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  1. I'm curious as to whether there's any significant changes other than database between the two versions? It'd be nice to have the new version I guess, but I can still get loads of play out of 2017. Is there anything good I'd be missing out on? Thanks.
  2. Has anyone noticed an improvement in 2017 regarding this??
  3. Hi folks. Cleon, thank you for the initial posts and then supporting the thread with help for people. I've had a fascinating few hours today, reading the first 3 pages, making notes and weighing up my squad with what I'd read in mind. Initially I wanted just to be pointed in the right direction; but the more I read (and followed your explanations of the early screenshots describing build-up movement/play), the more it all made sense. Unfortunately, this made me feel I was just going to create roles and duties identical to your own - something I didn't want to do, and something you didn't int
  4. @ Lucas I'd like to know, as a Touch save is appealing - but not if there's inadequate intakes to support this type of game.
  5. A couple of questions from a long absent returnee.......... 1. Approximately when is the best time in a youths career to learn a) a PPM on it's own, not as part of being tutored? b) another position? c) a different foot? The reason I ask is I seem to remember something about those things using up part of the 'training allowance' which could be better utilised by the player just developing attributes instead, until a little older. 2. In the team/pre-match training schedule I think I should allow a rest before and after matches - is that correct or not necessary?? Thanks for any help folks.
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