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  1. I've only seen it once in my spurs save where lloris (captain) managed to talk to wanyama and kept him away from psg. In my lower league save though, it's never happened (yet) but I just assumed my captains were useless.
  2. Every single time you click continue the muppet ass man changes training back to what he wants it to be! 👌 Helpful... 😐 I'm assuming "this time only" is meant literally and really means "change for this second only" lol
  3. It should be in club records, but there's a drop down option in the top left corner that says this season/modern day.. if you click the modern day option it should be there..
  4. That's the one, thanks
  5. I'm sure there used to be a feature on a previous fm on the league table where it told you that you "can't finish lower than X position".. is that still around somewhere (and if so where) or has it disappeared? Before anyone says it, yes I know I could work it out mathematically in my head, but to be perfectly honest, I really can't be bothered.
  6. I could be wrong here, but I thought professional status changes only happened at the end of the season?
  7. In my current save, I'm Margate (town I was born in) but in previous versions I was either Dover (closest geographical team before Margate got promoted) or Gillingham (closest league team and late grandads supported club) When it comes to LLM I like to feel some kind of connection to the team I start with, sad I know but I suppose most of us have some kind of "weirdness" when it comes to our choices of teams lol
  8. Oh I so want Kammy to be your ass man 👌
  9. The compensation is probably because he's under the age of 24 (think Danny Ings when he moved from Burnley to Liverpool) this might help..
  10. What bonuses did you offer him? App fee? Goal fee etc?
  11. Bonuses are still included in your wage bill, I didn't realise this until I got promoted into league 2 and needed to cut my wage bill for ffp (guessing no ffp in non league) but The game probably accounts for the "just in case" with accounts.. if you have 5 players with a 20 goal bonus, it will account for it happening, and if it doesn't, it gets deducted from the final total at the end of the season and you receive it back into your budget. Think real life basically - rather have it in your budget and not need it, than to not have it and need to scramble down the back of the sofa to find it lol
  12. In a few peoples saves (mine included) they groundshare with Watford for the 18-19 season while Bournemouth build a new stadium.
  13. The game should automatically register to your steam account, and you can link your steam account to as many as you want (as long as steam is downloaded on that pc) Just remember to save the game through the cloud option, and then you can play the same save on both computers. So no, you won't need to buy again
  14. Who are you managing? What nationality is the player? Edit - going through your previous posts, I'm gonna guess at Sunderland and Romero? And if it is, probably Spain, but there's really not much difference between the nations anymore.