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  1. I'm probably wrong - I'm not on game at the moment but isn't it just - world (the globe next to the search bar) - clubs - finances?
  2. Kinda like when scholes came out of retirement for 6 months to ease the injury crisis at united at the time? I like the idea, especially if the player is already part of the staff of the club, maybe a quiet little word in his ear to see if he would be interested?
  3. There was on either fm15 or fm16 on the squad screen, a dropdown option to see the amount of games since last start, games since last goal, amount subbed on or off etc - i believe it was @Barside that told me about it but I can't remember exactly where he said it was.
  4. There is in the post game ass man report a little bit in the top right corner (I believe) telling you who made the most mistakes, most passes etc
  5. I don't get that either - surely if he would rather stay here, he just refuses to negotiate a contract with the buying club? Like players do when they have "no interest" in moving clubs when we try and buy someone. but back to the actual topic - totally for this idea
  6. Nah... Games totally rigged against you! .. but seriously, that's appalling luck!
  7. I kind of have the same sort of issue, I leave my chief scout to set up the assignments (Too much effort with 27 scouts) but I've found that he seems to send 2 or 3 scouts to the same place at the same time over and over again, even though parts of my scouting map are either "obscure" or "minimal". Lost count of the amount of times I've checked and seen multiple scouts all checking the Caribbean for the exact same player attributes :/
  8. He's got a point.. if someone had said 3 years ago that Leicester would win the premiership, everyone would of wet themselves laughing and saying that whoever said it was dumb and that's totally unrealistic lol - and yes, I include myself in that. So why would it be unrealistic for West Ham or Southampton to win the europa league?
  9. as long as he remains on the original contract (as signed when he joined) Chelsea will pay the 1m. Whenever he signs a brand new contract with you - doesn't matter if it's today, next week, next year (basically any time before 2020), chelsea will stop paying that 1m.
  10. Just to bring this topic back up.. i give you Barcelona who just completely fm'ed psg lol
  11. It's an old thread but I would assume its still relevant
  12. There's probably an easier way - I'm sure someone will know it - but I would assume either adding him back to the senior squad and re-adding him back to the u23's and allowing 90 minutes, or (I believe) it's on the players devolopment drop down to change the limits.. (not on game so trying to remember through memory, apologies if I'm wrong)
  13. I don't mean to state the obvious, but they are not ticked to only play 45 minutes are they?
  14. @Lucas Weatherby cheers mate, not going to lie, I already ignored and allowed it lol, just wasn't sure so just thought i would double check.
  15. Actually guys scrap this thread.. dumbass over here just noticed the update feedback thread, just posted in there so if any mod wants to close this, feel free