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  1. Yes they can in my game i signed a player from my old club then when signing another there was an option to get the first player to talk to the other one to convince him to sign with us because of their friendship.
  2. In my game he does yes, I found him as one of the GK coach when I took Leeds in 2019 funnily enough. Vann is a championship player at best in my save, just not good enough to make the grade.
  3. Thanks I have to say that is very sparse considering all the promotions and how many appearances some of your long time players have surely accumulated for the club. In comparison to my own team i find there are too many players being added too quickly, players i would call backups are icons for instance.
  4. Been reading since the beginning of the thread How secure is your job and can we see a screenshot of the legends, icons page?
  5. Its 2028 in my game england won the 22 in Argentina and 26 world cup in the USA with different managers! i am the manager for the 2030 world cup. Old trafford Wembley New White hart lane city of manchester stadium elland road anfield st james park stadium of light villa park goodison park
  6. Can you confirm Hereford fc average attendance has been adjusted currently around 2900 per game this season?
  7. It's 2028 in my game and there are plenty of quality regens and pretty much teams are performing as you would expect with some variation given its a fictional world. I do think the biggest teams hold onto a big name player a bit too long and they don't develop or play promising regens enough so they often stall and get sold at around 23 after being unhappy at lack of playing time. I also find I am selling a player to a top club for a large fee and more often than not they don't play enough and get sold. I think the AI value player reputation too highly. However I do think that SI are not far off getting things right.
  8. The irony of this one is i play very similar to the first post on the chalk board but drop the DLP to the DM position Mentality = Counter Team Shape = Highly Structured Goalkeeper (GK) FB (Attack), CB (Defend), CB (Defend), FB (Attack) DM (DLP Defend) CM (CM Support) AMR (Winger, S) SS (Attack) AML(Winger, S) - set there tackling and closing down as high as i can. AF (A) the counter mentality does get the AML/AMR to track back into their own penalty area i often see mine tackling there in fact my AML gave away two penalties recently, the formation can work but you will need top notch players you groomed for years for the roles so yes that front 4 setup can be made to work with the right players, roles/duties, PPM's and TI/PI's. I would humbly suggest 50 league games unbeaten is proof of that.
  9. Full backs on attack would be aggressive wing backs in this system are suicide. The mcr and mcl are not supporting the full backs at all
  10. Agree with rth in my system I use fullbacks set to attack and they get forward a lot, using wing backs with just two central defenders and inside forwards and aggressive mentality is a bad idea you must concede a lot of goals from crosses and long balls down the wings. Also don't assume that wingers can't score I use AMR/L set as wingers on support and they score 20 goals a season each because of the way the whole system is setup. Be less aggressive.
  11. I agree 3 prem titles in a row, 2 champs league and no offers from other top clubs, in real life pep guardiola gets big money offers from top clubs but I haven't even been linked let alone offered a job.
  12. I must be fergie because anytime i get asked for a new contract i tell the player to sack his agent and he does! only once has this failed recently and it can only be because my players respect me. Now its true this was not always the case in this journeyman career early on the players were harder to control but as the success came so did the players respect for me. I do remember selling a player after promotion to the championship and a few players got annoyed including the captain, my response was to sell them all. This actually turned out rather well because it led to back to back promotions.
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