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  1. This PKM example says it all; Watch the two last goals, that Tottenham (human manager) scores (88. and 91. minute). The same player scores TWO GOALS WITHIN 3 MINUTES, EXACTLY IDENTICAL from Throw-in exploit....... No AI players are doing any marking... ...He does the same in the 66. minute (...that´s 3 goals, one match) Broken - REALLY broken...! Tottenham v Everton.pkm
  2. Wing-backs (with SUPPORT-ROLES (!) - In line with the two strikers...(crazy) - Please look into this
  3. It´s mostly standard situations (corners, free kicks), that gets scored from.. Must say, it´s quite boring to be honest this years ME (at the present)... - Lacking the variety of attacking play and different ways the teams could score - As it was in FM18. If it doesn´t get better, I must go back to FM18 then (Would have loved to have an 18/19-update for that ME).
  4. Hi, Wing-backs in FM18 (In position to receive ball and participate in the build-up in midfield): - The Wing-backs here are with an ´Attack-role´ Then, Wing-backs in FM19 (Hidden away, not very playable - Makes it difficult to proper build-up - They are almost in-line with the two strikers): - The Wing-backs are with ´Support-role´ (Notice; FM18, they are actually MORE offensive(!) PKM attached (Lazio v Fiorentina.pkm) - Watch the first 3 minutes, and you will see it straight away how high the wing-backs become - and thereby difficult to get involved in build-up play (Picture from FM19 not the same match, forgot to save match). Hope will be fixed (Still work to do on this ME compared to FM18, sorry to say - Still don´t understand why you changed that relatively many things to begin with.. (Watch this thread also, regarding ´strange positional tendency´ in FM19-ME: https://community.sigames.com/topic/459037-´too-deep´-bug-in-fws-supporting-role/). Cheers, Toonrock
  5. Hi! Thanks Really glad you´ll look into it and hopefully fix
  6. This one also, @Isaac Simmons or @Ben Allingham - Will you perhaps look into this? Thanks beforehand Toonrock
  7. This something I´ve provided enough info for now, @Isaac Simmons or @Ben Allingham? Or has the issue already been looked into for 19.2? Cheers, Toonrock
  8. Sounds great, thanks for taking into consideration ..We still have tendency to click the wrong icon So would be really nice with adjustment Cheers, Toonrock
  9. Simply, player not doing what´s instructed in the set pieces-set up for corners (attack) Lazio v Fiorentina (CORNERS).pkm - Badelj (my MC) is assigned to mark the GK. Cheers, Toonrock
  10. Hi, Been testing several matches, and there´s really a huge percentage of red cards, and almost always with the commentating describtion of "a two-footed lunge" (where actually, it rarely is - Reference to this issue, I also made in the following thread: https://community.sigames.com/topic/460878-what´s-up-with-the-constantly-diving-tackles/). I only practise ´hard tackling´ with my defenders plus midfielders (..Won´t even begin to imagine what ´Get Stuck In´ would end up with in number of red cards) So began to save matches, and there was THREE matches in a row, where there was 4 straight red cards(!)... This is quite game breaking, so hope you would "turn it down" a little by tweaking. PKMs have been attached below with the three matches played in a row: Lazio v Fiorentina (1).pkm Lazio v Fiorentina (2).pkm (...Marco Parolo goes in to challenge for the ball (with an upheld body posture), but gets sent off for a ´two-footed lunge´-tackle). Lazio v Fiorentina (3).pkm (...David Hancko´s challenge in the 80th minute don´t even deserve a red card imo, and again; No ´two-footed lunge´). Cheers, and thanks beforehand for looking into, Toonrock
  11. Hey @Isaac Simmons So, now I have made a few examples. First of all; Look at this penalty given to Fiorentina. - My WBR, Marusic, slides in on Chiesa to win the ball (Seemingly cleanly, when you watch the clip). - But the commentating is concluding that it was an insanely dangerous two-footed tackle (hmmm? I can´t really agree ) - (Time indication in screenshot). Lazio v Fiorentina.pkm My point is: It seems challenges in the ME are very easilly ´over-dramatized´, resulting in unneccesary penalties and red cards (...Almost red card every second game I´ve played, and I only have ´Tackling Hard´, and no ´Get Stuck In´). - In this game alone, there was two red cards (Of which one was for the (imo) excellent tackle by Marusic). Secondly (Regarding the many sliding tackles), you can watch the goal highlights in the 59th and 81th minute (But in general, there are just many dives into tackles): Milinkovic-Savic makes a sliding challenge to win the ball in the build up to both goals, and don´t get me wrong, I love that he gets the ball and sets up an attack that leads to us scoring - But especially the first one (in the 59th minute) looks really dangerous and risky, with the opponent ´sent flying´ up in the air (Especially when Milinkovic-Savic doesn´t have ´Dives Into Tackles´ as PPM). Hope this was good info provided to look at Cheers, Toonrock
  12. Yes I could see, that was great - Thanks
  13. Why does players (incl strikers) 80% of the time dive into tackles when challenging for the ball (Without having this PPM)... ...Rarely does this in FM18... Sometimes I really don´t get how you can say you ´build upon the previous years ME´(?) Much work to be done (imo) to even get close to the standard of the excellent ME from FM18. Only thing that wasn´t good about that ME was the ´3-man striker-exploit´. - I never detected anything else, and that´s why I really concider it the best ME you have ever made at SI. - SO STOP CHANGING IT, PLEASE(!)
  14. I don´t always get it, when it comes to getting issues looked through; Sorry, but how can one screenshot (with no info) be more suitable to investigate, than an actual ME-problem as I´ve posted earlier(?) - See below: https://community.sigames.com/topic/460804-wing-back-bug/
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