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  1. Thanks @santy001. Been away for a few days and just seen your response. I actually started a new save to test and it happened twice in the first season. Zagorakis both times and both times it fell through as they couldn't provide sufficient funds to complete the deal. End of 18/19 season and still under Ashley. That's three separate saves now and twice in one of them. I may report as a bug as I'm not sure this should be the case.
  2. I've started 3 different saves so far in FM 19 and I'm just wondering how takeovers are configured? In all three saves my beloved Newcastle side have been bought by a consortium fronted by Theodoros Zagorakis. In FM18 it was similar and whether I was in charge or not, they'd always get taken over by Andy Ambler. Any ideas?
  3. After some help and advice from @summatsupeer last week I've got a very similar set up to you in regards to roles and duties apart from I use a BBM instead of CM-A and my winger is set to attack (he got 28 assists last season in all competitions, 18 in PL along with 14 goals). Using this shape got my Newcastle side up to 5th despite my away form being woeful. I find the striker doesn't really excel in anything specific but contributes a lot in build up play. I think he got 15 goals and 9 assists. His link up with both the winger and IF created a lot of chances and the front 3 shared the goals equally really. From my experience if I've wanted the CF to be the main goal scorer I've had the most success with an AM just behind an AF. I'm the same as you though and I like the 4-1-2-3 too much.
  4. I've seen a couple of posts about the MEZ and people debating the same thing. Looking what they have given the team in terms of goals and assists, I have no complaint about how the play together, they have both provided goals and assists and have been 2 of the better players this season. I do alternate between the MEZ and CM-A depending on personnel but Barella has been very good in that position
  5. So last year I started a thread (which I didn't update too well) about creating a tactic for FM17. The link to which is here. I've always been a big fan of the formation and have used it throughout most of my FM career. So naturally I wanted to create one in FM18. Having re-read all guides possible and seeing multiple people struggling to get the formation firing, I decided to refer back to my post from last year. The original setup didn't quite work out too well so as you can see from a later comment, I'd made some changes. Similarly to FM17, I have a talented right winger in Vignato that I want to utilise and I want him to provide assists for both the IF and CF. One the best purchases I've made is Nicolo Barella from Cagliari for £7.5m.Contributing 5 goals and 8 assists in his first season playing as a Mezzala with and average rating of 7.23 in his first season and still only a young lad. Anyway, onto the tactic. I've set up as follows: So the idea is to engage the opponent as soon as they hit the half way line which keeps us compact and doesn't let us get too stretched, win the ball back and look for Vignato on the break. The play usually starts with the IF who comes deep and central to provide the initial outlet and then the Mez (who likes to switch ball to the other flank) will spray one out to the winger. The IF, CF and Mez then bust a gut to get in the box for the cross. This has been pretty successful this year with Vignato finishing with 17 assists, more than any other PL player this season. Both Keane and Crutone finished the season with a decent goal tally of 14 and 13 respectively. I will say that the above image is the end result of a season full of tinkering. A fairly inconsistent campaign with me floating around mid-table for the majority of the season. I was trying a few different things but this setup is when everything clicked. I came up with this for the Arsenal game after losing 4-2 to Bournemouth in the FA cup. As you can see, I enjoyed wins over Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. I should have beaten Man Utd and could have come away with a point at City if wasn't for some poor finishing. The loss against stoke was due to Yedlin being sent off in the first half. All in all, a good end to the season which saw me move up and finish 7th and qualify for Europe. Hopefully this form will continue into the new season with a few quality signings. Sule was transfer listed by Bayern so picked him up for £22.5m. The only thing I've struggled with the wing backs. I can dominate a game and win by a couple of goals with everyone seeing ratings above 7. However the highest the wing backs get is around 6.8. I switch between WB and CWB on both sides with the same duties. If I'm facing a weaker side I'll use CWBs to be a bit more adventurous going forward however they still struggle. I guess if results are good and I'm playing how I want to play then I can't really complain but any pointers are welcome.
  6. I'll definitely be interested in the outcome of this to see how you get on. I also prefer the same formation and am determined to get it to work in fm18. I've got a similar setup to you but with a CM-A and I've used full backs instead of wing backs because I was so exposed on either wing. I've always struggled to get the right DM role and also the striker role combining with the AMR/L. I tend to have an AP-S in AML position with an overlapping full back as well as it causes havoc during a quick transition. It's just finishing the move that I have problems with!
