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  1. @DE-ZCheck out this topic mate
  2. just a stab in the dark, but would making his second nationality English do anything?
  3. They do a bit, but nothing overly major - on my save anyway - obviously every save is different but the biggest transfer to a Chinese club on my current save is both fellaini (united) and sissoko (spurs) both for 31million each.
  4. Well I'll take that, I was pretty much spot on lol
  5. I think it's 23, but I also believe it's something to do mate with squad status - I think the tutor has to be first team or key player and the kid would need to be rotation/hot prospect/backup.. im not 100% certain but it's something along those lines.
  6. In fairness, you'll find most (probably a good 80%) teams in the lower leagues of any country would have little/no money to start off with - in England for example with league 2/non league clubs - but a quick google search of "fm 17 club debts" shows a few clubs with next to nothing - apologies if links are not allowed but - have a look at that
  7. I'm no expert but I'm assuming there is a major difference in the type of work permit a guy needs to work in a pub or bar , to the type of permit they need to play/work in professional football.
  8. I'm not certain, but I would doubt it simply because we can add our nationalities at the start - although you can probably add a second through the editor.
  9. There's a poster that started in level 22 of non league - admittedly a southern based team but it's a good read for ideas..
  10. 30 seasons is fifa I believe.. there's stories on this forum somewhere from guys who are 100 years in the future in game.
  11. £19.99 at smyths toys and game?
  12. I found tactical knowledge is a good one to have - all my coaches give different advice but the guy with the 20 tac seems to offer a lot more in opposition instructions - closing down, weaker side etc. it doesn't make a difference if he's ass man or not - in the staff responsibilities tab, just set the opp instructions to the coach with the knowledge and all is good - that's what I did anyway. But I will also agree with not listening fully to the coaches, for example in my last game I was advised to put more crosses in because we are winning headers, only to be advised 12 minutes later that our crossing clearly wasn't working... 👌
  13. the Bournemouth/Watford groundshare happens on a few people's saves - including mine as above
  14. Cancel it and get it from smyths toys for £19.99...? (Disclaimer) - Totally don't work for the company and deffo not on commission)
  15. @Goosewinkle - it was marked up as a bug in the bug forum by @Spurs08, but nobody replied or acknowledged it afaik.