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  1. I'm curious as to whether there's any significant changes other than database between the two versions? It'd be nice to have the new version I guess, but I can still get loads of play out of 2017. Is there anything good I'd be missing out on? Thanks.
  2. After hours of tearing my hair out I came across this to be typed in the launch options - '--no_exclusive_fullscreen'. Problem solved.
  3. I recently went back to FM16 but it didn't load. I just thought it was maybe too old for my system or something. So I tried 2017 instead - but the same result. Whether launching from Steam or from the exe, the game doesn't load, the cursor changes to a working blue circle and the system freezes and requires a restart. I've searched this site and the net for a resolution. From memory I've tried - running as admin reinstalled steam and the game deleting the dll's and reinstalling directx turned off windows game bar turned off nvidia overlay updated windows updated nvidia driver turned off IE11 verified integrity of game files twice checked for known issue programs no anti virus other than windows defender I'd be glad of any help please. My dxdiag is attached. Thank you. DxDiag.txt
  4. I've enjoyed it less from 11. I'd be tempted to stick with what you've got pal.
  5. Has anyone noticed if the captain being vice captain before has got rid of the ineffectiveness in his 1st year?
  6. Yeah, that's what I thought. I normally do that and it's reasonably simple. I'm just a lazy as and was hoping to make it even simpler lol. I also set each scout to look at competitions in the same region they're in. I know this can be done but I'm never sure if it's reducing the scouts performance generally. Thanks both of you.
  7. Yeah, that's what I've always did, it's quite effective. Was just hoping to find a workaround to automate things a bit. Thanks pal.
  8. It's probably detrimental to results, but I love to rotate players. On the plus side, it helps when you take over a new club until you have a relationship with the players and until the squad statuses are settled down. It prevents (mostly!) players being unhappy with no playing time, and makes it easier to sell them on. There's always at least 3 backup or rotation players in my starting 11. One in the back 4, one in the midfield, and one in my front 3. The back up GK tends to play 1 in 3 games. It probably holds back my results, I just like doing it!
  9. Perfectly reasonable. I have to say, I'd have leaned towards being harder, in the game world. But, of course, your approach is much more realistic and less 'gamey'.
  10. Feyenoord or PSV. Feyenoord in particular have a good record in this department, maybe PSV do too, I don't know. But everyone just always talks about Ajax regarding youth development. So it'd be a feather in your cap to show how good those 2 teams could be. I'm sure they would be competitive in Europe too, in that kind of save.
  11. Having returned to FM with 16, I was wondering about people's approach to the disciplinary aspect; the whole warn and fine thing, and when it's optimal do each.
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