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  1. Now I’m actually on the game I can quote the promise and the progress.. promise - waiting on youth players to develop. Progress - has promised to wait on the younger talent at the club to develop.
  2. What does this promise even mean? I’ve noticed a promise to a player (that I honestly don’t even remember making) and that’s what it says in the box. So what is a “young player” exactly? My team is full of players under the age of 23, the player in question is only 24 himself. Or do I need to be thinking more like under 21 age players? (Apologies for this new topic, I know I’ve seen the answer to this on here before in a previous post years ago but I can’t find it anywhere)
  3. Yeah I was kinda hoping that training with the seniors would boost him somehow but maybe not. Thanks everyone 👍🏽
  4. Apologies if this has been asked before, but if I have a 16 year old with decent potential, would moving him to the first team but leaving him available for the under 18s have any effect on him? As in would it improve him more/quicker training with the first team than it would leaving him in the under 18s?
  5. Yeah, personally the first one. However... not that it makes a huge amount of difference but seen as one is left footed and the other is right, it depends which side of the cb position you’re planning on buying him for.
  6. Assistant manager would say he’s not good enough for the team.
  7. For everyone who has complained about strikers not scoring, game being broken or scripted etc (yes I’ve had my moments as well) check this real life example out from tonight... “Frustrating is not a strong enough word for an Atalanta side who broke an unwanted record in a remarkable goalless Serie A draw with Empoli. The Champions League qualification chasers managed 47 (FORTY SEVEN) shots, 18 of which were on target... and drew 0-0. That's an effort roughly every two minutes.” ouch 😐
  8. I did not know that lol. I’ve been scrolling through already read comments to the bottom for years 😐😂
  9. Strange, I had that exact same thing a few days ago on my save, thought I could handle the 4 being away (would of rested 2 of them anyway due to fitness) so didn’t postpone, the next day another 7 got called up, but it gave me the option to postpone again..
  10. Is there any possible way of making it so when we have started reading a thread previously, and we click back on it after it’s been commented on again (like a career story thread) it can start from where we last read to rather than the first page? So annoying and so much effort to scroll to wherever we got up to last - or maybe I’m just lazy
  11. Ahh this takes me back 😂 I guess some things haven’t changed much since 2016
  12. There isn’t... but there is a football league connection like he asked...
  13. Charlie Allen (former gillingham) has just today signed for dulwich hamlet
  14. I think half of billericay were former league players, top of my head there’s.. alan Julian jamie O’hara lloyd Doyley also leroy lita at Margate, Jamie cureton at bishops stortford, Callum Davies at Folkestone Invicta
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