  7. I actually had one of my by seasons of all the FM series playing defensive. Albeit with an aggressive formation (4231). All defensive did for me was reduce the risk the players took in the transition from defense to attack. Setting a higher tempo with defensive mentality was sort of a light bulb moment for me. I found that I was still attacking at pace but with a lot less misplaced risky passes up to an isolated forward. I find that a common misconception with people playing FM is that defensive means that your team doesn't want to score and that your sole purpose is to not concede. I highly recommend watching the video @Rashidi did about creating a 4231.
  8. I've made a few changes since the first post and I'm currently 5th in the league so still doing pretty well considering I'm expected to finish mid table. With the original set up I wasn't engaging the opponents quickly enough and conceding a lot of goals from crosses. So I've moved up to a standard mentality with a slightly higher line. So what happens now is the midfield 3 win the ball back round about the half way line and there is still plenty of space for pacey wingers to run into. I've actually got the best defensive record in the league in terms of goals conceded despite having 2 attacking full backs and 2 attacking IF's (switched to IF's as they cause havoc with the opposition defence if they're ever out of position. I've stuck with the DM and have a DLP just ahead of him alongside a CM (A) who adds a lot going forward but is still there or thereabouts to win the ball back. I'm at work at the minute so can't post any pictures but I will as soon as I can.
  9. I’m trying to get more involved in creating a tactic from the very bottom. I’ve spent the last 2 seasons guessing but not really having a clear plan in mind which makes it very hard to analyse where things are going wrong. I’ve scoured the various online blogs/forums and came up with an amalgamation of 2 or three people’s tactics. Arguably a good way to go about things as I started with Newcastle, won the Championship with half a dozen games to spare and then guided them to 4th in the Premiership in the first season. A victory yes, but a hollow one as I can’t fully claim it all as my own work. So having spent a fortune thanks to the fat man up top in Mike Ashley, I have a pretty decent squad as you can see below. And my season expectations are still only to finish in the top half despite the 4th place last season. So I thought let’s try and get that sense of achievement out of it and build something from the base up. So here is the squad I’m working with. A very young but talented group of lads. I’ve only added 2 this season in Ben Davies and Geronimo Rulli to make up for some departures in the summer. So onto my system. I think I just need to ask myself and answer some fundamental questions about what I want in order to start piecing together a decent tactic. How do I want to attack? I want to attack open space behind the opposition defensive line using wide players. Who do I want to attack? I want to attack using the wingers and wing backs exploiting the wide areas behind the opposition's defence and ultimately score themselves or assist the striker. So that means my attacking players will be both full backs, both wide midfielders (will decide on which strata they will fall into later) and my striker. So I’ve got 5 players attacking the opposition half and two central midfielders to decide on as well. I also need to consider what happens if a scoring opportunity doesn’t present itself in the initial attack and I need to retreat and start again. Two support roles in the midfield should accomplish this. I want to achieve 3 things with the midfielders: Hold a deeper position to offer an option if there is no immediate scoring opportunity. Attack from deep, making a late run into the box. I’m thinking a box to box midfielder. Be in a position to quickly support the DM and centre backs should I lose possession and the opposition launch a counter attack. I may be asking a bit much of them but we’ll have a look and see how we get on. I suppose I want one MC to support the attack and one to remain supporting the defence. I just want to make sure the MC supporting the attack is in a position to quickly get back into a defensive position. Everything pointing towards a box to box guy so far. Who do I want to defend? The rest of the team will defend - leaving 2 central midfielders, the defensive midfielder and the 2 centre backs. As my aim is based on how I want to go forward and score goals, so I’ll come back to the defence later. Everything I want to accomplish points to a Counter mentality in my eyes, as that will create the space in behind. The first objective is to win the ball back. I’ve already established that I want to want to win it in my own half, so I don’t want anyone closing down too high up the pitch. To that end I’ll leave the closing down shout for now. Having read in a few different places explaining team instructions, I want to employ the Get Stuck In shout (if I’ve understood this correctly). Combined with the lack of closing down it should get the team waiting until the opposition are in my half before they tackle hard. Thinking about a couple of TI’s, as soon as I win the ball I want to look for a pass into that open space. Pass Into Space will more than likely be getting used but i need to make sure my attacking players are good off the ball. With regards to passing, I don’t want to ask my whole team to pass shorter or play more direct passes. I want my central defenders to pass shorter but quickly to a more creative midfielder. Depending on the passing ability, composure and vision of my defensive midfielder, I may want to limit his passing range too. I need to be careful because whilst I don’t want aimless balls smashed up field by my central defenders in order to clear it, I also don’t want to slow down the