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  1. This is always frustrating, but just one we have to accept for now I guess.
  2. I’ve noticed on FMT19 that there are some clubs who have unusual lettering colours on the back of a player’s shirt, whilst in the player screen. For instance: Ajax - White lettering with a blue outline. Why blue? Surely all white or a black outline would be more appropriate. Dortmund - Black lettering with a bright blue outline. Again, why blue? Inter - White lettering with a gold/yellow outline. I think the lettering should be blue on this occasion to match the shirt numbering. See screenshots attached to view examples. This may seem like a minor cosmetic issue, but it bugs me. The game is looking sleeker than ever this year, but I think these lettering outline colours should be corrected. There are many other clubs with similar examples, but I just used these clubs to highlight the issue. Hope this can be rectified. Thanks.
  3. This may be an issue effecting other versions of the game, but whilst playing on the new iPad Pro 11”, I have noticed that players with multiple positions tend to have their named pushed higher up the screen. If a player’s playable positions require a second line, their name will be pushed up the titlebar and is not spaced correctly. This could be an issue due to the game not being properly optimised to fill the new 11” screen, but thought I’d raise it still.
  4. McClane29

    iPad Pro 11-inch | Screen Optimization

    Should this be moved to the 'bugs' section?
  5. The new iPad Pro 11-inch launched this week and I am lucky enough to have bought one today. FM Touch 19 seems to be working smoothly from what I have viewed so far. However, the main issue is that the game/app does not fill the 11-inch screen. There are significant black bars to the left and right sides, as well as some minor ones at the top and bottom. I know the 11-inch is not listed as a compatible device, however, it is probably the most powerful tablet yet, so surely will become registered as compatible once SI get their hands on one. Therefore, is there any suggestion of how long we have to wait for SI to optimize the game to display properly on an 11-inch iPad Pro?
  6. McClane29

    30 Season IOS Limit

    Hopefully the new iPad Pro launching today, will demonstrate how well a tablet can process such a demanding game like FM. I understand why there is a limit, but an additional 5/10 years would go a long way to improving the game.
  7. I haven't got the game yet, so just seeking feedback from users who are already playing FMT19 on tablet... Transfer history used ti disappear for past seasons in the past. Is this still the case in FMT19, or can you now look back on transfer history for clubs like in the full game? Thanks for any info.
  8. New iPad Pro launches 7th November. Hope SI optimise the game to work with the new 11-inch device from the start.
  9. Apple have announced a hardware event for October 30th, where the new iPad Pro models will most certainly be announced. Surely it is safe to assume that FMT19 will be optimized for such a high-end tablet?
  10. McClane29

    No FM touch beta

    I see. Thanks. Squad, Schedule, Transfers History, Tactics, Inbox, Scouting, 2D match engine, Player Home Screen. That's quite a few requests sorry, but any screenshots you can fulfill would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. McClane29

    No FM touch beta

    Awesome! Is this FMT19 from a tablet? If so, could you please share some other screenshots of the game? Possibly some of the new features etc? Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. McClane29

    FMT19 avaliable!

    Can anyone post some screenshots of FMT 19, please?
  13. Will there be a 'dark' version of the default skin in FM19? I won't be able to cope with that much purple!
  14. The interface is far, far, far too purple! Yuck. Also, those watermark lines in the header and side menu look dreadful.
  15. I sincerely hope FMT19 will have transfer history records. I like to look back over past season transfer activity like in the FM game. Transfer history shouldn't be lost when a new season starts.