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  1. I sincerely hope FMT19 will have transfer history records. I like to look back over past season transfer activity like in the FM game. Transfer history shouldn't be lost when a new season starts.
  2. McClane29

    FMT19 just one thing I ask

    Graphics shouldn't be 'scaled down' to accommodate much older tablets or lowered spec'd gadgets. I've got a really old iPad that FMT won't run on which is fair enough. However, I am planning on purchasing the next iPad Pro which should be released in the near future. Why should users be punished just to help those who deliberately choose to buy a cheap and inadequate tablet. Hopefully in FMT19 we'll see: Improved graphics / matchday experience Able to run more than 3 nations (hopefully 5+) Longer career duration (40+ years)
  3. How long until we see screenshots?
  4. Current iPad Pros (most likely newer, faster models coming in 2018) and high-end Android tablets have so much more power than the tablets a few years back. 3 nations really needs to be upgraded to at least 5 and surely another decade could be added to the game duration?
  5. To install graphics, it's basically the same as you would do in the desktop version. Just save in the graphics folder. The Huawei M5 has a 'desktop mode' which makes organizing folders easier.
  6. Thanks, mihaiz79. I've ordered an M5 following your feedback. Keep us updated with your progress with FMT on it, please.
  7. Thank you! Is the game running smoothly so far? Have you added any graphics?
  8. No replies via the SI forums or FM Twitter... Surely this must be known by now?!
  9. I'm also eager to know the anwser to this as I'm considering purchasing the M5 simply to play FM Touch.
  10. Looks like a definite bug to me.
  11. Really? The last time I played on iPad was FM14 and I managed to add facepacks and club logos back then. What has changed? Are you just saying "no" because it is not authorized by SI and it is actually possible?
  12. McClane29

    New Ipad 2018

    A new iPad Pro is expected to be announced next month too. Even though Touch is ideal for cutting down on some things from the main game, I would at least hope they could allow saves to go beyond 30 years and allow us to run more leagues in future. Users with higher spec tablets should be able to expand the game.
  13. Are you playing on an iPad/Tablet?
  14. McClane29

    New Ipad 2018

    Does FM Touch run much differently between a new standard iPad and the latest iPad Pro?
  15. McClane29

    Tablet 30 years limit

    Tablets are continuing to improve performance wise and it would be nice to have the option of a longer FM career. I hope people at SI will be keeping an eye on what Apple have to offer with their new iPad Pro to be announced next month.