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  1. Also looking for feedback on the Huawei Matebook Pro X i7 model...
  2. Basically the fans going into overdrive as soon as FM loads up and the game becoming very laggy and slow. I've come to the conclusion that it just can't handle the 4K resolution.
  3. Anyone got any experience with Huawei's Matebook X Pro? Looks like a great alternative to Apple. Curious to know if anyone has played FM on a Huawei laptop as I've had a lot of issues on a Dell laptop with a 4K screen, and the Matebook X Pro has a 3K screen. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Huawei-Matebook-PRO-13-89-Inch-Laptop/dp/B07KCJGGW3
  4. I don’t find that good enough from SI. We've all spent money on this game and are being punished for having a higher spec device.
  5. I don’t find that good enough from SI. We've all spent money on this game and are being punished for having a higher spec device.
  6. Still refuse to play the game until it is in full screen. Other apps have adapted, I don’t know why FM is taking so much time. This is beyond unacceptable now! ”Main priority”... I highly doubt that. It would be fixed and updated by now if so.
  7. Would anyone know if the FMT in-game editor allows you to change kit colours?
  8. I know SI would argue that the game is playable, but I would say it is down to opinion. I've had this game since November and have yet to even play it do to the aspect ratio issue. What is SI's stance on issuing a refund on the game? It's a broken product until the aspect ratio is fixed and I don't feel like it is coming anytime soon.
  9. Any news of progress with this issue? If it's any help, every team starting in the English Premier League is fine when it comes to the outline colour on their shirts. However, there are always teams in other leagues which have an unusual colour around the lettering of a player's name, such as blue to gold. Maybe looking at the 'settings' for those Premier League teams may help you solve the issue for other team shirt in the game?
  10. I'm praying for a fix this week! If it is a priority, surely it must be nearly fixed by now? I sincerely hope it will be released as soon as it is working too. Cannot wait until after the January transfer window closes!!
  11. https://youtu.be/h5kFjrbgrNM Just watch some YouTube videos like the one above. Logos work on iPad and Android devices. End of.
  12. You can add logos and other graphics to the game. SI just deny that this is true, bizarrely.
  13. What is the verdict on this? In previous editions of FM, the league colours in the title bar have always matched the colours of the nation i.e. white background with blue text for England. Why would the lower divisions be in silver, bronze etc? Seems daft.
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