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  1. Admittedly I haven't given it a lot of thought, but I know it won't be easy to improve on. I think they need to give more intelligence to the journalists and the ability to develop relationship/enemies with them and their publishment. I know this is sort of in the game already, but I've never paid much attention to it. The questions are so predicatble and it's just the same questions being repeated over and over. Also the gestures this year are dreadful. Very few of them see realistic and they add very little. Answering questions should be instinctive and snappy. Having to click a ge
  2. I agree with most regarding United players, particularly Greenwood and Wan-Bissaka being given downgrades. However, Rashford deserves a fall in PA. 5 years he has been starting for United and still he struggles with consistency, that killer instinct in front of goal and generally staying on his feet.
  3. I despise everything about the press conferences, pre/post-match interviews etc. From the repetitveness of questions to the terrible interface they have introduce this year. Don't get me wrong, I want to do the media interactions, it's a big part of management, but the whole idea needs scrapping and given a fresh start from scratch.
  4. Anyone managed to acquire Haaland in a long-term United save this season? How has he done if so?
  5. Baffling how Bruno hasn't taken the armband off Maguire in real-life.
  6. I'm also eager to know this and what the Dortmund board are like regarding transfers. Dortmund are notoriously a selling club, but as seen by their handling of the Sancho to Man Utd transfer last summer, they will at least play hard-ball over fees. Anyone know if they're likely to accept bids over the manager's head?
  7. Just starting a Man Utd save. Any suggestions on how to organise the staff? Nick Cox looks decent as HoYD, but I've read he isn't the greatest due to reputation etc. Bruno Conti has already turned me down. Do you usually change the scouts at all? 29 when only allowed 16 seems to be bloating the department. Would like to bring in a few more world-class scouts, but I wouldn't be able to bring any in until I reduce below 16 which doesn't seem likely.
  8. I'm finding it difficult to enjoy FM21 due to its chaotic interface. The match day screen is an absolute mess. Obviously the inability to have widgets anymore is a big loss, especially when playing in 2D. However, the in-between match highlights just results in everything pinging up at once on your screen with little though given to how it is presented. It's almost impossible to take information in. There are also pop-ups with the latest scores and assistant feedback which repeats what has been pointed out in the dugout, only to block part of the pitch during highlights. As for inter
  9. Thanks for creating a bigger config file. Unfortunately, I attempted to use it and there have been no change to the Personal Assistant or Press Officer. I am playing on a large database which is just shy of 50,000 staff. Is there any way of creating a larger config file easily? Thanks for any help.
  10. Are the logos instructed to appearing for certain competitions? i.e. Champions League uses the BT Sport logo only?
  11. Is it possible to use stadium backgrounds on matchdays in FM21? I view games via the 2D match engine only. Is it possible to have the stadium images in the background so they can be seen behind the pitch in the absence of widgets or in between highlights?
  12. Take a look a the topic posted above. Explains a lot about resizing panels which will be needed following the inclusion of the stadium image. Try looking at the two panel files I posted in the last post and see if they work for you.
  13. Thanks for your continued help, @BuzzR Unfortunately, I wasn't able to achieve the desired results with the last suggested advice. I decided to revert back to the old 'Club Overview Stadium Panel' which I had used in FM20. Using that file has completely removed the issue of the stadium detail text moving around randomly. Once I'd made some adjustments to spacing and sizing, I believe I have the stadium panel looking as intended. The only issue which appears to still exist and has mutated are select title headings disappearing. When you first boot-up FM21 and load your save, I fi
  14. Sorry to be a nuisance. Can you detail how you gave "more space" to the club overview panel withing the club overview pane? The only reference I can see is the following code (but there is no numerical attribute to change): <widget class="club_overview_stadium_panel" id="clos"> <record id="object_property"> <list id="get_properties"> <record> <integer id="get_property" value="TsHA" /> <integer id="set_proper
  15. Sorry to call people out, but the issues with the stadium detail text moving around and a number of container headings disappearing (issues posted seperately above) is incredibly frustrating and preventing me from playing the game normally. As you've both been very helpful to get the screen to this stage so far, would you have any suggestions to solve the issues please, @BuzzR, @wkdsoul Thanks for any further help.
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