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  1. Is the Armenia file working properly? At the beginning you have six teams in the first tier and eight team in the second tier. One team gets relegated from first to second tier. Two teams get promoted from second to first tier. There are no promoted teams from the lower leagues. How does that work out for the second season? Do you have seven teams in each division? That wouldn't be great for the schedule and the third season would be even more terrible. I guess I should have run a simulation first.
  2. No, the issue is not fixed. First season I reached again the playoff against Edinburgh City and all my players are on holiday.
  3. Yes, everyone from the Highland League were on holiday. I just holidaying to check the situation after the second season but I am rather pessimistic.
  4. Yes, it was first season. After the second leg against East Stirlingshire all my players went on holiday and a couple of days later I had to play Edinburgh City, So I guess I can delete this save game as I don't want to stay in the Highland League forever.
  5. I encountered a major bug in your real Scottish pyramid file. I won the the Highland League then won the Play-Off against East Stirlingshire but now all my player are on holiday! I have to play Edingburgh City and no player is available. Edingburgh City have all players available. So it's virtually impossible to gain promotion.
  6. Finnish Striker Help

    Alexander is still playing and he still has his brother!
  7. Faroe Islands

    I would have needed this file last year. Maybe I give the Faroe Islands another try just because of your file. That savegame was fun anyway.
  8. @Morrissey I test your file with the Fixture Order "straight" and it looks much better now. On three occasions teams still have two home or away games in a row but that's fino imho.
  9. @Morrissey Maybe I found something. Under League Settings -> Fixture Order order you activated "slightly random" instead of "straigth". But as I said I'm a noob with the editor.
  10. @Morrissey That would fix the issue for the first season but not for the following season if I'm not mistaken. I think there is an option in the advanced rules which can improve the scheduling but I am a noob with the editor.
  11. All teams in the Highland and the Lowland League are affected. It starts right from the beginning and in the second half of the season it gets a bit better. I just started a new test savegame and ticked the "Do not use Real fixtures" option. Maybe that does the trick. Edit: No, it doesn't. I have still the same messed up schedule.
  12. Thanks for your good work. Looks amazing so far. I have just an issue with the schedule in the Highland League. Sometimes I get four home matches in a row than three away matches and so on. I am not from Scotland but this can't be right?
  13. Finnish Striker Help

    Mika Ääritalo?
  14. [Germany] (Official) Data Issues

    I guess you'll have to wait until the next big data update. Gaines was unknown here in Germany and therefore he isn't in the game as we don't create every youth player. In fact he is doing very well for Wolfsburg's under 19 team (he hasn't played for their reserves yet) and will be created. Do you have any further information on him like strengths and weaknesses? Yes, keep in mind that Raphael just came from the French into the German database. Due to this fact the player don't get changed a lot and nobody could know that Guerreiro will do that good even in central midfield. Some tweaks are necessary imho.
  15. Germany vs Slovakia - ITV1 - KO 17.00

    Löw only really uses 14 or 15 players in a tournament. So it doesn't matter who he brings on in such a onesided game. See it as a little reward for class clown Poldi. I would have prefered Leroy Sane.