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  1. Hi guys. I am looking to convert this database to an older version of FM: Only problem is i don't have FM19 - could anybody convert it to a .XML file for me, through the FM19 editor please? Thanks!
  2. Hi guys. Could anybody help me send a zipped version of the numbers folder found under graphics in FM2019? Attached image shows the kit back numbers I refer to. Thanks.
  3. FOR PEOPLE WHO EXPERIENCE CRASHES IN MATCHES: If you exerience crashes during 3D games, it is caused by these 3 files in the "Vitrex/panels/match/" folder: match feed item panel.xml match feed item sub panel.xml match feed panel.xml Just delete them. This don't affect many, but some seem to have problems, so if you do, now you know the fix. We will recreate them in another way for the next update, as they are build around files from an older FM, which shouldn't be any problem (and haven't been for me and many others), but some seem to be affected by it.
  4. Hard to back up emtpy claims in the end then? I guess so. Thank you for nothing, and good luck to you too.
  5. I will try again, not sure if the question was too hard for you: How exactly is he being greedy (and scummy) as you put it?
  6. Hi Kad38. What do you mean with tactical bar exaclty. Please provide a screenshot if possible.
  7. Okay then explain me about these greedy ways? Did you actually ever create something in your life, since you are talking in this way about something which takes hours upon hours to create? Would really like to hear more about it?
  8. The guy who was whinning about the same issue all of a sudden out of the blue today like you, after being a part of his group for weeks, knowing everything about the conditions of his work. All of a sudden it became a problem for you. Coincidence? I think not.
  9. You probably derserved that after seeing what you wrote to him under your own profile, and that of your friend on the group wall ;-). I can only say the same: If you are not satisfied with the mods/solutions offered, i suggest you make your own. It's exactly because of people like you, that all the great skinners die away.
  10. Yes Emil is aware of this, the wrong widget code was used in 2.0. It has been fixed for the next update. Anyway here is the file responsible for the panel. Extract it to Vitrex/panels/human/ https://mega.nz/#!csMWnZrC!Mgop3eN0t9RN7Go4ht3Z-neYzVtp1HVE1SlToQDHAy4 Have fun :-)
  11. No idea, we never had anyone reporting this, and it's not the issue here, so it's hard to say really. Is it all the widget windows or just one particular?
  12. Depends on your resolution? The World Map locator is not showing as your logo pack is interfering. If you look closely you can se the old metallic Premier League logo appear (transparent). Go into your logos folder, and delete or deactivate the "background logos left/right" part of it, and the skin will work like it is supposed to again.
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