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  1. Thanks I have to say that is very sparse considering all the promotions and how many appearances some of your long time players have surely accumulated for the club. In comparison to my own team i find there are too many players being added too quickly, players i would call backups are icons for instance.
  2. Been reading since the beginning of the thread How secure is your job and can we see a screenshot of the legends, icons page?
  3. I wont share my tactics no i think that would do more harm than good, its also against the beliefs of this very thread and indeed my own ideas. Besides as you will find in all of Cleons articles you can win almost any way you want and it really is about the process of developing a solid idea and using every aspect of the game, from choosing staff, scouting to find the right player, to training them to have the right attributes and ppm's, to setting training and managing morale and playing time to develop a player. You need to see everything as a whole not copy some random persons tactic becaus
  4. A bit miffed to see people not read what Cleon and others write so regularly, but i thought i would add this because all those articles you write cleon have really helped me get back into the game after years of not playing. All the articles others have written on scouting, training and tactics have all contributed to me doing this I lost one game to Hull in the capital cup semi which we then lost on penalties and also drew the community shield which we lost to Arsenal on pens. The most memorable game was being 1-0 down with 10 men away to Everton on Boxing day and managing to claw back int
  5. Well as it happens i had to play Man united next so what did our funnily named friend do? Straight red for a poor lunging tackle, living up to his name honestly couldn't make it up after my previous post.
  6. Slightly amusing maybe Unfortunate name, must get plenty of banter from away fans. You would be gutted if you were Gateshead Yup they rehired him after relegating WBA and just about saving Sunderland from the drop the season before. He is likely to get fired this season however. Nice Cup run for this non league club wouldn't you say? Poor Arsenal.
  7. I am playing as Worcester city in the Vandrama North, these are players i have bought or scouts have suggested are good or other teams picked up as free and i later found out were good while scouting. Luke Woodland - Free agent - M Nathan Waters - Free agent - M Thomas Cruise - Free agent - left back Anthony Furlonge - Bishops Stortford for free - Right back Reuben Dass - Loan from accrington - R/L winger Jack Hartley - Loan from accrington - left winger Jake Gosling - Loan from Bristol Rovers - R/L winger My striker Shaun Harrad has banged in 32 goals in 40 games. Scott Tancock - Mer
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