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  1. Indeed, think its 25 years. Im with York in 2040, and still nothing. Even tried the editor to trigger conditions for the board, but nothing happens. Its hard coded into the game. Its a bit weird that the developers dont just say it ? Or give us some information about it. Its also a very random thing to put into the game. 25 years is a very long time.
  2. Maybe its just my logo-pack not working? Have used the same for 17, 18 and 19, so donno. Trying a new logopack to see if that changes. Because it might be that its not working and when i untick the licenced kit i go from licenced logos in Fm to nothing,
  3. In order to have the logo of your created club everywhere, you need to have the "allow licenced kit" ticked, but then in your club info the original clubs kits show. If you untick the licenced kit, you get your designed kits, but then you will not get the logo in most places (The logo will reset into the default logo icon). Am I doing anything wrong? I have done this in FM18 and FM19, and then it worked perfectly. You could design both logo and kits. Now it seems like the override of the club kits does not work? And the logo replacement does not work.
  4. ' No-one has had this problem? Its very frustrating. It kind of makes the "create a club" feel too fake if you want to use a logo. Because in order to have the logo everywhere, you need to have the "allow licenced kit" ticked, and then in your club info the original clubs kits show. If you untick the licenced kit, you get your designed kits, but then you will not get the logo in most places. Maybe its a bug and should be reported as such.
  5. Hi all, Having a frustrating issue: When i create a club, and add my own logo, and edit the kits, the "allow licenced kits" is ticked off. But that removes the logos in many windows and causes it to be a bit random when the logos appear. If i change the kits in a normal game, it also removes licences kits and the logo often dissapears. Is this related to the logo pack i am using? Or why is this happening? It was never a problem i FM 17-18- or 19. Anyone else experienced this?
  6. Hi all, Has anyone played with York City and been able to build a new stadium after 2019? To replace the Community Stadium? I am in 2040... and still no option to ask board to build new stadium. Community Stadium has no expansion possibilities and stops at 12.500. So i am regning PL and CL champion and been in PL for more than 10 years and have no plans for new stadium. Seems arbitrary to me??
  7. It might not be a bug, but i am now in 2040, and still no possibility to build new stadium. Anyone that has coached York City for long and gotten a new stadium? Seems weird.
  8. I hope we can get an official explanation for this. There seems to be very little information about this. And it is a crucial question. Its not "real" that a board would just not even look into the possibility to do something. And, for the game, it is extremely frustrating to try to compete with top 5 in Cl and PL with a 12.500 stadium...
  9. Summary: Not able to build a new stadium because current stadium is too new, but have no expansion possibility. Description of Issue: York City build new stadium in 2019, with about 12.500 with no possibility for expansion. So i go on and i am currently in Premier League and Champions League, have sold out stadium for years, season tickets takes all capacity. Club is rich etc. But there is no choise to build a new stadium. This has been the case with York in Fm18 and 19. I know that then there was a 20 years limit, because each of these games, after 20 years since York Community was build, i got the option to build a new one. So I am quite certain, and i saw others "confirming" it. There is a 20 years limit. On twitter, FM20 official said there was no such requirement in FM20. But how come the board will not let me even ask for a new stadium? Ofc a club with such success would build a new stadium with a bigger capacity. York is a big city etc. Steps to Reproduce: No need, just check board interaction. Not been able to talk about stadium in 10 years. Cannot upload game file because the mb limit of my savegame is too big?
  10. Toro

    Stadium editor i

    I am aware of, and understand, the policy of no stadium costumization in normal FM, because managers dont decide these things. But in editor you can change team colors etc. So i suggest adding a stadium design option. It can be simple. It is just so suprisingly frustrating to get a new stadium of 40k and then f.eks have no corner-seats.
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