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  1. This is becoming apparent the more matches I watch in full. Using the suggestion from @Experienced Defender (with a few small tweaks) I've started playing a little more expensive football and using a possession style to control the game at certain points. For example, if I'm 1-0 after 30 minutes, I'll keep the ball a little more to get to half time. I've only played a couple of games like this and I'm still a little blunt in attack as I've won both games 1-0 but defensively I'm controlling the game now which has helped me hugely in terms of understanding the game better.
  2. Yeah i like to be solid defensively and can't quite get that with a 442. Not when I try it anyway! And I like creative midfielders which I have. You're right though, need to shell out on a good striker to lead the line by himself
  3. Thanks and to be fair I'd been messing about with a 442 last season because I could get more out of having two strikers. Defensively a nightmare though!
  4. Don't apologise for a hard critique. However, some constructive advice wouldn't go amiss. All I got was "Sign a better striker", but I don't have a lot of money to spare unfortunately. Some tactical suggestions would be ideal No worries, after I realised that this is in possession DCR makes more sense to cover for the WB(S)
  5. Thanks @scratchmonkey that makes sense. I always thought sit narrowed on a FB just closed the gap between him and DC to protect the channel.
  6. @Experienced Defender Thanks I'll give it a go and see how I get on. I appreciate the work! I don't believe in plug an play tactics as I'd much rather tweak throughout a match if needed. There's a lot more satisfaction that way. One question though as it seems somewhat counter-intuitive, but why have the DCL staying wider next to a FB who is sitting narrower?
  7. I've played a 3 more games and nothing seems to be working. I kept the midfield as support duties to offer more outlets for recycling possession. I tried to play wider to stretch the defence horizontally and added back in the CM(A). I've tried to create more vertical space with a deeper defensive line and a standard line of engagement (and other variants of this). I messed about with roles a little bit but not much. For example used a WB(A) behind the IF(S) to create more width and occupy the fullback however, this just resulted in the opposition winger coming back to mark the WB and the fullback marking the IF. I then added a MEZ(A)/CM(A) on that side to create overloads as my AMR has "switch ball to other flank" trait so I was looking to open up the left flank. but as my winger just likes to stand next to the other fullback, it didn't work either. All that seems to happen is the opposition just mark everyone and completely sacrifice their outball. Just played 17th placed, newly promoted Norwich and lost 1-0. They had 2 shots on target and scored from 30 yards Beginning to get far too frustrated at this game!
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I agree that it's not far away, it's just missing something that adds that bit extra. I think I need to simplify the TIs a bit and maybe try and retain possession when I'm in the position I want to be in being either protecting a lead or holding out for a draw. I see what you mean about upping the tempo a bit to stop the opposition getting back into their defensive shape however, if I try and play quicker in a transition into attack, I've got to give my players time to catch up with play. Especially as I'm playing with a loan striker. Or have I got this wrong? One thing I don't see happening very often is defenders following my striker. He doesn't create the space for anyone to exploit and rarely finds himself in space. I either use CF or DLF with roaming (I've also tried without roaming) but nothing seems to be able to shift defences around. Which is why I'm playing the AML as a winger to try a full back wide to create space for the CM(A) but all my winger does is sit narrow and goes in search of the opposition full back instead of trying to shift him wide. My players seem to just go and stand next to an opposition player instead of proactively finding space. On the dribbling front I'be removed Dribble Less. I see your point and I'll add the specific PIs instead. With mentality, I change that from game to game and depending on the situation I'm in. I usually start with Balanced and assess risk appetite in the first 10-15 minutes. If they are there for the taking, I'll up it to Positive and conversely, if I'm under a bit of pressure from the start, I'll usually sit a bit deeper and adjust roles to compensate for lower mentality.
