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  1. I think he means how many years for each country. As if you were gaining “eu nationality”
  2. I know it’s not quite what you want, but you could dual-nationality him, but declare him for the Nigerian National team - I know that was an option on previous years, I assume it’s on 2018 as well?
  3. If it was me, I would probably look towards Italy, maybe lazio? A strong rep and a 'slower' paced league, or France. If you're anyone apart from psg or Monaco your board expectations won't be too high, maybe Marseille or Lyon?
  4. I saw @Neil Brock pop up as a youth prospect at Man Utd in my spurs save last season. And a guy called Tom scrivener (who on googling is the fm carribean head researcher) is currently one of my top strikers.
  5. For champs league games, I don't usually rotate players unless it's the group "whipping boys" or I've already qualified from the group and the remaining game(s) are meaningless. Priority is always qualification, then my squad players will get a run out. If it's the knockout part of the comp, I play my first team in the first leg, and then depending on result and if I'm home or away for the second leg, I'll rotate a few but not the whole team - But I would also keep a strong bench in case things start going wrong. I personally try not to start players under 85% - however the natural fitness attribute does play a part in my decision.. players like tevez and Kante for example just keeps running and running no matter what the % - although admittedly that's probably not advisable lol.
  6. It works the other way as well, one week someone could be on your list, the next he's disappeared for no "obvious" reason
  7. I stand corrected then, around 750k to 1 million - plus maybe a sell on % - seems fair if you're not actively looking to sell, he's young, English, premier league, those stats ain't too bad either to be fair - although I will disagree with @Cougar2010 slightly, I believe goalkeepers generally peak a few years later than outfield player. I'm sure it's into the 30s.
  8. Ahh. Now then your best bet would of been to screenshot any random player from your squad stats screen and basically "asked the audience" for what they would sell him for and why. Although now I've wrote that I'm willing to bet that if you did that, you would get completely different valuations from myself, ilkork and cougar lol
  9. This is true, I was lucky with loans, a couple of cup runs (including winning the non league cup) and mostly picking off Players from the relegated clubs.. league 2 was the most difficult in fairness, mostly due to the change from semi pro to pro. But overall, as much as it's amazing to shoot up the leagues, sometimes you do need to take a season or two to "chill" and consolidate some decent income. I'm only 3 1/2 star club rep still and a 3 star manager.
  10. @Cuenca Guy 6000 sellout every single home game - it was a joke to be honest, it cost me more in match day fees than the income I got. Basically losing money every time I played a game.
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