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  1. I have 2 questions: 1. If i mark TI "run at defence" and for example for striker PI "dribble less" how he will behave? its on or off option or both of this instructions will make my striker movement at default, and run at defence + dribble more will make hes runs even more ofen? 2. How to get benefit from team full of hard working players? My team, especially midfielders and strikers are very good at bravery, aggression, teamwork, determination and work rate. What style of play will get most benefit from this attributes?
  2. he will not be able to get good ranting bacause he will lost areal duels.
  3. anyone tried to play with 2 TM? I just swapped to smply 442 with 2 target mans as Aston Villa (Kozak+Gestede) and I smash the league. After implement this tactic in 1st January, I loss one game vs Chelsea away and draw one vs Leicester home. Rest of matches won including away vs Arsenal and United. It seems so overpowered.
  4. I would say WP(A) + some PPM's like Run with the ball often. He also have to got space to run intro.
  5. P(A)-TM(S) W(A)-CM(D)-BBM(S)-W(A) FB(A)-CB(D)-CB(D)-FB(A) I tried also support roles for wingers and/or fullbacks I think poacher is bad idea, because he's usually too high up the pitch, on the other side I don't want my "little man" to help us build up, I'd rather to see something like Heskey-Owen partnership; but anyway its not the main problem.
  6. I'm trying to make a "english style" football. I choice Aston Villa because of their targets mans (Gestede and Kozak). Any tips to: 1. force my wingers to dribble more? 2. force wingers and fb to cross more? My wingers avr dribble is around 3. Adama Traore who got PPM "Run with ball down right" got almost 5 avr. It's far away from my expectations. Im trying to make space for them by plying wide, and exploit the flanks. Is this good TI for this? or i misunderstand te "exploit the flanks" TI, and my team will build up play on the wings from deep? About my 2 issue: I understand when I give up possesion, my opponents got more time with the ball and more chances to cross the ball, but its strange that a possesion based teams with lone striker without any jumping reach usually made more crosses than me. Any option to rise amount of crosses, without possesion? 3. what mentallity and shape will suit my goals best and why? thanks for reply.
  7. hello Soldatino, I did exactly the same thing! I changed my nice counter tactic (still using when I'm satisfied in 0:0 result) to attacking/press in the middle of the season. Tac: TI: And I went from 16th to 7th place All thing goes very well and the next season I finished 2nd Then nothing changes besides my reputatnion and in currently season things goes the same as in my first season in primiera division. My team can't score a goal. After first 7 matches im 19th. My team is pretty good, i'd say strong enough to finish 4-6. So after my reputation rise again I have to change my tactic again? I will have to change my tactics every season, whenever my reputation change?
  8. ok, it takes a long time but I did a lot of tests. I played same season 3 times. The worst result I get when i move DM to MC(D), so i give up this idea just after few matches. Swapping FB(S)+W(A) to WM(S)+FB(A) result worse than a one dimentional 2xS(A)+FB(S) so I have to also give up this idea. Nevertheless I don't give up to "flip-flop" system, and the best results I get by swapping left FB(S) to KWB(W) and W(A) to Wide playmaker(A). Surprisingly DLP and WP in a one line cooperate well, and brings be wonderfull results. Left midfielder(WP) and left-central midfielder(DLP) fokus a lot of attention on this side of pitch making space for BMM (left-central) and S(A) to scores goals. 2 season with this tactics brings my team to primiera division, and just stop working after that. Almost 80% of matches in PD I get more CC and chances overall, but my players just stop scores goals. the main conclusion is clear: the tactic is related to reputation very much. I'll show it in the next post.
  9. Used properly hes a beast. 30 goals per season for Newcastle and then 90 mln e transfer to Liverpool. #averageplayer Theres no better player he can get to Newcastle in first few seasons.
  10. IMO if you want to play counter you need a holding midfielder, with "play out of defence" TI DLP should fit. I would also swap AF with other role which provide dragging defenders out of position, and let explore it by Treq.
  11. thanks for the tips! I'll try all of those in new season. You help me understand why my right winger performs way better than the left one. Left one as you said is isolated cause of my very short passing style, while right one got BMM whos follows the action, and help him. I'll post results of changes and my conclusions soon.
  12. strange form stability volume2 As I post recently after "10 wins in 16 matches and then 1 win in next 8 matches" my team was unbeaten for 8 matches in a row which brings me at 2nd place, in order to get only one point in lastest most important four matches. After few initial very bad games played at 4312 my team finished season in 5th place (predicted 22nd), concede fewest goals in league (!). Achieve best avg possesion in league 54,24% and best successful pass rate 81%. Regardless of playoffs result it was great year. I'm worried about next season cause I didnt see any issues to improve in my tactic excepting this form stability issues. I also have only little idea how to build up my squad to fit in my tactic more. /edit: dam, what a nice ending
  13. I was hoping for your post rashidi, cause as I know 4312 was your fav setup In this 4312 I tried 3x support role, 2xdefend+1support and 1def+2support, but in every setup flanks was still open or not covered properly. Almost all my midfielders have low attributes you have thought as important, meybe this is the main reason for totally unsuccessful result with this 4312. They all got very low bravery (4, 6, 8) low anticipation (10, 10, 12) low workrate (12, 12, 13) and good teamwork (12, 15, 16). I give up work on this shape, cause 4141 achieve my goals (control the game) very well. I menage 50-65% possesion, my advanced playmaker performs 50-120 succesfull pass per game and my opponents have very few key highlighted opportunities to score. This is actual shape I use right now: My wingers attributes: workrate 10,10,7 anticipation 12,8,5 bravery 8,10,4 teamwork 9,9,15. Should I emphasize those attributes of wingers in long term squad build? The only problem now as you can see in my post above is irregular form. Should be a priority for me to improve my pitch condition (fatal right now) in this playstyle? /edit: I post my tactic screenshot in english
  14. 10 wins in 16 matches and then 1 win in next 8 matches with no changes at all.. this game still suprising me.