transition to attack by making 2 or 3 short passes before the ball finds a player with better passing range. Things like this will become evident on match day so I can tweak this later. The formations I have in mind for this is either a 4-1-4-1 or a 4-1-2-3 with wingers in the AMR/L positions. In order to address potential defensive frailties, I think I’ll go 4-1-4-1 as I’ll be able to create an IF role using the WM and a few PI’s. The only issue I have is the AML. The reason I want to play this system is because I have a very very talented left winger. He’s a regen I picked up for around £2m. He really looks the mutt's nuts so I want to base my tactic around this guy to really get the best out of him. Downside being he’s really really awkward in the ML position as opposed to the AML position. So I may have to leave him further up the field. I know some people say don’t worry about positional familiarity too much as long as their attributes fit, but him being deemed as “Ineffectual” really doesn’t fill me with confidence. So now I’ve set out my goals, how I want to play and have a vague idea of the initial setup. Now to put it all together. I've actually started with the 4-1-2-3 to see how I get on as I've always preferred this shape and it's well set up for a counter mentality. I'm hoping the 2 central midfielders will help the defensive situation as well as going for the Central Defender on cover duty next to the CWB on attack. As you can see I've stuck by pretty much everything that I said, but I know it's not as simple as that. How this performs in the match engine will probably different to how it performs in my head - I'll be very surprised if I'm right first time. I've gone for a fluid shape to increase the creative freedom that is lost in the less aggressive mentality and I also want the team to move up and down the field as a unit. A couple things I want to watch out for are my obvious exposure on the wings and the distance between the half back and the two CM's. So that is what I've settled on so I'll go and get on with some pre season friendlies. If anyone is interested in this thread then I can come back with some findings. Also, if I've made any glaring errors then please point them out
  10. I've changed a couple of things including what you've suggest. I've also removed the Play out of Defence TI to try and mix up the passing range. I don't have anyone competent and of sufficient quality in the ML position at the minute so I've kept Pavon at AMR as I didn't previously have any trouble down that side and it closes the gap between midfield and the lone striker. Is there an changes to the roles you would make? Or does it seem well balanced?
  11. A bit of background about the setup so far: I've always been a fan of the single striker formation with wide men supporting attacks so I decided to set up with a 4123 formation as Bournemouth have a good set of players for this (plus a couple of signings). I'm relatively new to building a tactic from scratch and I wanted to start by making sure the defence is as solid as possible. Everything started pretty well with 7 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses in the first 11. A comfortable 3-1 win over Chelsea and a nail biting 4-4 draw with 2nd place Spurs being the highlights. The stats were looking okay as well in dominating possession and creating plenty of chances whilst limiting the chances of the opposition. So here is the formation and my TI's: I've gone for a counter mentality as it allows my not-so-pacey CB's to sit a little deeper and not have to worry about balls in behind them but makes use of pacey wingers. I didn't want to close down too much in order to keep the defensive shape and stay away from players rushing out and leaving big gaps! Playing out of defence may need to be looked at due to the lack of composure in Upamecano. My first aim is to limit the amount of crosses the opposition. Surprisingly (to me, anyway) I'm conceding more from crosses from my right hand side where Iorfa sits as a FB on support duty. I conceded a lot less from the opposite side in the last 10 games from the left where Robertson is encouraged to get forward. Maybe changing Iorfa to WB Suport as well might help but that somehow goes against the logic that I have picked up through various posts/guides. This is from the last 10 games, although I've actually conceded 14 in the last 10 (8 in the last 4). Please also tell me if I'm totally misinterpreting this info! Can anyone see any glaring issues defensively? Any suggestions welcome! As I said, all started well but then quickly turned sour having lost the last 4!
  12. Made a couple of changes including setting tempo to higher and playing wider. 9 games into the 2nd season and P9 W6 D2 L1. Conceded 7 goals and scored 18 on the way. Currently 4th, 4 behind leader with a game in hand! Not bad for an average toon side. Cheers!
  13. How do you go about implementing that? Just by upping the tempo? I just don't think enough of my my current squad have the first touch or passing ability to pull it off
  14. I'm trying to get a patient build up that is not rushed. I found that if I'm too quick to attack they shoot from anywhere despite using "Work Ball into Box" and "Shoot less often". Trying to play possession football but I keep finding myself exposed. I'll try the suggestions above and see how that goes.
  15. I'm not doing too bad in terms of league position (currently 9th) but my GD is -5. Could be a lot better! Any ideas on how to improve the defense would be welcomed! Current setup - Current TI's Of the 47 goals conceded, 26 have come from crosses. I've tried pulling bot AML/R back into ML/MR roles but that hasn't stemmed the flow. Plus I much prefer the movement of the IF's when in attack. I'm not great at analysing and relatively new to building a tactic so any advice is appreciated!
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