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  1. Thanks for this. I'll give this a go. I forgot to include Rayan Cherki who I've just brought in on loan from city who is a lot better than Veron in AML. He's strong on both right and left foot so should be a good option as the IW. One question if have is how you'd adapt this against top teams? My next match is United away and this set up doesn't feel comfortable! Thanks again.
  2. Every year on FM I always go for a long term save with Newcastle and always struggle. Thanks to some help from @Experienced Defender a couple of weeks back my most recent season has been a successful one (predicted 12th and finished 5th), qualifying for Europe. I've mainly been playing on the counter which has worked wonders being a lower ranked team and has been the main contributor in being a huge overachiever this last season. I'm now at that awkward stage the most FMers experience at some stage where counter attacking football is no longer an option for the majority of games. So I need a plan B but I can't quite get any consistency from it. Now I'm predicted to finish 7th and my board require me to play attacking football. I've never really played all out attacking football for any length of time. It's usually situation dependant, normally when chasing a goal. I'm starting to struggle against almost every opposition. Even against weaker sides it's hard to tell where I'm going wrong. Sometimes I'll get hit on the counter and other times I'll struggle to have more that 5 shots. Against bigger sides, I can still stay in the game and maybe sneak a draw but I never look like threatening a win! The original tactic that got me to 5th place is this: The mentality changes throughout the game and I occasionally add Pass into Space and Be More Expressive if I'm struggling to break someone down. In home games against really weak teams, I'll move the ML/R up to AML/R with similar roles & duties. As mentioned above, what I'd like to do is have a plan B that is a bit more dominant and imposing in order to control games. I've got some good technical players as well as some very good prospects. My starting 11 is as follows: I fell like I've got a team that can dominate and on paper, they could challenge for Europe again! I've also got a couple of very good prospects who are pushing for the first team this season: Any help and advice would be greatly welcomed! I'm not opposed to changing shape as I've got a few good strikers so could easily go 2 up top if needs be. Thanks in advance!
  3. @crusadertsar I've previously used a 4312 with adventurous fullbacks to stretch them but also have numbers centrally which has worked well. My 2 main strikers currently are Haaland and Esposito so there's plenty of quality there. I think the shape might be the answer as I've tried tempo and that just results in more blocked shots and more turnovers in possession. I've tried dropping the DL to standard and LOE to lower, again to no avail. Thanks for you advice!
  4. @crusadertsar Great thread mate and it's inspired me a lot. I've been building a more hard working and technical squad over the first two seasons and gone from mid-table at best to challenging for Europe in the premier league. However I've hit that awful stage where I can beat top teams but just can't create anything against the smaller teams. What changes do you make to deal with teams who just sit back and want to hit you on the counter? I can't seem to create anything!
  5. Thanks, really appreciate the advice and suggestions. Depending on the PIs and movement of the WMs would a Mezzala in the MCR slot be a good option? As I said as well, I'm looking to build this into a more possession system eventually, would this shape still be optimal or would you recommend moving the wide men in the AM strata?
  6. For the time being yes as I've got plenty of pace in the side. However, I'm trying to build a squad for a more progressive possession style but not quite there yet.
  7. Here is my tactic as it stands. Just gone 5 games without winning! Sorry for poor quality, I'm using Chrome remote deskot on my phone!
  8. Hi @Experienced Defender Just curious as I'm running a similar system. Would you still recommend the above if this was a flat 4141? I've got both MR/L as IWa with different PIs to offer the variety in attack. I can't get my midfield 3 to perform consistently and after being unbeaten in the first 8 games, I now struggle to consistently create chances. The only difference in my setup is I use a DLF with roaming. I switch between an IWa and a Wa on the right depending on personnel. And finally, I use a CMs instead of the APs as I found that anytime I use a PM he just gets marked out the game. Apologies if I'm hijacking the thread @JamesC86 but my setup is almost identical.
  9. I'm also struggling with Newcastle this year. I really want to make it work with ASM and Almiron but struggle to get them to perform together. I've always been a fan of the 4123 and I definitely agree with @Experienced Defender that the squad is very suited to it. I just think you need to invest in a good DM or CM (aka another Hayden like player) to get something out of it. Would be interested to see how others have got on with Newcastle in FM20.
  10. No worries. I would possibly look at a different formation and add in a DM if you've got one. Then you can look at making a CM more attacking to help in the final third but also do a job defensively. Three attacking duties in a top heavy formation is overkill for a side that are primarily expected to be on the back foot a lot of the time
  11. What issues are you seeing in particular? At first glance it's very one dimensional and easy to defend against. I'd prefer to have the AML as in IW on support duty and and an overlapping fullback. With the DLP on defend duty you can afford to bump your left back up to a WB support. I'd also prefer to use a deeper striker in this system, something like a DLF on attack. Defensively, in my opinion you're asking for trouble. A standard D line with no DM and a higher LOE will see big gaps between the back four and the midfield pair. That coupled with counter press could see you lose any defensive shape very quickly. With a Positive mentality your pressing is automatically more intense so this could compound the problem. I don't know the quality of your players but I think you could balance this setup a lot better and also think about what Brighton are expected to achieve in the Prem. Can they really play a Positive higher pressing game? I'd be looking to lower the LOE to standard (or even lower) to keep vertical compactness and also drop the mentality to balanced this will give space for your forwards to run into on the counter (but you need to make sure they're quick enough). I feel like in formations with no DM, compactness is even more crucial. With other TIs I would probably remove counter press as well. Think about the roles and how you can add more variety in attack with the suggestions above. This are just my feelings after having a quick look at your tactic but other people may have different ideas.
  12. I've recently switched to the 4312 and it's been a revelation. My fullbacks are very average at the minute as not had time to overhaul the squad but they've performed well considering. I've currently got them as FBa and WBs and 7+ ratings every game so far. I've found in this system, in attack, the 3 mids are there to recycle the ball and protect the wide areas and less of an attacking threat. I've been using CAR, DLPd and CMs (with stay wider PI amongst others) and it's kept me pretty solid. I just have trouble playing against a 2 striker system when I don't have a DM and aggressive fullbacks so there's still some tweaking to do. I'm not great with tactics at the best of times so I'm interested in what the next subject involves
  13. This is becoming apparent the more matches I watch in full. Using the suggestion from @Experienced Defender (with a few small tweaks) I've started playing a little more expensive football and using a possession style to control the game at certain points. For example, if I'm 1-0 after 30 minutes, I'll keep the ball a little more to get to half time. I've only played a couple of games like this and I'm still a little blunt in attack as I've won both games 1-0 but defensively I'm controlling the game now which has helped me hugely in terms of understanding the game better.
  14. Yeah i like to be solid defensively and can't quite get that with a 442. Not when I try it anyway! And I like creative midfielders which I have. You're right though, need to shell out on a good striker to lead the line by himself
  15. Thanks and to be fair I'd been messing about with a 442 last season because I could get more out of having two strikers. Defensively a nightmare though!
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