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  1. Hi, @Harry Dunning This is still an issue (made this post several months ago): When will we get a Hotfix to fix this? - Big issue for us playing online
  2. Yep - Know when I return to this (in ´coaching´-mode): ...instead of playing my FM; that is because it just doesn´t excite me (.....and actually never really had it like that before with the CM/FM-genre)
  3. Sure it can probably work to a degree (everything is relative) - But you won´t by far get as good results as with four atb. -> It´s clearly quite broken.
  4. Yep, every possible way (......but wow; The testing forum results..... ) Could you send your tactic, perhaps it works? (as well as the 68 other tactics)
  5. The two screenshots, that simply says it all about this years ME ! (Want to play three at the back, anyone? ) ..Diversity gone !
  6. Thanks for the input and feedback @Pasonen - Good to know not the only one who´s been puzzling about this @Josh Brimacombe-Wiard and @Jemal Wiseman : This from another game of my testing (no pkm on this one unfortunately), but it occurs many times doing matches. How I would love for D´Ambrosio to just whip that ball down the flank to the (this time) simingly willing run from Lautaro Martinez. - Instead he decides to play it back safely, eventhough not pressured. - He (my WBR) has More Risky Passing - More Direct Passing - And its set to Pass Into Space. I have just added my tactic, then you can test yourselfs 3-5-2.fmf Hope you´ll look into Thanks beforehand, Toonrock
  7. Hi! If there´s one thing I´m sort of missing in this years ME, it´s the through-balls to (and not least, wide runs from) the strikers. It was much more implemented in the MEs of FM17 + FM18. Eventhough I have strikers set at Move Into Channels, and for my WBs part in my 3-5-2, set Pass Into Space plus More Direct Passing, it´s just not in a proper state in FM20 (didn´t play FM19, so wouldn´t know if it was the case there as well). The thing is, you simply very rarely see attempts from the WBs (or wide runs from the strikers) to make use of the open space, in which to receive a through-ball, although lots of situations are obvious opportunities to pass the ball into space. Have attached pkm and hope will be looked into PAOK v Inter.pkm Is it something you´re already aware of? Working on? See illustrations below:
  8. Hmmm, yes the in-game editor - But would never cheat though, some people would - but it´s really not my style. Spoils the fun of the game
  9. Hi! Made a screenshot in-game: - When I try clicking on ´Manager´ it flashes light-blue for a second and then nothing. So I can´t select it and choose training. It´s my friend, who´s hosting - so I´m "the guest". His Training works fine (Where you can choose between Manager and Ass. Manager). Here´s what he´s seing: Hope this is enough, otherwise just let me know
  10. Yep - Have tried to lure a link for his holy grail of a tactic out of him. Simply false advertising it seems
  11. Yeah - if they could / would just tweak the ´finishing´-thing in open play, the game could (have) be(en) massive
  12. Hi, I play Touch with a friend online, and while he can manage his training, I can´t. Are you aware of this issue? Would suggest you try testing it yourself. Thanks beforehand for answer & hopefully succesfull fix Toonrock
  13. Still just empty words - Still awaiting that tactic instead of the words - Then I´ll test it with a striker similar to what you prescribe - And yes; Will continue to be criticizing the game, if I think it´s justified. I think the graphics is awesome, the gameplay is awesome - The ME, really not (And it´s really a shame - Some of the combination-play is great, but there are too many things on the negative side - finishing, too many goals from set pieces, crossing being blocked countless times etc).
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