  9. Hello! I originally posted this in @herne79's thread (below) as I was having trouble trying to implement a possession style of play he talks about. However, as @Experienced Defender pointed out, I should start my own thread so here I am! In the past I've always tried to play quick attacking football however, this year I decided to go for a more possession based system. Herne's thread was immensely helpful but I'm struggling to get them playing as I want to. I've started the season okay results wise (P7 W5 L2), currently sitting 5th, 3 point of the leaders Chelsea. Firstly, the possession stats aren't consistent. I'm predicted to finish 7th so a lot of teams tend to sit back and try and counter. Some games I can have 60%+ but others I can see less than 50% and that's against smaller defensive teams as well. I've included some screenshots of the key players in the squad below and my two main midfielders like to shoot from distance which isn't too helpful so there are a few times when this causes unnecessary turnovers in possession. My second problem, and the one that I'm more concerned about is the amount of good chances I create. I'm not talking about the FM opinion on a CCC as they can sometimes be questionable, but my own opinion such as a clear 1 on 1 with the keeper. With a lower tempo or shorter passing I'm expecting to see a probing approach with an incisive pass to a striker or winger/IF, or for the fullback or winger to pull it back to a deep lying midfielder in space on the edge of the box. What I'm seeing is my midfielders on the edge of the box being closed down by 2 or 3 defenders and still trying to shoot through them. In FM terms, in my first 7 games I've created 3 CCC (2 of which were in a 2-1 loss to Man City). Not exactly threatening football. I've watched most games in full so far to try and get a grasp of it and it's been clear that we've got lucky so far. According to tactical analysis screen I've created 3 chances and conceded 6 in the last 5 games. Below is my base tactic and my squad with what I think are key attributes to help with possession football. I've also included screenshots of all key players in my team. Any advice or help is welcome as I'm beginning to get incredibly frustrated with this game. Note that my roles change from game to game as well. So Eggestein is usually a CF(S) but recently I've had more success with a Poacher up front. AML is always and IF but duty changes. AMR is either a Winger (on support or attack) or a treq. The midfield pair alternate on duties depending on the AML & AMR duties but their roles stay the same. The only other thing that changes is the full backs between FB(S) and IWB(S) depending on the midfield 2. This is my entire squad: And these are my key players: Lastly, this guy came through the youth system and was immediately worth £6.5m as soon as he signed a contract so I think he's good! I'd like to have a system with him as the main threat in the long run! He's still only young though! Anyway, as I said, I'd love some guidance advice on how to implement what I'm after or even if I should be trying to achieve something slightly different with the players I have. Let me know if you need any more screenshots/info! Thanks in advance
  10. Thank for the reply. I'd be interested to know your opinion on tweaks and style of football. I can provide more screenshots if that's helpful!
  11. So I've been trying to achieve this style of football for a while however struggling to make anything stick! This thread has definitely helped improve things. I've had a decent start to the season (W5 L2). However I'm just not creating good chances. Having watched games in full it was clear in those 5 wins I was riding my luck and eventually it ran out as I've just lost to Stoke away. A game in which I had to settle for 49% possession. My problem is creating CCCs having seen only 3 in 8 games (2 of which were in the same game). My base tactic is below, however the roles do change from game to game. Eggestein is usually a CF(S). Kangin on the left switches between a Winger on support or attack and sometimes a Treq and is my top scorer so far. The midfield Horta is always the AP but duty changes as does the CM which is either Harry Winks or Zaniolo. Squad and key attributes are below and I've also included screenshots of my front 5 as they should be the key to it all. I can't seem to create any decent space for anyone to exploit. I've used roam PIs on all of the front 5 to aid possession but it usually ends up in the two CMs just passing it between them until one of them fires of a shot from range. Horta does have the "Shoots from distance" trait but to be fair to the guy, there aren't many options for him. The centre seems to get congested very quickly with both wide players coming inside looking for a pass. Anyway, I was hoping to get some suggestions on improving the penetration to create more good chances. But also, any explanations on why I'm struggling for possession stats as well? I'm just struggling to properly dominate as I want to. As a side note, I struggle to get the striker scoring or generally involved at all. Thanks in advance!
  12. I had Rondon as TM with Almiron and Perez behind as SS and AP(S). But couldn't get it work as I'd liked! A treq does sound more like Perez as he does very little defensively. I do think Almiron operates a bit deeper than that though so a Mez alongside Hayden and Shelvey/Ki. Something like this... TMs Treq Mez(a) CM(d) DLP(s) WB(s) WB(s) BPD(d) CD(d) BPD(d) I'd look to get the left WB higher up and tell him to stay wider to open the channel up for Almiron and try and take advantage of that with Schar and Lejeune pumping balls up to Rondon to knock down for either Perez or Almiron. Just so it's not so one dimensional, I'd look to have Shelvey, Yedlin and Perez keep the ball on the right and try and move the opposition over there to expose the left flank for a switch of play from Shelvey or a cross from Yedlin. This is obviously all theory (dreams), but I currently don't have access to FM until tomorrow so it may not work but it's a starting point I think.
  13. I'd be interested to see how this pans out. As a fellow Newcastle fan I've been toying with the idea of trying to replicate how we've played since Almiron arrived. I've been looking at playing Almiron and Perez more centrally though with PIs to pull them wider in attack. However last couple of games, especially Everton, Perez was up top often beyond Rondon. Rafa seems to chop and change how he plays Perez from game to game so it's tough to pin one single role to him. AP(a) with roaming is probably the closest you'll get. You could also try Almiron as a Mez in a midfield 3 as he often starts from deep and helps out defensively more than an attacking inside forward. I'm not great at creating tactics so not sure if what I've said above accurately relates to FM terms but just food for thought.
  14. Thanks man. Appreciate the input. In your opinion, what would be the maximum number of nations/leagues do you think I could load without seeing a major drop off in performance?
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