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  1. This is such a great write up. I've fallen into the trap before that I think a lot of people do. I used to think the tactic was the be all and end all and would get frustrated when I had a seemingly balanced and solid tactic but would lose a lot of games. I always had my preferred formation (433) and would set it up with decent roles and duties but not really pay attention to the players strengths and weaknesses. If you're managing an established team (doesn't even need to be top flight) you'll find quite easy to build a balanced tactic by using the current players best roles. Anot
  2. Great thread @04texag. Any plans on detailing your approach to training from youth teams up to first team? It's something I've never quite grasped!
  3. I just lost in the FA cup semi final on penalties and the media are asking the below as if I won and am now in the final
  4. It depends what you want. Shearer was more of a TMa in my opinion. I'd also leave arma as a AF as I'd want him to really push the defensive line. However it depends what you see during the game. It might be that he's too far away from the target man to produce a good link up. So maybe try something that starts a bit deeper like a poacher. To be honest though a TMa might help this anyway. I am by no means an expert so take what I say with a pinch of salt
  5. Following on from @Experienced Defender on the defensive aspect, correct me if I'm wrong but I don't remember wor Bobby pressing high. Bellamy would close down more if opposition played out from the back and Shearer didn't close down too much. I'd say standard line of engagement, standard closing down and remove prevent short GK distribution. I'd also question the decision to force opponents inside when you've only got 2 in midfield. I think you're likely to get outnumbered. I'd prefer to leave this as standard. Obviously just my opinion. Would be great to see a recreation of that
  6. Can you get screenshot in English please? Thanks 👍🏻 unbelievable achievement in first season with Newcastle. You must have spent some money!
  7. I second this. After pre-season I've got 4 new major injuries.
  8. Thanks for this. I'll give this a go. I forgot to include Rayan Cherki who I've just brought in on loan from city who is a lot better than Veron in AML. He's strong on both right and left foot so should be a good option as the IW. One question if have is how you'd adapt this against top teams? My next match is United away and this set up doesn't feel comfortable! Thanks again.
  9. Every year on FM I always go for a long term save with Newcastle and always struggle. Thanks to some help from @Experienced Defender a couple of weeks back my most recent season has been a successful one (predicted 12th and finished 5th), qualifying for Europe. I've mainly been playing on the counter which has worked wonders being a lower ranked team and has been the main contributor in being a huge overachiever this last season. I'm now at that awkward stage the most FMers experience at some stage where counter attacking football is no longer an option for the majority of games. So I ne
  10. @crusadertsar I've previously used a 4312 with adventurous fullbacks to stretch them but also have numbers centrally which has worked well. My 2 main strikers currently are Haaland and Esposito so there's plenty of quality there. I think the shape might be the answer as I've tried tempo and that just results in more blocked shots and more turnovers in possession. I've tried dropping the DL to standard and LOE to lower, again to no avail. Thanks for you advice!
  11. @crusadertsar Great thread mate and it's inspired me a lot. I've been building a more hard working and technical squad over the first two seasons and gone from mid-table at best to challenging for Europe in the premier league. However I've hit that awful stage where I can beat top teams but just can't create anything against the smaller teams. What changes do you make to deal with teams who just sit back and want to hit you on the counter? I can't seem to create anything!
  12. Thanks, really appreciate the advice and suggestions. Depending on the PIs and movement of the WMs would a Mezzala in the MCR slot be a good option? As I said as well, I'm looking to build this into a more possession system eventually, would this shape still be optimal or would you recommend moving the wide men in the AM strata?
  13. For the time being yes as I've got plenty of pace in the side. However, I'm trying to build a squad for a more progressive possession style but not quite there yet.
  14. Here is my tactic as it stands. Just gone 5 games without winning! Sorry for poor quality, I'm using Chrome remote deskot on my phone!
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