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  1. I recently went back to FM16 but it didn't load. I just thought it was maybe too old for my system or something. So I tried 2017 instead - but the same result. Whether launching from Steam or from the exe, the game doesn't load, the cursor changes to a working blue circle and the system freezes and requires a restart.


    I've searched this site and the net for a resolution. From memory I've tried -

    running as admin

    reinstalled steam and the game

    deleting the dll's and reinstalling directx

    turned off windows game bar

    turned off nvidia overlay

    updated windows

    updated nvidia driver

    turned off IE11

    verified integrity of game files twice

    checked for known issue programs

    no anti virus other than windows defender


    I'd be glad of any help please. My dxdiag is attached.


    Thank you.


  2. Hi folks. Cleon, thank you for the initial posts and then supporting the thread with help for people.

    I've had a fascinating few hours today, reading the first 3 pages, making notes and weighing up my squad with what I'd read in mind. Initially I wanted just to be pointed in the right direction; but the more I read (and followed your explanations of the early screenshots describing build-up movement/play), the more it all made sense. Unfortunately, this made me feel I was just going to create roles and duties identical to your own - something I didn't want to do, and something you didn't intend either. However, when I evaluated my squad it was clear your creation wouldn't suit my players at all - something I was quite glad of really.

    My first FM was 07 I think and I had an enjoyable save with Feyenoord, with a kind of 'generic' (if anything a bit direct) 433; it brought good results and I liked the save. So I'm returning to Feyenoord 9 years later but I wanted to create something more defined; and here I am in this thread.

    Now, I'd really value help with my midfield three, please. The roles/duties of the front 3 are kind of cast in stone due to my players; there's a bit of flexibility with the fullbacks if required, but I think they're OK.


    The DM - could be a DLP(d/s) or Regista(s), but I'm leaning towards DLPs. The 2 MCs - one should be a APM(s) as all my MCs would suit that, and I'm leaning towards CM(s) for the other (are they the right way round, considering others around them or would you reverse them??); the second one could be a RPM instead of a CM but I think that may be excessive if I do have DLP/Regista and APM too.

    That's the variables I'm most unsure of, but I guess confirmation or otherwise of everything else would be good too! :-)

    Thanks for any help people.

    EDIT: having slept on it I'm going to swap the sides of those MCs and I'll give both the DLP and Regista roles a try out in pre-season to see which one has the best effect. I'd still value any thoughts though.

  3. @ Lucas

    What is considered a small squad? on FMC15 I am getting media questions about the size of my squad being big and this is with a first team squad of 22/23 players and a few of those were promotions of youths from the reserves.

    I'd like to know, as a Touch save is appealing - but not if there's inadequate intakes to support this type of game.

  4. A couple of questions from a long absent returnee..........

    1. Approximately when is the best time in a youths career to learn a) a PPM on it's own, not as part of being tutored? b) another position? c) a different foot? The reason I ask is I seem to remember something about those things using up part of the 'training allowance' which could be better utilised by the player just developing attributes instead, until a little older.

    2. In the team/pre-match training schedule I think I should allow a rest before and after matches - is that correct or not necessary??

    Thanks for any help folks.

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