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  1. @Michael Mallia I've uploaded another save with a good example - if you play through a couple of days it comes to the screenshots above where my keeper is played up front again! Shades of Stuart Pearce + David James!
  2. I have a Port Vale save and my U23 staff keep playing players in the wrong positions. I'll have a CM, with no other positions trained, then they will randomly play them at RB, even if there is space in CM! I keep noticing my players "learning" new positions all the time! I've even had a GK playing up front recently! Anyone had anything similar or is there a fix?
  3. @knap Do you have anything similar to the "Preachin Blues VOL 2 451" but with 3 out-and-out strikers (rather than 1 striker + 2 x IF's)? I like the defence and midfield setup but LOVE 3 strikers!
  4. Thanks Knap! I wouldn't mind a bash at them if you could point me in the direction of the download link?
  5. I really miss the FM19 433 Blue Matter with the 3 x AF's and a midfield of 2 x CM(a) and a DLP. Had so much fun with that with the 3 strikers all getting 20+ goals and the full backs getting 10+ assists each. Was a storming formation! Has the FM20 match engine just killed any chance of replicating it?
  6. Does anyone have a good "park the bus" tactic? For example, if you're a newly promoted Premier League team playing away at Man City/Liverpool and wanting to only lose 2-0 instead of 6-0? Or to use in the last 10 minutes of a game where you're winning by 1 goal and want to shut up shop?
  7. I really enjoyed the 4-3-3 from FM19 with the 3 strikers, 2 x CM (a) + DLP (d). Will there be a similar FM20 version? Also, just wanted to say thanks for the work you do, it really enhances my FM experience having these tactics!
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