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  1. Basically, you have to have 8 home grown players in your squad - so basically you need 8 English players. If the players you are trying to register are foreign, then you need to un register an existing foreign player and swap - for example unregister Origi to to be able to register Salah
  2. Not that I want to put any kind of spell on this, but I’m calling an injury to wisdom or Smalling within the first 10 games 😐 (sorry but it’s fm/sods law)
  3. The point @KlaaZ was making was, is he your player now permanently, or is he still classed as on loan but signing permanently at the end of the initial one year loan period? (As in a future transfer)
  4. I actually play as Margate - started after they were promoted into VS - and they already had an under 23s side when I took over that was active in the under 23s league - so I don’t think low level would be the problem - maybe it’s a board decision?
  5. It used to be, I haven’t seen it in this years fm yet but you would think at that level of non league, the ‘stadium’ is probably just a bit of grass and a terrace in the middle of nowhere lol
  6. As that’s pretty much the end of the season, and you say you didn’t go far in the cups, did you have many games postponed for weather during the season?
  7. @santy001 so basically it doesn’t matter what I do, I’m either going to pass or fail depending on the players mood on the promise expiry date? For want of a better way of putting it of course. Well he has since signed a new contract so I guess I’m heading in the right direction, 30 something days left of the promise last I looked so I’ll keep an eye on it. Cheers for the help anyway mate 👍🏽 And @FrazT as well.
  8. @santy001 It was exactly what was said above, player wanted to leave, I told him to hang around cos kids are coming through, and now that’s the promise. But without knowing what the exact terminology of the promise is, I can’t fulfil it?
  9. Hmm thanks, But do you mean bringing players through during the current season while the promise is “active” or do youth that I’ve promoted from previous seasons count towards that?
  10. @santy001 @herne79 @FrazT any ideas on this? Sorry to tag you but you were the first mods I thought of..
  11. Search on google for “fm19 lower league database download” and you’ll find something straight at the top
  12. I’m assuming by what @sorrenmills said, I must of made it by saying about the kids coming through. Well the player in question has actually now signed a new deal, but it still comes up as “in progress” on the promise screen.
  13. Already have that, all but 4 of my squad are under 23, 9 of them are under 21.. Like above, I never made that promise anyway. the player apparently promised that to himself.. although since this he has decided to sign a new contract so I must be doing something right. Still curious to know what this “promise” actually means though..?
  14. Yeah but what is a young player, I mean my squad has plenty of youngsters that have come up through the academy in previous seasons, do they count? Is it only players I call up this season? Is there an age restriction on what the player classes as a younger player?
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