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  1. That’s the thing.. he’s English, and he’s only moved from Fulham to Chelsea - a massive distance of 2 miles down the road!
  2. I didn’t notice this at the time (will teach me for not paying attention to the initial contract page) But one my new signings has a promise where I will bring in ‘a friend or former team mate’ to help him settle.. any hints on how or who when the player doesn’t have anyone at all listed on his favourite personnel? I’ve made two more signings since then, and the promise screen still shows as ‘in progress’ does it have to be someone from his former club(s) or an international team mate?
  3. I’m currently in the first week of February and I’ve just been asked if I would take over now or at the end.. so it’s definitely in the “new year” kind of time.
  4. I don’t understand why they would rig it? All that would achieve is having people moaning that “they can’t win every single game so it must be rigged” or “I lost a game that I dominated so it must be fixed” (did anyone really expect bournemouth to thump Leicester last night? Did anyone expect Southampton to beat city last week even though the stats show city dominated (as shown in image)? (I wonder if Pep blamed the Match engine for that one) Why would they rig the game against us, just to have people moan, so they stop playing/buying the game and the company lose money?
  5. He’s probably aware that if he signs for you with no permit, he won’t be able to play anyway. So in his mind he’s probably thinking “what’s the point of signing and then not playing for however long it takes to get a permit” I would assume the only way to do it would be to offer a bigger contract etc and hope he gets the extra points (I can’t remember exactly what it needs but it’s all in the league rules page)
  6. I was going to say I’ve actually never managed in Italy so I can’t really help, but I suppose going from being a top team in the league (Celtic) Down to a ‘mid-table’ team in Italy would mean a complete change in mentality. Although having noticed that both possession lost and assists conceded are mostly down your left side, I would be asking questions of the full back.
  7. Or you’ll get what I had.. player x comes moaning about lack of depth in cb, (I was already looking at a new guy anyway) went and signed new guy, Player x is happy for about an hour and then comes to me worried that there’s “too much competition for places” 😐🤯😂
  8. Ahh I didn’t read the part time bit.. my logic was going by I work for a tier 7 club (isthmian prem) and as they are only part time players (most have weekday jobs as builders, plumbers etc) they aren’t classed as professional. However on the same logic the club also only give 1 year “contracts” to a select few and the rest are on pay as you play or “appearance fees”
  9. I could be wrong but to offer proper contracts I believe you have to ask the board to turn the club professional, which would be difficult to do unless you’re in (minimum) Vanarama north/south league, I believe that’s step 6.
  10. Yeah I’m playing in league 2 in England and my intake says April.
  11. I get that this is a ridiculously broad question, but my team is Currently having around 15/20 shots a game but only managing 3/4 on target. Now I know it’s not going to be a “one click and fixed” scenario but is there anything I can actually do to help my players realise that they are meant to try and aim the round thing to go between the posts of the big white thing at the end of the pitch?
  12. I’m Maidstone in national league and got approached by Macclesfield in league 2 - but seen as in the interview invite message their board told me they “wasn’t convinced by my record of taking teams away from relegation places” I decided to decline the interview and hope I would get a good boy sticker from current club for loyalty (didn’t work, nothing was said by anyone)
  13. Apologies in advance because I know I’ve seen this posted before, but can’t find the thread... I have just won promotion with 5 games to go in the current season, but when do the players realise I’ve been promoted and become interested in joining me? I’m trying to plan ahead for next season but no “better” players are interested. (if it makes a difference it’s promotion from vanarama south to national league with Maidstone)
  14. With the amount of keepers you have, are you sure parts of Igor’s dof reign at Derby didn’t rub off on you a little bit? 😂 anyway, I think cakir just edges farinez stats wise, but then performance wise you’ve probably played better with farinez in the sticks. Tough decision to make there, but for me, farinez just edges it.
  15. As in basically make the Scottish National team, the Celtic team? I can get behind that. Again, out of curiosity, what would be your thinking if the board say no to a new contract like the previous club did?
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