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  1. Hi guys. I am looking to convert this database to an older version of FM: Only problem is i don't have FM19 - could anybody convert it to a .XML file for me, through the FM19 editor please? Thanks!
  2. Hi guys. Could anybody help me send a zipped version of the numbers folder found under graphics in FM2019? Attached image shows the kit back numbers I refer to. Thanks.
  3. SI.........................................are........................you.........................serious? No f%&#&#g wonder all players look alike - is this a bad joke or? So the plan is to populate the game with thousands upon thousands of regens, all being build from the same................wait for it..........................7 (!!!!!!!!) skin templates - 1 per region?!?!?!?!!!! Just when you though the bottom was reached, this just takes a new and more rudiculous turn every day.
  4. 5 more totally random examples i came across while looking at Facebook. It's like playing a horror game where the same monster keeps staring at you no matter where you go, just wearing a different f^*ked up looking LEGO wig every time.... It's really beyond human fathom how they can release something like this, not just for one year....not even 2 years.....but frickin' 3 years straight! Not only is the quality so damn poor, but on top all the faces look alike.....3 years straight. FML.
  5. I just googled "regens fm19" and looked through the forums here quickly - came across these random examples from different games - different people playing. All looking more or less the same, exactly what people was complaining about 2 years ago already + the black skinned players with crazy blue or yellow eyecolor which was also raised years ago: I mean, this is beyond words honestly....
  6. "I wonder if there was some kind of contractual issue with Facegen, which is where they got the "old regens" from. Facegen is pretty established software, used by a few other games and (I think) police departments. There's really no quality argument for the regens starting with FM17. Looks like they're trying to do it in-house but they can't." -devonshmevon
  7. This is totally ********. Many games 10 years old can pull it off - even on iPhone. FM had fine regens up until 3-4 years ago. I have friends working with 3D modelling in the gaming world, and face generation on this level is not as demanding as they want us to believe. If a simple face generation on this level was so resource heavy, then you would need a computer the size of a house to play the likes of FIFA, FarCry, GTA etc where details and amount of graphics are x1000 FM. It's just a bloody face - not the atempt to build a rocket and fly to the moon.
  8. As far as i know he offered his help directly to them back in 2016. Apparently no answer or reaction at all. So as Cedrik puts it: They are totally okay with releasing a game with half-baked graphics - actually "okay" is not the correct word. They are actually proud of it. You can tell by this tweet some weeks ago: This says it all...
  9. This is tragicomic.....been raised for 3 years straight, and they still don't give a damn about it. Or they just have the most useless graphical designers available on this planet. Just leave it guys - will prop. never be fixed.
  10. Ok kind of a fix. In stead of changing the "miscoloured" buttons, i created a button which matches the other ones, and changed the 2 correct ones, to the newly created one. At least they all look alike now, which was my main goal.
  11. I've had this issue for the last 2-3 FMs, and never managed to find the solution/place to look. I've checked all possible button graphic folders, and nowhere do i have buttons the colour of the ones seen marked in the yellow circles in the screenshot. Have also been looking for different "accent" colour possibilities in the config and settings files for the various default skins - no luck! Where do i set the colour of these, to match the rest of the buttons throughout my game (to look like all the other buttons not marked in the screenshot - which are the ones i have in all my button folders)?
  12. @michaeltmurrayuk Is possible to change the way team names are shown in the match title bar? The code i use is the same in FM16 as in FM17. In 16 it shows full name: MANCHESTER UNITED In 17 it shows short version: MAN UTD Even though it's the exacts same code.
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