  15. This is my results from the moment I start using this tac: Only PI for striker: roam more, dribble more, close down more, and more creative freedom. My pitch is at terrible level so I guess it's not good for sort passing style. I never score from a counter attack yet, but im still patient If you can see any thing to improve I'll be greatfull for advice.
  16. Thanks for reply. Almost all of my midfielders are youngsters with all attributes between 5-11 (excluded Jhon Arango whos at league level), so they are incomfortable in almost all role And I have only 16 players in team, so its hard to get right players in right positions, most of the time I need to rely on their versatility. Anyway after 2 days of testing I give up with this shape, cause I was unable to make this work. Goals from crosses come close to 65% and I just decided to change tactic. I swap to 4141 counter and I achieve my goal - I dominate midfield very well, my players play great passing, possesion football. My team not concede stupid goals, and lost more than one goal in only 1 match of 15. Its pretty suprise, cause I expected to be one of the worst team in league but Im 2nd now, after half of the season. Usually I score only 1 goal but seems like its enough
  17. I hved the same problem when trying to make tactic with no wide midfielders. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/451631-Help-me-understand-match-engine-and-improve-tactic
  18. I never get problems with through balls. Some tweaks with width and D-lane height always works fine. The only nightmare is this crosses, and only in setup with two wide mans. In some point I get the idea that I just got too bad players for the league. But when I tested "Sir Golalot" tactic on holiday, my team finished as 3rd. I know its just like a "diablo" for the newest FM's so I decided to create very simple 4-1-4-1 counter with FB set to defend duty. Magically the problems disappear. My defensive lane looks very solid and didn't concede goal in 4 matches in a row, even against top team R. Oviedo. Problem with crosses is smaller even in tactics with 3CB and wide mans on MR/ML positions. But in flat 4 and narrow midfield every role i tried for DR/DL ends up the same - totally disaster. Its weird cause I didnt even noticed my team got more midfield control with 4 narrow players than with only 3. I will wait for some more advices, and make some more tests next days, but I think my idea of 4312 and 4132 will ends up as worst tactic I ever made.
  19. Thanks for reply sgevolker! In this match, I close down less. this is my TI for this match: And shape with translated positions: No PI, no ppm's. My defender nr 3 is actually my best defender:lol: Setting my FB to defend duty in this shape will leave me with no wide player at build up and attack phase (or I'm guessing wrong?) and my RB is one of my key players, and natural winger.
  20. TI: stick to positions, press less. all my 4 players (RB and 3 MC) goin to press the same player!!!. Kijera miss his cross, ball hit the crossbar. next one: My players finally follows the TI and press less, so Delgado had time with ball. He cross - 1vs3 opportunity in penalty box so easy goal for the striker (only one from this defenders 3 tryin to follows cross) Next one: All defenders are in their positions. No one make mistake. So early cross(Sengalli is just crossing right now) - easy goal.
  21. next highlight: same thing - CB nr 4 go press player whos already marked by my RB nr 16. My second CB nr 3 as usually covering the grass. Easy cross easy goal.
  22. and second half: Thanks good Lord my LB is trying to cover right player. Unfortunately he is worst than San Marino national player so he lost duel. Its ok its hard to win versus good winger. But what the f*** both of my Center Backs doing? by the way - my player below those two (CM(S)) free players 2 seconds ago was in better position then they are, but he decided to go press Junior(??) Junior cross. Easy goal. I start wondering it is any reason to keep my CB's on the pitch.
  23. and this is positioning of my players with TI "stick to positions" when defending from possesion play. My LB decided to swap positions with CM (nr 21) while CB (nr 3) thought its good idea to go help nr 21 and goes press mr. Ruper (on the ball) Heed oppositions nr 3, 7 and 2 they all are covered by my one single player regardless this is 6vs6 situation in my box. What happend next? Ruper decided to switch ball to other flank. My LB Urbieta is no longer covering opposition nr 6 and let him hit the penalty box. Meanwhile my CB nr 3 and CM nr 21 covering empty space (CB nr 3 didn't even move lol) Action ends up, Delgado cross - easy goal.
  24. ok - fresh example: This is counter from my throw-in. We are highly outnumbered and we will sure concede goal. But behave of my CB is so stupid. Player on the ball - Delgado obviously cant score (if hes not great 1st league player) cause of assist my RB and angle to the goal and position of my goalkeeper. But both of my CB decided to press him and leave the 3 runners behind to be covered by my left back (who exually foolish decidet to not cover any of those 3. If they stay in their positions like they should be, the only way to score would be hard pass to player from the left of the screen, cause in the middle it would be situation 3vs3 in very deep position. How I can force my defesive lane to stay in their positions, to hold up my opponents attack? to delay the attack, to give my CM's time to back. Like Simeone Atletico defensive lane. Its not only about my CB's. FB also tends up to cover already covered players. Its very funny to see actions like this: Enemy FB goes to my final 3rd, and pass to winger in very deep wide position. My FB goin press him very much. In the same time enemy FB is gettin covered by my CM. Winger on the ball have no option to cross so he decided to pass ball back to hes FB whos covered by my CM! And now fun begins. My brainless FB decided to press their FB! though hes already covered! so enemy FB just pass the ball back to winger, and suprise - he got space to do everyting he want to...
  25. Yes Think about it in old 'slider' way. If TI "roam from position" maxed roaming for all players, then you won't be able to add PI. Philosophy also can add roaming. In very fluid your players will roam more.
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