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  1. I have 2 questions: 1. If i mark TI "run at defence" and for example for striker PI "dribble less" how he will behave? its on or off option or both of this instructions will make my striker movement at default, and run at defence + dribble more will make hes runs even more ofen? 2. How to get benefit from team full of hard working players? My team, especially midfielders and strikers are very good at bravery, aggression, teamwork, determination and work rate. What style of play will get most benefit from this attributes?
  2. anyone tried to play with 2 TM? I just swapped to smply 442 with 2 target mans as Aston Villa (Kozak+Gestede) and I smash the league. After implement this tactic in 1st January, I loss one game vs Chelsea away and draw one vs Leicester home. Rest of matches won including away vs Arsenal and United. It seems so overpowered.
  3. P(A)-TM(S) W(A)-CM(D)-BBM(S)-W(A) FB(A)-CB(D)-CB(D)-FB(A) I tried also support roles for wingers and/or fullbacks I think poacher is bad idea, because he's usually too high up the pitch, on the other side I don't want my "little man" to help us build up, I'd rather to see something like Heskey-Owen partnership; but anyway its not the main problem.
  4. I'm trying to make a "english style" football. I choice Aston Villa because of their targets mans (Gestede and Kozak). Any tips to: 1. force my wingers to dribble more? 2. force wingers and fb to cross more? My wingers avr dribble is around 3. Adama Traore who got PPM "Run with ball down right" got almost 5 avr. It's far away from my expectations. Im trying to make space for them by plying wide, and exploit the flanks. Is this good TI for this? or i misunderstand te "exploit the flanks" TI, and my team will build up play on the wings from deep? About my 2 issue: I understand when I give
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