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  1. Hi - how does that laptop above compare to this one? https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/acer-nitro-5-15-6-intel-core-i5-gtx-1050-gaming-laptop-1-tb-10180720-pdt.html Also, you say this one has an SSD https://www.laptopoutlet.co.uk/asus-tuf-fx504gd-e4603t-15-6-gaming-laptop-intel-core-i5-8300h-processor-12gb-ram-1tb-hdd-full-hd-display-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1050-2gb-dedicated-graphics-backlit-keyboard-windows-10-90nr00j1-m10320.html?___SID=U but I can't see where it says that on the info screen? (it's probably me being stupid!)
  2. Hi guys, looking for a new laptop to play fm19 and also watch movies, both from Netflix and my own blu ray rips would prefer 3d matches budget - £600-700 thanks
  3. Hi all Coming back to FM after not really getting into 17 or 18, and just playing around with my squad (Birmingham City) Is there still an option to check my assistant managers / coaches knowledge of the squad which I used to used when assessing whether to trust their ratings or not? I can't seem to find it!
  4. Thanks both of you for your comments. How would it work on a completely different scale - I have another player Ryan Shotton who is ineffectual (i.e doesn't even have a yellow circle) for DCM, but his attributes for that position are better than any other player in my squad. Should I still chuck him in and his attributes should shine through, or does the fact that he doesn't know the position at all mean he will be useless
  5. Hi guys, realised this has been brought up before but it seems mainly when training a player in a new position. I'm playing as Birmingham City - I have a player, Jonathan Grounds who is a natural left back (my AM rates him 3 stars) but an accomplished centre back (1 star), however his attributes are much more suited to playing centre back than an attacking full back in my system. My question is, if I train him as a centre back, and play him exclusively as a centre back, is there the chance (depending on factors such as mentality, hidden attributes etc) that his CA (and presumably my coaches rating of him) will increase for this position? Thanks
  6. ah okay, so I can't for example, have 2 routines for left sided corners, and 2 for right sided, it will just cycle through all 4 routines?
  7. Hi guys - just regarding the new set piece features around designing routines. If I design a couple of routines for corners from the left (an out swinger) , and a couple from the right (in swinger) is there a way of getting my corner taker to alternate between the routines? So far I have Inswinger 1, Inswinger 2, Outswinger 1, Outswinger 2 but I'm not sure if the kicker will just use the routine highlighted at that time - I can only seem to have 1 loaded at any one time. I'm also keen to ensure that my kicker doesn't start using the out swinger routine on the in swinger side (hope that makes sense!)
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