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  1. Hi guys. I am looking to convert this database to an older version of FM: Only problem is i don't have FM19 - could anybody convert it to a .XML file for me, through the FM19 editor please? Thanks!
  2. Hi guys. Could anybody help me send a zipped version of the numbers folder found under graphics in FM2019? Attached image shows the kit back numbers I refer to. Thanks.
  3. Ok kind of a fix. In stead of changing the "miscoloured" buttons, i created a button which matches the other ones, and changed the 2 correct ones, to the newly created one. At least they all look alike now, which was my main goal.
  4. I've had this issue for the last 2-3 FMs, and never managed to find the solution/place to look. I've checked all possible button graphic folders, and nowhere do i have buttons the colour of the ones seen marked in the yellow circles in the screenshot. Have also been looking for different "accent" colour possibilities in the config and settings files for the various default skins - no luck! Where do i set the colour of these, to match the rest of the buttons throughout my game (to look like all the other buttons not marked in the screenshot - which are the ones i have in all my button fo
  5. @michaeltmurrayuk Is possible to change the way team names are shown in the match title bar? The code i use is the same in FM16 as in FM17. In 16 it shows full name: MANCHESTER UNITED In 17 it shows short version: MAN UTD Even though it's the exacts same code.
  6. Maybe they are too proud for that. I know Debski have been offering his help via email, apparently with not so much as getting an answer. And OLT was lost/gave up years ago already.
  7. That's exactly what i'm saying. No hairpacks this year (or probably in the future). An era is over.
  8. I agree the variation of faces is better, and they look more human like now than on 17. But why is the texture and lighting "so bad". It reminds me of the bug on FM17 like i stated before. Just now it is permanent, on all players, all the time?
  9. If you mean this picture, i got it from Debski's FB group. He gave some examples on how poor the faces still look, by using some random open source face creation tool of the web, and added his hairs, just to make a point. In regards of the picture with the regens all the way from 10 years back up until now, that actually shows exactly what i mean. The paleness of the FM18 player, looks completely fake an cartoonish. Should be like the on on FM13 or 12 - that's a normal looking white skin colour. But those are details. I'm more shocked about the poor quality. FM17 looked like aliens. FM18 th
  10. Maybe, but we all know SI will never give us more options in hairstyles than we, the community, could do. It worked fine before, so again, why "break" it. Now people are stuck with like 6-7 hairstyles for thousands of players by the year of 2025. Half-baked solution. Rushing to implement new things, which are like 5% done. I could understand if we had like hundreds of styles, but this....just no.
  11. You can't, unless you have skills in 3D modelling/game development.
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