euros in this summer.
  3. Willy Aubameyang was never contracted to Borussia Dortmund! He had a trial there about a couple of weeks. That was it.
  4. Januzaj was really disappointing for Dortmund. A period of transition was expected as he missed the pre-season but he hasn't shown any sign of improvement. Beside a good friendly match against St. Pauli Januzaj didn't contribute at all. Imho it's unusual that such a young player can't adapt to a different playing style. Therefore he should stay in the Premier League whether at United or another loan spell.
  5. @ GameCrasher Five of these players have a "non-contract" which means they get only paid per game/goal/clean-sheet. One player got a youth contract which means he gets a fixed amount. If you are a semi-pro club you can offer non-contracts to your youth players. That's the difference. If or if not 2.000 Euros p/a are too much is of course another issue.
  6. Dost is a fantastic finisher but apart from that he is a very limited footballer. A similar case would be Huntelaar although he is declining now. I get the impression you don't really know how the game is working. One single attribute doesn't determine a world class striker like Lewandowski. Lewandowski will still score more goals than Dost or Huntelaar even if his finishing attribute is lower. However we are off topic now.
  7. So if Lewandowski needed 20 shots per goal would he still be a great finisher? In fact he still wastes many chances. However this discussion won't be very fruitful. Kox has Lewandowski's profile spot on. Lewandowski is a good finisher but finishing is not his biggest asset. + many more
  8. I disagree. Lewandowski isn't a very good finisher. Apart from his finishing he is a world class striker but his conversion isn't top notch.
  9. There isn't any competition like that in Germany. You mean the "Super Cup" but that's only one game when the league champion play the cup winner. However the DFB Pokal was always highly regarded by Klopp and Dortmund did really well in that competition. Not even Bayern field a weakened team in the cup competition.
  10. I realized some stadiums in the English lower leagues have artificial turf. I have some questions about it. - Does artificial turf affect the match engine in football manager? The match engine distinguish for example between a wet and a dry surface. Or does the match engine treat artificial ground just like the natural counterpart? - Can I ask my board to lay artificial turf? In real life I don't really like it but in FM it could see some interesting benefits for my club. - Are clubs allowed to enter every league although having artificial ground? E.g. in Germany only natural grass is allowed for level 1 - 4.
  11. Smallig is at a midtable side.
  12. Wide poacher would be much better. Thomas Müller is the only player who is called Raumdeuter and the role description in game doesn't represent his style of play.
  13. Miro retires from international football. I thought he would stay with the team until the next WC.
  14. I totally forgot about Reus which is quite strange as I included Badstuber and Gündogan! It doesn't really matter that much as there soo many good wingers/attacking midfielders.