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  1. Yeah I agree with that - Long shots was not the best in that version, to put it mildly (so many other/all other aspects I loved though). ..On the other hand, what I really didn´t like about FM17 was all the penalties given from corners or crossings (free-kicks and open play), game ruining imo.
  2. Definitely some good improvements imo - 1vs1´s much better and higher succes-rate - More variations of goals All in all, it´s much better now I still fell though there should be thought about handling future editions of the game with different approach. But praise for this latest version is justified, well done! (Hopefully won´t change too much now )
  3. Hi! Normally I mark all the players (except of course those not at the club), and the I can rest them by one selection/click (under training) Doesn´t seem to work anymore
  4. The button doesn´t exist anymore seemingly, wanted to press out of a friendly match. (Don´t know if this is the right forum to be asking?)
  5. Will buy it 1st of March - And only 1st of March. I´m done with just sitting, not being able to play, because the games ME changes from patch to patch over 3-4 months. It´s the same thing every year. There´s no game stability in this periode, and frankly it´s somewhat of a ´turtle race´ getting the game to it´s optimized state of play.
  6. I would say that with all the stuff they keep putting into the FFV, then Touch is more relevant than ever! I ONLY play Touch
  7. Sure, I made a pdf which I forwarded to the studio, it explains my thoughts and idea (It´s okay to read it, but I would appreciate it not getting mocked or condemned on the forum - Thanks ). SI.pdf As to the sampling (before it got closed by a mod), I think it´s as good a representative as any (That´s why they call it a sampling ) I would bet £30 on you buying the game - Also when it was just the DB with some new extra features in the game (but with an intact ME). - You wouldn´t be able not to, because we love the series too much. And frankly, there´s simply none as good alternative franchise - And there probably never will be. And that´s okay!
  8. SI could easily have their game released every 2 years - with a DB-update in between - ...and still make the exact same amount of money as previously. This would bye them the time to go in-depth with the work on each new version. - And I would bet that every single person out there would buy a Database Update every 2 years. From the sampling of 36 people, 30% would like a new FM every year - while 70% would prefer a game every 2 or 3 years... So yes; The ´grumblers´ are the majority (sadly) We all just want the best possible solution for a good, playable FM in the future. The truth is; SI have an undeniably (and well-deserved) 100% monopoly on this quite narrow selection of football management simulations on the market. - Once you´re in, you´re in! (as a FM-player), because nobody has the capacity or years and years of experience of developing this kind of unique Player Database and ME-coding.
  9. Looking forward to Winter Update March 2020 - And one year from then - When I´ll be buying FM21 on 1st of March 2021 (And not one minute earlier! - And at a probably favorable price by then ). We´re now well over 70 days in since I bought the pre-release (am playing Touch) - And haven´t actually been able to play it since then due to the ME. I am yet to start my first career game Have to say; It´s stunningly slow proces... Will never ever again buy the game before March (Unless SI do something radically in their thinking).
  10. Vacuum cleaners? - That sounds sensible (if that´s what it takes to get the message through). Of course software products can be more or less exposed to having to be corrected / tweaked. And not many are perfect from release - no. But then again (I know from people who play FIFA, PES, WoW etc.), it gets corrected relatively quick, and one does not need to wait 4 months for the end product (every year). - And one thing is that there´s errors in games, but in FM it can get really messy (like pre-Beta ME).
  11. It´s a unique product, no doubt about it - But also one of the few products on the market, where it´s processing 3-4 months, before you get the end product. - That´s the main issue. Love the set-up, the graphics in this years edition... But as it´s been every year, there simply isn´t a finished product (first and foremost the ME). And it seems people are getting more and more annoyed by this (my online gaming group included). That´s also one of the reasons I think people use car analogies (e.g.) on here, @HUNT3R - It´s trying (in all ways possible) to describe in an understandable way, how they feel about the ´business model´. It may seem overcritical at times - but in the long run, it´s simply that everybody just wants to have a good FM-version every year, and not having to sit around "waiting" for the product to get completed/fixed, when they obviously would like to play the game somewhat simultaneously to the current season (and not wait until March, with game release in November).
  12. Only thing about FM18 that didn´t work was the three-striker issue (but then; you could simply avoid using this exploit tac). Imo, anything else was next to perfect, or at least the best ME ever been developed.
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