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  1. Oh right, when I wrote that, I wasn't yet aware of the update.
  2. Uhm.... i loaded a file for italian competitions (serie D etc); the file was working and rules was already verified. Then i did a couple of changes simply adding / removing some players from my team and when i try to test rules again, this message appears: but i did nothing to FIFA Club World Cup. I have no idea why this is happening.
  3. Hello and sorry, i would like to change this panel in custom skin because i dont want to know "Current ability" and "Potential ability". I can modify the xml code, but unfortunately i dont know what panel should be edited. Anyone know the filename? Thanks in advance.
  4. Oh ok, good news then! Happy you finally was able to sort everything, great work again!
  5. Maybe it just me missing something obvious but... why Liverpool in EL and not CL? And why Chelsea in EL and Tottenham out of every UEFA cup?
  6. You could take control of team inside top-6 in quarter final, return from holiday in matchdays, select just u-18 players losing intentionally the game.
  7. Ok... i wonder if the problem could have something to do with one team qualifying for Europa League winning the FA Cup and at same time qualifying for UEFA competition through championship position (sorry for my english).
  8. Np... however im sorry, 1st season FA Cup was win by Man C and in 2nd season it did not start.
  9. Just started a holiday with lvl 11 file, only England, will see how much time it needs.
  10. Oh ok thanks! Btw, im using your lvl 10 version, currently in 2032 and enjoying a lot, really a good work! Another thing... i dont write much here but i followed your tread, and if i remember correctly months ago you had to undo your FA Cup editing for some reason and then re-edit again, maybe if in the new SI database there is some change just in this competion you have to re-do that again.
  11. Could be worth trying to start a game using your latest file with the older 19.1.0 database and see if there is the same problem with FA Cup.
  12. That is really similar to what im feeling playing this game.. my limited knowledge of english prevent me to explain exactly what i dont like, but - in example - watching matches is a frustrating thing. Lot of absurd things (long shots to the corner flag, long passes from one box to another ending in a striker alone with a clear cut chance etc etc) having nothing to do with what really happens in a real football pitch, even if the match vision is only an approximation etc etc. Im playing this game from 1995 or 1996, but in last edition there was lot of frustration and not so much fun.
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