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  1. If these clubs have enough money they shall do upgrades at least in the long run.
  2. My comment wasn't regarding Youth Importance. I don't think YI matters much when a club is managed by yourself. However Newgen production in general is much more complicated than you might think. Several factors are important and these interact with each other.
  3. Yes, I did. The refused it straight away because it would be too expensive. I have had now several home games with an attendance of 200. In reality the club would just reopen some extra seats.
  4. Well it wouldn't cost much to open 50 additional seats. That's all I need. Furthermore the board interaction isn't really up for this. I just can ask for an expansion not for removing this restriction.
  5. I am with Hammerfest FK in 5th tier of Norwegian Football. Everything is going smoothly but I have an issue with the stadium. So in general the stadium has 400 seats but only 200 can be used. Now I have had two home games with an attendance of 200. How can I overcome this barrier? I tried the board interaction but when I asked for an extension (which it really isn't) they rejected it cause money is tight. I think the club is actually wasting money here!
  6. 4th tier -> https://mega.nz/#!vscxnKoK!Qz6VbFHjCNGP-VkmUtnt4TOVMH62fFl9eWBDbrTj6ms 6th tier -> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1202633212
  7. Is the Armenia file working properly? At the beginning you have six teams in the first tier and eight team in the second tier. One team gets relegated from first to second tier. Two teams get promoted from second to first tier. There are no promoted teams from the lower leagues. How does that work out for the second season? Do you have seven teams in each division? That wouldn't be great for the schedule and the third season would be even more terrible. I guess I should have run a simulation first.
  8. No, the issue is not fixed. First season I reached again the playoff against Edinburgh City and all my players are on holiday.
  9. Yes, everyone from the Highland League were on holiday. I just holidaying to check the situation after the second season but I am rather pessimistic.
  10. Yes, it was first season. After the second leg against East Stirlingshire all my players went on holiday and a couple of days later I had to play Edinburgh City, So I guess I can delete this save game as I don't want to stay in the Highland League forever.
  11. I encountered a major bug in your real Scottish pyramid file. I won the the Highland League then won the Play-Off against East Stirlingshire but now all my player are on holiday! I have to play Edingburgh City and no player is available. Edingburgh City have all players available. So it's virtually impossible to gain promotion.
  12. Alexander is still playing and he still has his brother!
  13. I would have needed this file last year. Maybe I give the Faroe Islands another try just because of your file. That savegame was fun anyway.
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