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  1. I have a suggestion; Stop adding FM features, that “seems okay” or “about time” to add to Touch. Just don’t!: If I wanted Shouts in my gaming experience, I would play full-fat version... - As could have been feared, as FM is taking on more and more features - It seems SI is saying: “Well, guess we can add some ‘older’ features from FM to Touch”... No and no!; The whole point of ‘stream-lined gaming experience’ is slowly fading out, making Touch an older version of an original FM... I want to play Touch for the tactically and simplified match experience - NOT to have role pl
  2. Yep - Know when I return to this (in ´coaching´-mode): ...instead of playing my FM; that is because it just doesn´t excite me (.....and actually never really had it like that before with the CM/FM-genre)
  3. Sure it can probably work to a degree (everything is relative) - But you won´t by far get as good results as with four atb. -> It´s clearly quite broken.
  4. Yep, every possible way (......but wow; The testing forum results..... ) Could you send your tactic, perhaps it works? (as well as the 68 other tactics)
  5. The two screenshots, that simply says it all about this years ME ! (Want to play three at the back, anyone? ) ..Diversity gone !
  6. Hmmm, yes the in-game editor - But would never cheat though, some people would - but it´s really not my style. Spoils the fun of the game
  7. Yep - Have tried to lure a link for his holy grail of a tactic out of him. Simply false advertising it seems
  8. Still just empty words - Still awaiting that tactic instead of the words - Then I´ll test it with a striker similar to what you prescribe - And yes; Will continue to be criticizing the game, if I think it´s justified. I think the graphics is awesome, the gameplay is awesome - The ME, really not (And it´s really a shame - Some of the combination-play is great, but there are too many things on the negative side - finishing, too many goals from set pieces, crossing being blocked countless times etc).
  9. I love when people being asked, if they would care to share their tactic with us, that is working so wonderfull and where strikers score plenty -> And then it ends up in ´words´ when an answer is given... Seen and heard it too many times, to know what to call it
  10. Then if you would, post your formation in file, and I will try it out with Inter? The problem has not been tactical, coz when I watch the games in Comprehensive, we play great football and Lukaku gets so many chances (from headers especially)... All floats over the goal or straight into the hands of the keeper, from 4-5 meters distance... No directing the ball, it seems heading attribute has become totally irrelevant... -> ......Guess what happens next, after this wonderful cross from D´Ambrosio... (Have changed to my other fav formation, 3-5-2, seemingly the strikers don´t
  11. The finishing from strikers in this years version is aweeesome ! Lone striker on top, in a 4-3-3. Have just started new save with Inter
  12. Best side? Do you mean Liverpool? Doesn´t happen in just one game, happens way too often in generel in FM. Just gotta say; To all of those on the forum saying ´everything is just fine´ and ´I have no problems scoring´; Just leave your tactics in the thread or Tactics-section, so it´s there to try out and test ...But really doesn´t happen, does it now(?)
  13. Yes, great example - Crystal Palace definitely have similar strength in gk+defense as Atletico Madrid....
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